Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

monkey baby shower invitations

Monkeys are funny and kids seem to like them, which is why a monkey theme for a baby is a good idea. A monkey theme can be found at a variety of nursery stores and other similar type of stores. In order to let friends and family know the theme of the baby’s room, mentioning it on the baby shower invitations is best. Everyone can appreciate monkey baby shower invitations.

Most companies that create invites have themed products to choose from. Give the necessary information that will go on the cards. This would include date, time, place, registry information, and other relevant information.

Most people like to go all out when putting together baby shower invitations. Try matching the invites with matching theme in the baby’s room. If the monkey were of the character Curious George, it would be creative to put that same monkey on the invites. If the monkey is one that is animal life like – say from the zoo – then use those images. This decision is up to the parents of course but the manufacturer will do their best to match your requests. These companies will also have a variety of templates to choose from. Prices may vary.

Kids of all ages like to look at animals; monkeys are at the top for favorites. Monkeys jump from tree to tree eating bananas. Those themes are fun for kids to look at. Setting the tone by putting the theme on the invitations is the perfect way to staring getting in the decorating mood.

Baby Shower With Monkey Theme

Baby Shower With Monkey Theme

All baby showers need a great theme in order to be an unforgettable experience, and one of the best and most popular themes by far is the monkey theme. Monkeys are adorable in nature and quite similar to humans; therefore, making your baby shower a monkey theme is a great option, especially if you are having a baby boy. To make your party one-of-a-kind, you can follow some of the suggestions and ideas in this article.

Food: What is a monkey’s favorite food? Bananas, of course; therefore, if you are planning a monkey themed baby shower, you should try to incorporate bananas into the food. For dessert, you can look for a caterer that makes banana cupcakes or cake with cream cheese frosting. If you can’t find a bakery that makes that particular flavor, you can always ask the dessert catering company to make cupcakes or a cake with edible monkey made out of fondant or icing. In addition, you can serve banana chips, banana ice cream, banana bread and chocolate covered bananas to emphasize the monkey theme.

Entertainment: A great entertainment idea for a monkey themed baby shower is to hire a monkey trainer to come to your baby shower. A lot of entertainment companies have packages that include monkeys as entertainment, which can make your party an experience that will never be forgotten. If you can’t hire a monkey trainer for your party, ask your guests to bring baby pictures so you can play Name the Baby. To play this game, players will try to match a person with their baby picture. Another game that you can play is Pin the Tail on the Monkey, which is sold at and even some party stores.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation

Invitation: For your invitations, you should adhere to your theme and select invitations that are relevant to the monkey theme. You can select a card that has a cute picture of a real baby monkey; a cute cartoon of a baby monkey or you can even use a banana shaped card. If you are adventurous, send a banana with each invitation because it will certainly leave an impression on the guests.

Decorations: Decorations are definitely an important aspect for any party, especially a baby shower. When selecting your decorations, you can go with your theme and decorate the room to resemble a jungle. A great idea is to make your centerpiece a cute tree with cardboard monkeys perched on the branches. In addition, you can make streamers special by sticking little cardboard monkeys on them.

Planning a baby shower should be a fun experience and anything goes in regards to decorations, food and invitations. If you were having trouble coming up with fun ideas for your party, I hope this article was able to provide you with inspiration for your baby shower.

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