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February. What comes to mind? Love. Somehow, this month seems to be all about the romance, the sweetness… the baby making!! lol! The last part was a joke. But seriously. Don”t you think of pinks, reds, flowers, balloons and love during the month of February? I do. I guess ever since I was little that”s what February has represented to me… mainly because it”s Valentine”s Day and people cause a lot of commotion about it. So, how would you feel about having a Romance Themed baby shower? It actually seems SO exciting to me!! I mean, baby”s are conceived during romance, so a romantic baby shower just makes sense to me!!

If it was me though, I would not throw the baby shower on February 14th or anywhere too close to that date. Not only are a LOT of your invited guests NOT going to show up (which would be a total bummer!) but you”re also going to overpay a lot for food, balloons, and flowers. Save the extra money and plan the baby shower for either the beginning or towards the end of the month.. trust me, the Romance Theme would still would be a hit!

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If the expected baby is a boy, I would use red & white for decorations… but if the baby is a girl.. well, then you can use pink as well. There should be SO many decoration options this month for all things Romance. Hearts. Flowers. Balloons. Chocolate. Just go with the flow, be creative!!

You could either make this a laid back Romantic Baby Shower or a very elegant one. By laid back I mean throwing the party in the afternoon, having a fun food filled buffet, lots of creative games. That sort of thing. Or you could go all out and get totally romantic!! Make it a very elegant evening. Have your guests dress up as if you were going to some fancy restaurant for dinner. And then create the fancy restaurant atmosphere right at home. Set a beautifully decorated, candlelit table. Don”t have a buffet. Don”t play games. Act like grown ups lol… That would be SOOO much fun!!!


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If you don”t have the means to throw an elegant Romantic Baby Shower at home why not consider renting out a room at a nice restaurant or something to that extent? Don”t go overboard and spend loads of money. Stay in the budget. Maybe have a co-host to share the cost with? Maybe invite a few less ladies?  Maybe ask them each to pay for their own dinners? I bet a few ladies that don”t get to go out much to fancy restaurants would love the elegant dinner shower idea! And I don”t think they”d mind pitching in some mullah ; )



If you are going to throw the shower at home, get imaginative! Think of all the foods that you can incorporate that represent love…. red punch, chocolate covered strawberries, pink heart shaped cookies, red velvet cake, Hershey kisses,  .. I don”t really think there”s too much romantic “food” per se, but there sure seems to be a plethora of romantic desserts! The possibilities are endless!

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Maybe you could have some sort of game where the guests share their most romantic (pg rated) love story from their life… or possibly wind the evening down with a super sappy, romantic movie. That would be very relaxing & fun!

If you don”t want to just lounge around, get creative!! Maybe you could have the guests make some love inspired, hand crafted decorations for the nursery? How about decorating each letter of the baby”s name? Or decorating some bibs or onesies? What about making a gorgeous wreath to hang above the crib?

At the end of your amazing Romantic Baby Shower, give the guests favors to remember this event by! How about some pretty pink nail polish or some valentine”s candy bouquets? Who doesn”t love candles? Or maybe some yummy smelling lotions? Think outside the box… what would YOU love to take home with you?

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Whether you decide to go big or small, elegant or casual… do it all in the name of LOVE! Put your love into throwing/attending a Romantic Themed baby shower. Plan ahead. Make arrangements. Don”t procrastinate. Stay within budget. And most of all…. have a blast!!! Love is in the air… Love is everywhere! Feel it! Share it! Enjoy it!


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