Top 5 Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Girls. Ugh. They’re just adorable!! Boys are too, don’t get me wrong, but let’s focus on girls!! You can do SO much when it comes to throwing a baby shower for a girl. The themes seem to be just endless!! But let’s pick our top 5 and focus on those…

1. Baby Shower Color Themes

You can never go wrong with colors (well, now that I think about it… some people CAN go wrong with colors lol). They are easy to tie into anything and everything. There’s a bezzillion of them to choose from. And even though the most popular colors do change from time to time, color is always in style lol…

For girls, it seems like you can’t go wrong with the classical pinks and purples. But lately, I have seen LOTS of gray being incorporated… and I love it! Something about the perfect hint of gray just adds an umph to the color scheme.

There are also the pretty teals and the cute greens that can be thrown into the mix. If I had it my way, I would definitely stay away from primary colors and stick more with the pastels.

I have also noticed a lot of golds. I personally am not a fan of yellow gold, but the way it is being used in baby showers, the sparkle of it… makes it gorgeous!!

Colorful  colorful1  colorful2

2. Princess Baby Shower Theme

How can you go wrong with a princess theme? Don’t we all just love and think the best of our precious little bundles that will soon come into this world? Don’t we hold them in the highest esteem… as our darling little princesses? So why not throw a baby shower with that very well fitting theme? This could be a really fun one to do.

I’d use lots of glitter, maybe some crowns.. and just try to make it as elaborate as possible!! (Just don’t break the bank lol)…Now that I think about it… with throwing a princess theme, I would assume one would want to break the bank to make it look as royal as ever…

Princess   princess2  princess4 princess5

3. Disney Baby Shower Theme

Disney always seems to be a popular one. Honestly, I’m not a fan of it. It always looks cheesy to me, but I know some people just can’t get enough. The one I think that is most popular right now is Minnie Mouse.

Granted, I’m not too excited, but I definitely have seen some pretty adorable Minnie items that I have actually considered purchasing. The color scheme is mainly black, white and pink. So you can use a lot of plain things in these colors and then just add a pop of Minnie Mouse here and there to tie it all in together. That way it still flows, but it’s not overwhelming in anyway.

MiniMouse MiniMouse1 MiniMouse2 MiniMouse3

4. Owls Baby Shower Theme

They have been popular for quite a while. I don’t know how the whole owl kick started, but I’d say it’s definitely in full swing right now. I don’t like the real life owls, but when they come in such adorable colors and sparkles… who could resist?

I would totally enjoy attending an owl themed baby shower. It could be SO cute!! With the owl theme, you can pretty much go with any color scheme you want and pull it off beautifully! With a “hoot, hoot” here… and a “hoot, hoot” there… lol! The owl party can be a real “hoot” to throw!!

Owl Owl1 Owl2 Owl3

5. Tutu Baby Shower Theme

I don’t know why, but most parents seem to see their baby daughter as a future ballerina. As adorable as the idea may be, a very very minuscule percent actually become ballerinas. But parents can dream, right? (I know I sure do!!) That’s why tutu baby showers are quite popular, and totally adorable! Who doesn’t love lots of diamonds, pearls, pinks and tulle??

ballerina ballerina1 ballerina2 ballerina3

So as of right now, I believe these are the top 5 baby shower themes for girls. Have you thrown a shower with any of these themes? How’d that go? Any advice for someone looking for ideas? What would be a theme that you would consider popular and would like to see more of?

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