Fun Baby Shower Ideas

Fun baby shower ideas make for a fun gatherings for expectant mothers, family and friends. Some partners even find it in themselves to attend. This is the time for everyone to prepare for the coming child and offer gifts to help the new parents get through the first few months. Practical gifts like diapers and clothes are common. Traditional gifts like Christening gowns or baby Bibles are also likely to appear at certain baby showers. Even wacky gifts such as door hangers for babies and very strange new mom clothing items are out there. It is all in good fun, as a baby shower should be.

A Crafty Baby Shower Ideas

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Now a days with so many people on Pinterest, everyone seems to be getting more and more crafty. So why not throw a Crafty Baby Shower and put some of these Pinterest ideas to good use? Sometimes, expectant mothers have a few odds and ends projects that they would like to complete before the baby arrives, but they are either just too tired or too busy. How great would it be for her close friends to show up, have a party, and help her accomplish some of the things on her “to do” list! I’m not talking about like “mop the floor” or “wash the blinds” (although, how sweet would that be of you!!??)… I’m talking more fun “to do” items… such as: make some hair bands or clips (if it’s a girl), maybe some pacifier clips or maybe decorate a few bibs or onesies or maybe even make some beautiful letters to adorn the child’s room with creative sayings? No need to waste money or time trying to come up with lame games to play… spend your time and money wisely having fun while doing useful things at the same time. So gather up some friends, some craft supplies and some food obviously and get to being crafty!!!

Farm Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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Oh my goodness!!! How adorable would a Farm Themed Baby Shower be!!! With it being fall right now, that seems like such a perfect theme to go with!! If you live somewhere where it’s still warm enough weather to be outside, even better! But if you’re like me and live somewhere where it’s already freezing cold.. just bring the farm inside! You could be very resourceful and actually make a trip to a local farm of some sort and maybe even get somethings for free (like some hay bales, maybe some farm fresh eggs, or just some plain old ideas and inspiration)… who doesn’t like free? Taking a trip with help you get inspired and be able to host a more realistic (yet absolutely adorable!) farm themed baby shower.

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Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas



How calming and relaxing is it to just sit, relax and sip on some tea with some good company? Imagine how much more special such a moment would be to a tired, swollen pregnant lady.  So why not have a calm, non eventful, yet special Tea Party Baby Shower!? There are so many cute and easy ideas for this kind of shower… not as much fuss since a tea party just naturally comes with a more calmer atmosphere… food wise all you’d need are some tea sandwiches, some sweets and tea. Viola, you’re set!


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Potluck Baby Shower Ideas

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Times are currently tough. Financially tough. But people are still having babies. And that’s a good thing, since children are a blessing! You want to throw a shower for your dear friend, but you just don’t have the money? Well, don’t let that stop you!! Ask others to pitch in and help! People throw all sort of pot luck parties: birthdays, football parties, graduation parties, even pot luck weddings!! So why not have a pot luck baby shower?! Maybe get together with some of mama to be’s closest friends, decide on a theme/food and delegate out the duties. The food doesn’t have to be the only pot luck thing… decorations, favors, games… it can all be split up! No need for just one person to have to handle the whole responsibility!! Sharing is Caring! You could also have it themed “Comfort Food” or “Things I craved while Pregnant” and that way everyone can bring something they associate with it… and it would definitely be fun not to just hear about what people craved while they were pregnant, but to actually be able to see and taste it would be quite something!!

Vintage Baby Shower Ideas

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This seems to be the rage these days. Vintage. I’ve never been too fond of “old” stuff… lol… but somehow this Vintage thing is growing on me. The more and more I look at it, the cuter vintage things seem. Somehow, it’s a sweet theme. Makes me think of how peaceful and calm life used to be in the old days (not always of course, I know they had their hardships). But I think a Vintage theme would be cute and fun and calming for an expectant mommy. Maybe get her grandma’s or even great grandma’s involved to make it more special and realistic. Now that would be sweet!!

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Baby Shower in the Park Baby Shower Ideas

Weather permitting, a baby shower in the park can take a typically indoor event and turn it into something more casual and fun. Find a place with enough picnic tables to suit and serve light picnic lunch items. The best part about this idea is that invitees do not have to worry about leaving kids at home. Indoor baby showers can get overwhelming with a bunch of little ones running around. One in the park solves this problem and gives the kids plenty of space to run. Just make sure to bring a comfortable chair for the guest of honor.

Faux Cocktail Party Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Becoming a mother means gladly giving up most of the easy nights out with girlfriends. This cocktail party theme will help the expecting mother remember that she does not have to give these things up altogether. Dress evening casual and serve faux cocktails with baby and parenting themes, though the planner should fall short of an afterbirth appletini. Keep it tasteful and healthy. No alcohol, children or significant others allowed. This is all about the ladies. It is also about presents, of course.

Spa Baby Shower Ideas

The spa shower theme is one that has long been in use, but the fun does not wear off. It is perfect for tired pregnant moms and their helpful friends and family. Foot soaks, shoulder rubs, gift bags of spa products, manicures, pedicures and finger food work well for this theme. Be sure to have many towels on hand.

Really any concept can be a baby shower theme. Expectant mothers who enjoy formal occasions can have formal tea party baby showers and have fun. Nerdy mothers can have Doctor Who or Star Wars themed baby showers. There are no limits, though it has to be something the guest of honor enjoys for it to be fun.

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