Frog? Baby Shower?

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I know, I know. Who would ever think of a frog as a cute idea for a baby shower theme? By all means, NOT me! In real life, I think they are slimy, nasty and just all together gross little creatures that can give you warts lol… but hold on a sec. My little sister… well, she’s like 26 or sometime already, is OBSESSED with frogs. Honestly, I don’t even know if she even likes them.. but she claims to. She claims to love them. But then again, her motto her whole life has been “different on purpose”…. so anyways. I was spying through some of her baby shower pins on pinterest, and I have to admit, some of the stuff she pinned for frog themed baby shower actually caught my eye. So I thought, why don’t we look into it together? I’ll share some ideas on here and you see if you can see the “cuteness” in a frog.. lol!

The great thing about a frog theme is that it is pretty neutral. You can use it for a baby girl or for a baby boy. I gotta admit, if you decorate in a frog theme, it can look a bit childish. But then again, isn’t it a BABY shower? So I think a bit childish is ok : ) But if you don’t want it too babyish, just go with an overall green color scheme, and then just add a little bit of frog accents. You don’t have to just put frogs everywhere, but think of things that are associated with frogs: such as lily pads, ponds, leaves, branches… those can all be made into really cute accents to help liven up a room.

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There is SO much creative food you can make with the frog theme, I was truly surprised! I honestly did not know that anyone besides my sister “liked” frogs enough to make them a theme of any kind. There’s the adorable cupcake with the little “baby” frog face and the layered jell-o that you can make using “frog” like colors… You can also cut out a watermelon or cantaloupe and make it into a frog with an open mouth and fill it with fruits. It’s like a special kind of fruit bowl..  Besides the adorable frog cupcake, I think I like this frogs on  a log the best! It’s super simple (it’s Little Debbie’s with frog candy on it) but super cute!!

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Remember the craft stations I keep writing about having at baby showers? You can even make that cute & frog themed!! One of my favorite things to have in the baby nursery is their name all decked out in pretty letters! So you can have your guests create special, unique letters just for your little one! Or how about little clothes dividers!? I still wish I had had some for my little ones! It would have made closet organization SO much more simpler!! Maybe have a few blank canvas’ and paint available in case you have some SUPER creative people who can paint you some beautiful pictures to hang on the baby’s wall…. The ideas are just endless!!


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Now who can forget the oh so famous cake! You can’t have a party without an awesome cake!! (in my humble opinion anyway lol)… You can make (or order them) big or small, fancy or simple… but make sure it’s edible and hopefully as delicious as it is beautiful!!


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But right along side the real, edible cake, how cute would it be to have a diaper cake!? I think diaper cakes are great to serve as adorable center pieces, as well as awesome gifts for the mommy to be! You can put so many different essential items onto a simple little cake. Try it! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to just add, and add, and add little gifts to it!! But careful, don’t spend too much over your budget!

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So? What do you think? Has your mind been changed at least a tiny little bit? Can you see how a frog themed baby shower can actually be a cute idea? I hope you can! I guess I’ll have to come back to this page myself and take a bunch of ideas from here when the time comes to finally throw my “baby” sister a baby shower.
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