Top 5 DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I’m not sure what’s going on, but lately it seems as if everyone is totally obsessed with Do It Yourself projects. I mean, everywhere I look, people are doing some sort of crafty thing. They’re making their own headboards, their own wedding center pieces, or their own home decor projects. Whatever the reason or occasion, it seems that there are plenty of options for do it yourself-ers. Today I decided to cover the Top 5 Do It Yourself Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

I figure not only are DIY gifts very personal (you can make sure to add any special touch you know the mama to be wants for the baby, whether it be a specific pattern, color, animal), but they can also be very easy & cheap to make. You can make something amazing for a fraction of the price of buying the same thing… but you know yours is much better quality because you made it with love and care!

Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

1. A Growth Chart

If any mama out there is anywhere near similar to me, she is going to just LOVE this gift!! I am very OCD when it comes to keeping track of my kids height & weight. I don’t know why.. but I have been charting their growth from like day one. Sadly, no one gave me an awesome growth chart to keep track on (nor did I know to buy one)… so my records were just on one of our walls. It didn’t do much for adding decor to our house, but I loved to see the progress my kids were making. I wish, wish, wish I had gotten a beautiful growth chart to keep the records on!


growthruler1   growthruler4 grownthruler3  growthruler2


2. Closet Dividers

I’ve never had any of these, but have always wished for them. They always look SO cute.. and I KNOW how absolutely useful they would be to me. A gift like this will help keep all the baby clothes nicely organized so that the mama isn’t always looking through piles to see what clothes will fit now.. and missing out on having the baby wear some adorable outfits! (I’ve had that happen to me.. it was a bummer!)

closetdivider2    closetdivider1

3. Monthly Onesies

Again, I am a fanatic when it comes to keeping track of my kids progress. But apparently, I’m not the only one, since there are lots and lots of tutorials on how to make these awesome onesies! Every month, on the birth “day”, I would take several pictures of my babies so that when I look back I can see all the changes they made as they got older. I used to used note cards to write the month on, then it was post its… eventually I went to just editing the picture on the computer and writing the number right on the picture. How awesome it would have been to have these absolutely adorable onesies to just put on and take pictures. Simple. Beautiful. And you never have to wonder how old the baby was in the picture… lol..

monthlyonesies1  monthlyonesies2  monthlyonesies3

4. Bibs

Let’s face it. Every baby is going to need a bib. I’ve recently went shopping for some and I was SHOCKED at how expensive they were! Not to mention how hard it was to find some cute ones. And then those were even MORE expensive! Ugh! I think another great DIY gift is bibs. You can make them for very cheap, yet the mam will absolutely think they’re adorable and you can bet she will definitely be using them.

babybib1  babybibs2

5. Wall Art

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think home made, crafty things look SO adorable on the wall!! I think it gives the room a more welcoming, homey feeling. What a better feeling to have in a baby’s room? Another great idea for diy projects are wall decorations for a baby’s room. There are SO many different options to choose from… but if it was me, I’d be sure to check with the mama to be to make sure that what you make is what she’ll use… like ask her what specific colors she might like, themes, that sort of thing. That way you’re not making a princess theme for a baby who’s going to have a bird theme or something like that…

walldecor1 walldecor3 walldecor2


Wow! After posting all these, I’ve inspired myself to take on a few Do It Yourself projects!! My friend is getting ready to have a baby.. I think I’m going to make her a few gifts instead of just going out and buying them. I really do think that she will appreciate it more knowing the time, effort, and love & care that will go into making some of these gifts! I hope you enjoy making these adorable baby gifts.
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