Owl Baby Shower Invitations

Owls are nocturnal, woodland birds that are associated with being wise. Any expecting parent would appreciate the relation of owls with gaining wisdom as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. Additionally, owls can be cute and colorful creatures when used for decorating a baby’s nursery or used as a baby shower theme.

An owl theme has become a trendy choice for a baby shower. It’s a fun and whimsical concept that can be adapted for a baby that’s either a boy or a girl. It is also suitable as a gender neutral shower theme.

Owl Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Invitations are an important part of any baby shower. The invite alerts guests to the upcoming event, provides pertinent party details and sets the tone for the shower. The host or hostess planning the baby shower should select some nice owl baby shower invitations that fit in with the theme. Owl-shaped invitations or invites with graphics of owls are just two of the many possible choices. Often, invitation details, such as font or background colors, can be chosen to match the shower’s color scheme.

When wording invitations for an owl-themed baby shower, traditional invitation wording can, and should be, used for a formal affair. For a more casual or informal shower setting, custom phrases that make a play on words of the word “owl” can further bring the owl theme into the invitation. For instance, a good opening sentence would be “WHOOO’s having a baby shower?” and “It’s sure to be a HOOT, hope to see you there!” can be used as a closing sentence.

There are many resources available for owl-themed shower invitations. The wide array of choices means there is an owl invitation to suit different needs, personal tastes and budgets.

Baby Showers With Owl Theme

Owl Baby Shower
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Having a baby is always a cause of joy and happiness. This is why people usually celebrate the expecting mother and the new baby, by organizing a lovely Baby Shower. These parties can have different themes such as Monkeys, Ladybugs, Butterflies & Flowers. However, there have been some very popular and successful Baby Shower Themes, using Owls.

Owls represents many things such as: prophecy, new visions, foresight and sometimes they are considered as a sign of fertility. This is why, for so many individuals, owls can be the perfect theme for a Baby Shower.

Knowing that the baby shower theme will be owls, the next item to tackle would be the color scheme. The scheme can be from an array of colors such as: pink, blue, white yellow or any neutral color, especially if the gender of the baby will not be revealed. The selected color, should be included in all the components of the party, for creating harmony.

It would be extremely important to have invitations, party favors, food, decorations, games, and etc for the owl themed party.

Owl Baby Shower Invitation
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The invitations can look absolutely adorable by having a cute, cartoon image of an owl. It can have many looks or forms such as: square shaped, round, or with squiggle form or even with the silhouette of the owl. Of course, things that should be written on the invitations would include the name of the expecting mother, address, starting time of the event, and the name of who is hosting the extravaganza.

Decorations can include the welcome sign, banner, centerpieces, tableware, and much more. Other things to consider would include things such as a tender owl image in the corner, as a center element or as a repeated pattern. Even, for a centerpiece, it is possible to use flowers, that can be arranged in an owl shape. Well, another interesting idea would be to set some lighted branches with little cartoon owls hanging from them.

For sure, entertaining the guests while celebrating the expecting mom could be a challenge, but organizing funny games is not too complicated. When the guest arrive, they can be entertained with owl wisdom cards in which they can write useful tips (words of wisdom) to the mom to be and leave them in a container, so that the mom can read them later.

Also, an Owl Baby Bingo could be very original and fun, in which the guests will write down the gifts they think the mom will receive. Later on in the day, when the expecting mom opens the gifts, everyone can play Bingo using the potential gift names to complete the horizontal, vertical or crossed columns.

Owl Baby Shower Food
credit: Momccupation.com

Food, definitely is essential and having things such as: chicken salad, tarts, pasta, fruit tarts are great options for the shower. Nevertheless a creative owl sandwich can be added to the menu in which the ingredients (bread, jam, cucumber, carrots, eggs and olives) can be used to complete the image of an owl.

The sweet moment of the Baby Shower is the dessert time. This is when guests can enjoy the exquisite decorated owl cake or a tower of cupcakes with owl decorations.

Finally, ideas for party favors are endless such as: candy bar wrappers with owls, chocolate pop with an owl shape, fabulous owl cookies, thank you bookmarks with an owl themes, or owl favor boxes filled with owl chocolate pieces. Any of these options is a great way to show a guest that they were appreciated for attending.

There are endless possibilities for organizing the perfect Owl Baby Shower. If one just displays a little bit of creativity and enthusiasm, they can have everything come out tremulously as once can expect.


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