Winter Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The winter season provides parents with an inspiration to come up with an outstanding and unique baby shower replete with all the trappings associated with winter. Winter also provides a whimsical way to celebrate and welcome a new bundle of joy. The main elements of a winter wonderland baby shower are typically white, with blue and silver accents. During winter, many local discount stores offer great deals on winter decors. A winter themed baby shower invitation is never complete without attractive images of a cute little baby wearing booties, hat and socks or a baby playing with snowballs. One thing that is for sure when it comes to a winter themed baby shower celebrations is that, you will be spending more time indoors at the comfort of your home.



When it comes to a winter wonderland themed baby shower decorations; you can get the kid some cute little mittens and socks. The mittens and socks can be hanged on the clothespins; you can decorate the clothespin with white flowers such as the white rose and amaryllis, in addition to some wintry berries. To add to the sparkle, you can sprinkle in some faux snowflakes or snowflake confetti over the table. Large and small handmade Styrofoam snowmen can also be made as part of the decorations. The large snowmen can be used as center pieces with a baby hat on top and smaller ones can be used as decorative placeholders. The most appropriate colors to use for your decorations are cool colors such as purple, blue and white. The entire room or wall can be decorated with winter themed wall decorations to set the party mood. Adding baby animal images as part of your decorations can be great fun; if you have to do this, go for cold weather animals like polar bears, owls and penguins.

Winter Baby Shower Decorations


For your delightful winter baby shower menu, it is critically important to keep your guests warm. The food should also be well spread to make it visually appealing. Grilled cheese can be prepared using gruyere cheese and sourdough bread to cater to the impulses of adults; kids can be served with the American cheese on white bread. Distinct tasting coconut cupcakes can be served with hot chocolate for dessert. You can go further and decorate your cupcakes to look like snowmen to infuse the wintry theme. If you don’t like cupcakes, you can use snowflake sugar cookies. On such occasions, a personalized hot chocolate flavored drink can work wonders with guests. The flavored drink can be served on cellophane bags or white paper packets; do not forget to add fudge for a trim of decadence. To be a little more elaborate, you can also add a little packet of marshmallows tied-up with winter themed ribbons.


There are many fun activities that you can incorporate to complete a winter wonderland themed baby shower; this includes, purchasing little cotton baby hats, which you can decorate using your own custom style and hand over to the invited guest. Messages for the mom-to-be and father can be written on made-up or purchased faux snowflakes and snowballs. Aside from the winter wonderland theme, the other popular winter baby shower themes include; Snowflake party, Valentine’s day themed baby shower and the Gingerbread themed baby shower theme. For your Snowflake party themed winter baby shower, the most appropriate colors are white and blue. Some of the celebration particulars include; hanging wall snowflakes and white and glowing colored tissue balls. The theme also demands setting white flowers in glass vases and placing snowflake cookies on decorative plates. A Valentine day themed winter baby shower is another perfect way to welcome a new baby. The main colors of decorations are red and white. To extol the virtues of hearts and love, you can buy heart shaped candy and cookies as well as heart shaped balloons.


Winter Baby Shower Fun Activities

A gingerbread themed winter baby shower idea will include decorated gingerbread houses as well as gingerbread babies while the gingerbread men is served as part of the menu. The choice of colors for the gingerbread themed, winter baby shower are blue and pink décor. The meal prepared can be served with hot chocolate or flavored coffee; you can also throw in a chocolate fountain as an option. With many holidays concentrated around winter time, it is very easy to find a convenient shower date, because syncing the holidays with your baby shower makes planning easy. Some of the popular traditional holidays at this time include; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and New Year celebrations. When it comes to a winter themed baby showers, you will always be a winner if you stick to the right colors and allow you imaginations to swing through.

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