Spring Themed Baby Shower Ideas


Springtime typically signifies new beginnings, and this is what makes it a perfect time for having a baby shower. It is also a time of great fun for the mommy–to-be, the entire family and friends. When it comes to choosing the location, decorations, invitations, cake and the fun activities, it is always critical to choose something that is inspiring. The good thing about the spring baby showers is that there are many ways to complement the spring season; from the use of pastel colors, Easter eggs and cut flowers with written words of wisdom to make baby decorations to fun games and delicious spring food. Soft pastel colors work best when choosing what theme to use; the theme may incorporate the use of such items as potted plants, butterflies and fresh flowers. You can host your spring themed baby shower against the backdrop of your garden, the outdoor patio, or restaurant. Gardens provide a perfect backdrop, because the natural colors can easily complement whatever arrangements you set in place.


On the other hand, if you want to host the party indoors, you can set out vases of fresh blossoms around the room at designated locations to provide the spring inspiration. Decorations such as butterflies, colored flowers, dragonflies as well as potted plants are perfect for a spring themed party décor. You can also add flowery boutiques to create a more conducive party ambiance or a good natured garden oasis feel; seasonal flowers such as daffodils, lilies and daisies can be used as part of the decorations. To elaborate on the baby theme, you can make placeholders of dragonflies, ladybirds and butterflies and place then alongside sitting arrangement. You can pretty much use anything that symbolizes new life as part of the party décor; for instance, you can cover the table with pastel or white cotton table cloth to create a refreshing cool feel. You can also add more creativity by using paper lanterns or tiki-torches to add to the party groove. If you want to use eggs in your spring baby shower party, you can add faux bird nests on the table and fill them with pleasantries such as pastel egg chocolates, spring themed candy and candles.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations

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Invitations for a baby shower should ideally be carried out at least 6 to 8 weeks before the crucial day. Spring themed baby shower invitation cards, on the other hand, should be designed in a manner that reflects the spring season. You can choose a card that incorporates at least 3 pastel colors. The theme of the card bear the title Spring Baby Shower Invitation and the name of the expectant mother. The cards can be purchased at any local craft supplies store or scrapbook shop. You can personalize the invitation by adding your own custom styles; for instance you can add items such as dried flowers or ribbons to give your card a unique appeal. The spring themed baby shower is never complete without a cake to spruce up the event. You can choose between the make-up cupcake or the traditional cake provided you add-in the right decorations. If you are using the traditional cake, you can add pastel colored frosting’s as well as candy flowers and butterflies to make your cake fit the occasion. Mini cupcakes can also be decorated with pastel frosting’s as well as flowery cupcake toppers to complement the irresistible taste. The menu on your spring themed baby shower should incorporate spring flavors; you can also include candy with chocolate, a big bowl of fresh salad and other bite size treats.


Seasonal fruits such as pineapples and strawberries can be used against the backdrop of the savory dish. You can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits at the local farmers market when the spring produce is available in the market. As part of the whole decorations, you can place flowers around the table and plates. Expectant mothers should, however, avoid taking fast foods such as Sea foods, deli meats, unpasteurized milk, alcohol and soft cheese. Some of the fun activities and games that you can organize for a spring themed baby shower includes; “Complete the baby rhyme phrase”, “Baby Trivia”, “Guess the baby animal” “the Leaky diaper game” and “Baby Bingo” with spring words. Games such as “Guess the baby animal” can be played by involving the whole family and guests. In the Leaky diaper game, you poke holes on a large pastel balloon filled with water, and then ask the guest to try and diaper the leaks while they are blindfolded. Whoever wins the event can be granted a reward such as a seasonal party certificate or a coupon for spray tan at the local spa. On the other hand, the baby trivia game can include questions such as “What is the most common baby room color” and “What is the average weight of a baby” among other fun facts and baby related questions.

Spring Baby Shower Cake

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To add to the festival mood, you can use your camera to take pictures of guests and the expectant mother while they are having fun; the pictures can then be used to create a memory scrapbook or posted in a blog if want to share the fun with friends. Another fun activity is issuing cut-out cardboard’s to visitors, so that they can register their advice to the expecting parents. Lastly, when presenting a gift to the mamma-to-be, think of something that she will hold and cherish for a long time to come. For instance, a plant or tree that she can grow in her yards. Plants can be a source of fond memories, because the tree will be growing alongside the little baby. An indoor plant can also work fine, especially if the mom-to-be does not have a garden space. If your spring baby shower party coincides with the mother’s day make sure that you some time dedicate time to thank all those who have helped make the baby shower event a success. Complements can also be showered to the mom-to-be using meaningful or symbolic gifts and messages.

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