Fall Themed Baby Shower

There are SO many ideas for baby showers that one can honestly get lost trying to figure out what to do… I mean, the options are absolutely endless. You can throw a baby shower in the park in the Spring or Summer. In the Fall or Winter you can do a baby shower in ANY kind of indoor setting… whether it be at your own house or renting some sort of gathering hall…. Today, I think it only makes sense to cover baby shower ideas for the Fall season…. since it is November.


I absolutely love Fall! I think it is just amazingly beautiful! The wonderful colors, the chilling air, and the feelings of thankfulness that accompany it.  I just love it! And thus, I believe you cannot go wrong with throwing a baby shower in the fall!! There are so many different creative ways to have a baby shower in the Autumn months that it’s almost a sin not too… lol..

Pumpkins! Pumpkins are everywhere! So why not put them to use? They can be used in all sort of creative ways… and they are quite cheap, especially if you run out to a local farm!

You can get a few pumpkins and write “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy” and arrange them in a really appealing way whether on a counter top or on a fireplace mantle. But make sure to write pretty, and not use chicken scratch lol… you don’t want it to look like a halloween decoration…


You can also open up the top of the pumpkin and clean it out. Then you have a beautiful empty “container” to fill with anything! You can fill it with beautiful flowers or even some sort of food for a very festive center piece. I’ve even seen people put in some sort of bowl inside the pumpkin and fill it with ice, then put in the drinks you want kept cold. It was quite cute!

pumpkingflowers pumpkinfood pumpkin-decoration


The decorating ideas are endless. The colors are gorgeous, so you can even just go with fall colors and nothing extravagant and you’ll still end up with a pretty scene. If you’re on a tight budget, which I know lots of people are now a days, you can still throw a beautiful baby shower. Balloons are a cheap but wonderful accessory. You can just get a variation of browns, oranges, tans, reds.. and if it was me, I’d throw in a glittery pink or purple balloon for a girl and a blue or green balloon for a boy.


Just get some brown tablecloths (you can even find these at the dollar store) and then get a few different size paper plates (bigger plates for food, smaller plates for dessert)  in different fall colors.. that already makes it really pretty and appealing.  You can get some clear glass containers (mason jars are quite popular at the moment) and fill them with anything fall-like… such as coffee beans, acorns, lentils, corn.. its a cheap filler, but it looks great!

Pine-Cone-Flower-Embellished-Mason-Jars mason-jar-fall-decor Mason-Jars

Not only does the fall season provide beautiful baby shower decorations, it also provides for very fun, yummy food variations!

You can serve all the usual food such as veggies and dip, chips and dip, pigs in a blanket, wrap sandwiches, slides, deviled egg… but to make it a little for theme appropriate, throw in some delicious caramel apples,  pumpkin scones, yummy tea sandwiches cut in the shape of leaves (use a cookie cutter) and much much more… oh, and apparently, little pie cookies on a stick are the next biggest thing since cake pops. Boy do trends seem to change way too fast!!

pumpkin-scone-3 carmelapples Pies-On-A-Stick-Cake-Walk-Desserts

And you should see the cakes!! Ugh! Just gorgeous!!!

cake 5 cake4 cake3

cake2 cake1


I think another cool reason to have a baby shower in the fall would be that you can keep lots of the decorations up for quite a while longer after the party is over. No one is gonna wonder why you have acorns or pumpkins all over the place… they’re just gonna think that you decorated for fall… it’s kind of  like killing 2 birds with 1 stone… it saves money that way too… and who doesn’t wanna save money?

Don’t you just love these mini thank you pumpkins?! I think they are so absolutely adorable!! Is it just me, or does “mini” and “glitter” make everything that much cuter?  I think these are great favors at the end of a beautiful fall baby shower. I’d to take one (or more lol ) of these home and just put them around my house. What a pretty piece of fall decoration!


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