Winter Baby Shower

Winter seems to be insanely busy. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. I mean with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all pretty much back to back, there’s hardly room in between to relax. But try throwing a baby shower into the mix…. now that’s REALLY crazy. But lo and behold, it can be done. And done very very nicely!



   At first, I dreaded the idea of a winter baby shower. I mean, there’s already tons going on, how can someone fit in one more party? But the more and more I’ve thought about it, the more appealing the idea has become.


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   If you are considering throwing a winter baby shower, try making it a relaxing one. Not just for the mama to be or the guests, but for yourself as well. I suggest a snugly, relaxing pajama brunch!!! Can you imagine it? Getting together with a bunch of girl friends, all wearing comfy clothes and having a delicious brunch together… Ugh! I want to go to a party like that!

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A Pajama Brunch!!

Have a relaxing get together where all the ladies can dress comfortably and get away from the hustle and bustle of the busyness of the holiday season and just enjoy a few hours of each others company and celebrating the new mama to be…

I suggest getting together at around 10 am on a Saturday morning so that no one has to get up too early. Make sure everyone knows that comfortable clothing is required for this relaxation party!

Since this is supposed to be a relaxing party, I think you can go minimal with the decorations (and the decor you already have up for Christmas should be good enough).  Or you could also hang baby mittens and socks around the room and then this could also serve as a gift to the new baby! Killing two birds with one stone, love it!! Maybe have some cute blankets throughout the room so people can cuddle up.

For food, I would definitely have lots of coffee on hand. Tea, hot chocolate,  milk, juice. I’d also have maybe a waffle or pancake bar, a cereal bar, maybe some doughnuts… yogurt, fruit and maybe some mini quiches. I’m picturing a continental breakfast at a hotel. It’s not fancy, but it’s yummy, filling and relaxing.


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Everyone can just sit around, sip there coffee, eat their breakfast, relax and chat. OOh! How awesome does that sound! Maybe you could even watch a Christmas movie or something.  I don’t know if it’s just me or not… but I don’t see how people can get bored at baby showers. I usually don’t even like playing the games because I would much rather just mingle and chat with everyone. But if you do have to play a game, I think the “Unwrap the Present” game would be very fun and appropriate for a winter baby shower! Basically, select a prize that you want for this game and wrap it. About 20 times that is. But in between the layers of wrapping, put in a question that has to do with the mama to be, the baby on the way, or anything else you wanna throw in there. It’d be fun to see how many people know the mama well. And if they don’t, this will give them a chance to get to know her. I’d put in questions such as: When is (insert mama’s name) birthday? When is the baby due to arrive? How long have the expectant parents been married? What is the mama craving the most these days? What is she absolutely hating (food wise)? As people unwrap the present and answer the questions, everyone gets to know the expectant mama even better… if it’s appropriate, throw in some funny questions in there too.  To be on the safe side, I’d probably put in a gift card for a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor as the prize…. This game is one of my favorites!

Since this is a brunch, you probably don’t really even need a cake. I mean, who wants cake for breakfast, right? Lol… but if you insist on a cake, there are plenty of winter themed baby shower cakes out there….

wintercake2   wintercake3   wintercake1

   After you’re all done relaxing (is that even possible?) send your guests home with some adorable warm socks as favors! I mean, it’s cold out there! And who doesn’t need a cute new pair of socks!? They usually come in 1 size fits most anyways, so you’re pretty safe there…

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