Top 5 Things To Consider When Shopping For a Baby Shower Gift

I assume we have all received gifts at some point in our life. I also assume we have received more than plenty gifts that we just had NO idea why someone would give them to us. Maybe not you, but I sure have. I am what is known as a gift “returner/exchanger”. That’s actually what people call me sadly. Why? Well, because I like to return or exchange gifts. It’s like a sad addiction. I receive a gift. And even if its totally awesome and was on my wish list.. I still at least consider returning or exchanging it. Why? I don’t know. But I always consider “How much could I get for this?” or “What could I exchange this for that would be EVEN cooler?”… I know. Lol. I have issues. So this is why I am going to give a list of the top 5 things to consider when you are out trying to purchase a gift for a baby shower… yes, I know people register now a days. But still, just because a mama to be has put an item on her registry, does NOT mean that she will be thrilled receiving it. Yes, I am talking from a perspective of someone who has registered and has had a baby shower within the last year…

1. Gender

So the 1st and foremost thing to consider is the gender of the baby. I think that’s a given. I assume that if you are going to a baby shower, you know who that lady is having. BUT. There have been times when I’ve been invited to a baby shower for someone that I didn’t really know, thus I did not know the gender of the baby.. And yes, there are still people out there to this day that choose not to know the gender of the child they are expecting, and that is OK too.. You have to work around it. So once you know “who” you are shopping for, the fun can begin! This will direct you to different parts of the store and you will have a different “picture” in your mind of what it is you’d like to give as a gift.

babyboy1 babyboy2 babygirl1

2. Season/Age

Oh my! This is a biggie in my book. You will NOT believe how many gifts I have received for my babies that I could not use. Just plain as day could not use! And I always wonder… couldn’t they figure out that I wouldn’t be able to use it? When you are out shopping for a baby you HAVE to consider when they will be born and you just HAVE to consider what age they will be when they are ready to use whatever gift you want give. Mainly this goes for clothes and such, but I’m sure it could be applied to a lot of other things out there. When looking at a particular item of clothing for a baby, I always consider what Season it is for and what age the baby will be. That would require knowing the baby’s due date and then calculating from that. I mean, please, do NOT give someone a Snow Suit for a baby size 0-3 when the baby is due in May. If you think about it, Winter will not come around for another 5-6 months… thus the baby will be WAY to big for the tiny Snow Suit. Or if the baby is due in December, do not get her or him a gorgeous swimsuit size 12 months… Really? A swimsuit for December? (Maybe if you live on an island or something lol). Do you get what I’m saying though? Look at the item, and count out (on your fingers if need be) how old the baby will be when the gift will be appropriate and make sure to get the correct size. Mama will thank you!!


babyswimsuit1 babyswimsuit

3. Parent’s Style

Again, this includes being considerate. I have gotten several baby gifts that made my jaw drop. And not in a good way. I mean. I was absolutely shocked that someone would give me some gift that is SO ugly or SO old school or SO just “not me”. lol. And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So when picking out a gift for a baby shower, really consider… “Would so and so really like this? Is this her style?” You’ll be saving her a trip to the store to the exchange aisle. : )

style style1 style2 style3

4. Theme

If decide to go big and get something for the baby’s room or a toy of some kind, be considerate of the theme the parents have chosen for the baby. If they decided to go with a Precious Moments theme, stay along those lines. Don’t go out and get a Minnie Mouse blanket or lamp for the room. That’s just mean. Lol. If you can’t find an exact “themed” item, then consider just doing something in the color of the theme. So if the theme is still Precious Moments, find something in very light pastel colors to match it.

theme theme1 theme2 theme3

5. Money

I know we all have our hard days when it comes to money. And that’s ok. No one says you have to go all out when going to a baby shower. But just because you are low on money, doesn’t mean you should get the baby a bad gift. Not all awesome stuff costs a lot of money. Sometimes, when I’m on a very tight budget, I consider the baby necessities (which often get over looked because everyone is trying to out do everyone else buying the most elaborate gifts that often go unused). What will the baby NEED for sure? Um. Diapers, wipes, plain white onesies.. that kind of stuff. Consider making a cute little “survival” basket and just putting in some necessities. If you decorate it beautifully, everyone will think you spent lots and lots of money on it… So just because you’re low on money, doesn’t mean the baby has to “suffer” with distasteful stuff off the clearance rack.

giftbasket3 giftbasket2 giftbasket1 giftbasket