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Just this weekend we celebrated our little baby girls 1st birthday. The theme for her party was Pink & Pearls. It got me thinking, what a great theme that is for a baby shower too!!! So I’m gonna share some ideas that you can use to make a beautiful baby shower for a special little baby girl!!

Pink & Pearls5 Pink & Pearls6 Pink & Pearls7

When I think “Pink & Pearls”, so many ideas come to mind! I think the ideas are endless when you have a beautiful, yet open ended, theme. Pink. How many different shades of pink are there? Feel free to use as little, or as many shades as you would like! Pearls. Same thing. There isn’t just the standard white pearl anymore. Pearls come in all colors now a days, but the word pearl also means a paint that has a glitter to it. Like Pearl white. It’s a white that sparkles. Anyway, my point is that even though there’s a theme, its not strict or set in stone. Play with the ideas and come up with something that works well for your baby shower.

My sister in law has a Cricut machine. Let me tell ya, that thing is AMAZING!! Now I want one! Lol… but for the time being, we used hers. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought some thick sparkly pink & white scrapbook paper and went to work cutting out letters that would turn into words on my walls. Do the same. Go to a craft store and just look at all the beautiful paper they have. That could help you decide on the shades of pink you want flowing through the theme. Cut out letters to form “congratulations” or “welcome baby” or the baby’s name if the parents already chose one. The word ideas are endless, you just have to get creative. This machine can be used to make custom invitations too!! This happy 1st birthday sign and the flowers were all made on the Cricut machine! I’m just showing it to you as an example, but you would write whatever works with the baby shower…

Circut Machine Circut Machine1

IMG_9435 IMG_9437

For the centerpieces I borrowed some simple clear vases from another sister in law and filled them with edible pearls. Then I bought a few fake flowers and some pearls on a stick and stood them in the vases. Cheap. Simple. Yet absolutely adorable!!! And then the pearls got eaten. Lol…

IMG_9450  IMG_9443 IMG_9449

Another thing that you could do for the baby shower (using the Cricut machine) is write out the mama to be’s name (or maybe even the baby’s name) and put it on the wall. Somewhere around that area, get some really nice pictures of her through the pregnancy up to this point and hang them up too. I think it would be so much fun to see the different stages/sizes of the lady during her glowing pregnancy. I did this for my baby girl, except I did a picture of her per every month of her 1st year. It was very nice to look at… actually, I still have it up ; )


See? I have the name.. then the pictures… this could so be done with the mama to be!!

These are just some of the ideas that we had for our birthday party… but here’s some more you could use for the baby shower. Be creative! It’s so much fun!!

Pink C

This would be SO adorable on the wall or on the “sweets” table.. Whatever letter you choose could be made just as beautiful.

Pink & Pearls1

These jars are beautiful! They’re pink, adorable and they even have a pearl attached to the twine!! These would make perfect centerpieces too!

Pink & Pearls2

There are SO many different cakes that would fit into the Pink & Pearl theme that you will have a very hard time choosing just 1!!

Pink & Pearls3

Pink & Pearls4

Just get rid of the 1 on top of this one, and it’s a perfect baby shower cake! I had this one made for my little girls 1st birthday, but I had the little flowers replaced with pearls to match the theme a bit more…

Seriously, the options are endless. And they don’t have to be expensive. Consider throwing a baby shower and saving some of the decorations or centerpieces for the mama to use when she is getting ready to throw her baby girl’s 1st birthday party. That’d be pretty special!

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