How About An Intimate Baby Shower Instead?

Have you ever been to a baby shower when it seemed like no one actually wanted to be there? Sometimes it seems like there is a baby shower, a birthday party, or a wedding everyday of the week and you are left with no free time to just relax? And no spare money because of all the gifts you had to buy? It can get quite overwhelming! I”ve had to pass up on several invites to parties because I was just way too tired from “partying” lol… If you have a special person in your life who is getting ready to have a baby and you would just LOVE to throw her a baby shower but you can see that the whole season is already booked out with way too many special occasions, why not try something new? There”s no reason to not celebrate, but maybe consider celebrating in a different way.



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How about instead of throwing a huge party with way too many people, why not make it a little more intimate? Maybe just invite a few of the closest friends and family members to join this celebration. You don”t have to spend money on elaborate decor or spend days preparing food… why not have a quaint little tea party? No oohs and aaahhs… just a quite, peaceful get together to relax and enjoy each others company? Why not? Why do celebrations have to be loud and busy? Yeah, she might not get ALL the presents that she would at the huge baby shower party, but look at all the money that the host will save? The host and the guests might agree to pool their money together and buy a nicer, more expensive gift together; something that is actually a necessity…


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If a tea party setting isn”t casino your “cup “a tea”, why not make it a little girls night out? Again, invite some of the closest people to the mama to be and go out for dinner and then maybe a movie or a stroll through the park (make sure it”s safe)? Everyone can split the cost of the guest of honor and then pay for themselves and no one is having to shell out tons of money. This kind of evening could be very refreshing for some ladies that already have kids at home but also for the pregnant lady to relax before bringing a newborn home. Think about it? How often does a new mom really get to enjoy dinner out and a movie?


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What about a weekend getaway!? How fun would that be!? Obviously you don”t want to wait too close to the delivery date to do this, but it sure sounds like something I would totally want to do!! Rent some sort of a beach house, a cabin, or go to a fancy hotel (whatever fits your style and budget) and just enjoy yourselves!! Rest, sleep in, go sight seeing, maybe go to a spa, some fancy dining places… the ideas are almost endless!! If you rent a house or a cabin, you can fit way more ladies at the same time (and split the cost)… if it”s more of a hotel setting, you”ll either have to have less people, or more rooms.. but either would work.

I honestly think that some of these smaller, more intimate baby showers create more lasting memories. Yes, you might not be drowning in onesies and diapers, but you will have plenty of unrushed conversations that you will actually be able to focus on, more time to catch up before life gets really hectic with a newborn. You”ll have more time to share your fears about being a new mom or get advice on things that confuse you. The gifts might not be overflowing, but most people who are getting ready to have a baby, typically have to be ready to provide for the baby themselves lol… not rely on others. You can run out to the store and buy yourself pacifiers and diaper cream… but you can”t “buy” fun experiences and memories made with the ladies closest to you.

I think this is something to consider. With the era that we”re living in when everyone wants a baby shower for each and every baby they pop out, and not a plain one. Everyone tries to outdo the last and everyone ends up broke financially AND physically from having to either throw or attend so many parties. Maybe it”s time to cut back. Maybe it”s time to focus on what”s really important? People. Peaceful moments spent with people that we care about. No materialist gift can replace the special people in our lives.

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