How To Throw A Baby Shower On A Budget

For each woman having a baby is a beautiful experience; it does not matter whether it is their first child or their fourth, the experience is always special. Planning for the birth of a child is both a joyous and strenuous time for many expecting parents and usually friends or family members will join forces to throw a baby shower. We all know the news of an impending birth brings about joy and excitement but it also may cause worry due to the economy, but there are ways to not only create and maintain a budget but to also throw an event that many expectant moms will relish in. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to maximize the baby shower experience while maintaining a budget.


E-invitations are an option

The recommendation to those who are coordinating a baby shower is to invite family and close friends. The use of paper invitations can be expensive as well as postage; especially if the list of guests becomes too long. The technology and social media is what moves the society nowadays and for this reason E-invitations are a perfect resource to take into consideration. The baby shower coordinator may find the following benefits of E Invitations handy especially if they are in a crunch for time.

  • E-invitations are less time consuming. The time one would spend deciding which color pen to use or how the information will be written can be consuming but with E-Invitations it is as easy as creating the invitation electronically and writing email addresses.
  • There are a large variety of different designs to choose from.
  • There is the option to send as many invitations needed without worrying going over the budget.
  • There are websites that provide this service for free.

My place is perfect

Finding a venue or location to accommodate guests can be hard at times especially when the shower coordinator is working within a tight budget. Renting a place for this type of activity can be very expensive particularly when there is a large group of people invited. Back yards are not only for barbecues, they are the perfect place to have a baby shower.

  • The expenses saved by using the backyard can be used on the tables and chairs that will be setup in the back yard as well as any decorations for the tables.
  • Backyards also offer fresh air which is beneficial for all attendees including Mom.
  • The setting of a backyard offers more intimacy as it references a family environment.

Decoration, Balloons are in style

The objective for the baby shower is to make sure that when mom walks in to the venue and sees the decorations she is overwhelmed by the beauty and content with what decorations were chosen. The decorations can be an area that most of the budget is most used but why spend most of your budget on things that will be used once? Balloons are always celebratory and offer well wishes. Balloons are used to create all types of effects for the specific activities and can be converted into the following creations: Pacifiers, flowers, flower stands, cradles, etc.

Baby-Shower-Chair baloon-baby-shower

The menu

A food is vital and remembers depending on the amount of guests the budget can easily be blown out of proportion. Instead of ordering catered food, here are some ideas that online casino can be used to feed the guests.

  • A dessert tree can be created with donut holes or fruits. The baby shower coordinator can use it as part of the decorations and the guests will be pleased with the dessert
  • Dips with crackers are perfect food for snacking.
  • Cold pasta salads are excellent for an activity during the day especially if the shower is held in a backyard.



There is no need to hire a chef or a caterer, cooking for a party is not that hard and there is nothing wrong with asking others to bring a dish. These are a few different and easy options that can be considered.

The Cake

The cake is one if not THE MOST important of the baby shower. The cost of a cake varies on many factors, the amount of guests, decorations, lettering; This small delectable dessert can be very expensive. An excellent alternative when it comes to the cake is to make individual cupcakes. This way you’re not paying for any unwanted or unused cake. There are often little edible accents that you can add to each cupcake.

Music is Optional

Not every baby shower offers music but if Mom is a fan of parties with music and dancing don’t worry about hiring a band. A band is not needed! One can use an iPod with pre-arranged playlists which saves money and allows the coordinator to select music suited for the occasion.

It is possible to plan, create and throw a baby shower that is not only enjoyable but also well-coordinated while maintaining a reasonable budget. All one needs is the news of a baby and proper planning and everything will be perfect!

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