Top Baby Shower Gifts From 2014


I cannot believe that 2014 has already come and gone. It seems it was just yesterday we were getting ready to ring in the new year… and now we have already rung it out. WOW! I hope you can say you had a great year. I”m grateful that I can! A lot happened in 2014… but I”m hoping 2015 will be a start to some awesome new adventures… like getting healthy, moving into a new house… and welcoming new babies…. not necessarily into my family… but in general.. And with new babies come baby shower… and gifts. Lots of gifts. Right now I want to look back into 2014 and see what the top gifts given to new mamas were… and if they should continue to be given….

Top Gifts in 2014

The Diaper Bag

Let”s face it. Every new mom must have a diaper bag! I mean, how else will she get all the things she needs with a newborn from one place to another without it falling all over the floor? Well.. I guess she could always just use a Walmart bag or whatever… but come on! lol! Diaper bags are a must!! And thankfully you are not stuck with Winnie the Pooh or Minnie Mouse themed bags anymore. They are now absolutely beautiful! More than half the time it just looks like an adorable purse or tote… but lo-and-behold… it is a diaper bag!!! These can range literally from like $15 at Walmart to around $400 if not more… So be wise… only spend what you can truly afford!

photo 1  DiaperBag  DiaperBag1


Travel Systems

What”s a travel system you ask? It is a stroller and carseat combo. Because let”s face it. No mom ever said, “No thanks, I don”t need a stroller… I”ll just haul my baby and this heavy carseat around all the time.” lol! I for one am in love with strollers!! I think they”re just amazing! Sometimes I dread going to the mall without my baby just because I won”t have the stroller to store everything into.. Sad, I know. You can always get the carseat and stroller separately,  but it does come out to be a bit more pricey than buying them as a set. But let”s be realistic, it”s not a cheap purchase. If you”re looking to buy the system, you”re looking at spending a good couple of hundred dollars. A lot of times, we”ve had several people pitch in and buy the system as a gift from like 4 or 5 of us instead of the expense falling to just one person. It”s much more realistic that way.

Stroller     Stroller1     Stroller2

Breastfeeding Covers

It seems to be all the rage these days. Being more natural. Being more healthy. Well, what better way to help the baby be natural and healthy than to breastfeed?! Thus the breastfeeding covers come into play. You can get all sorts of designs and looks for them. Most of them are quite comfy and easy to use. They are definitely a “hit” gift without being a “hit” to your wallet… Most breastfeeding covers range from about $10-$50. To be honest, I wouldn”t go with the cheapest ones because they tend to be a little see-through from my experience. Most moms use the breastfeeding covers for up to a year, so it”s a good idea to invest a little bit of money into them…


Breastfeeding Cover Breastfeeding Cover2Breastfeeding Cover1

High Chair

Yes. High Chairs. They are loved and they are hated… why? Well, loved for the most obvious reasons… they are absolutely useful! We used ours before the baby was eating anything solid for her to just sit in there and play with her toys on the table top. She was up high – eye level with the rest casino spiele of the world. After that, it became a necessity for feedings.. very convenient whether you are feeding the baby or letting them explore the area of finger foods….. but this gift can be hated for dumb reasons. Such as taking up too much space (which, if we are being honest, they absolutely do)… and sometimes they can be a real pain to clean. All those crevices that the food gets into.. yuck.. lol… but anyways, high chairs still rank way up there on the baby shower gift list!!! But beware… these lovely things can get quite pricey… they range from about $35 or so for the cheapest (not so pretty) to way into the hundreds depending on how elaborate you want to get…

Highchair Highchair1 Highchair2 Highchair3


Feeding Accessories

I love these! I don”t usually end up using them all to be quite honest with you, but I do sure love to look at them and buy them! lol! Why don”t I use them? Maybe because I have too many? Or maybe because using “real” spoons, plates, cups just somehow ends up being easier…. but non the less, feeding accessories are a big hit when it comes to baby shower presents! They come in SO many different designs & colors, that you almost always end up with too many… but how can you pass up adorable bottles, sippy cups, utensils, bibs…. and the list just goes on and on and on… Feeding accessories are actually one of the more reasonable priced gifts you can buy for a baby shower… they typically range from about $1-$10…

FeedingAccessory  FeedingAccessory2 FeedingAccessory3 FeedingAccessory4

So there you have hit… just a few gifts that made the Top Gift List 2014… but don”t get me wrong. These are going to be on the list again and again. Not only are these gifts necessities, but they are too cute to pass up most of the time.. So keep your eye out and your budget in check because they keep coming up with more designs and looks each year… I hope you enjoy 2015 and get to go (or give) many baby showers!!