Crafty Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Baby showers are usually very fun. But sometimes they can really drag on and become quite boring. Not everyone wants to keep replaying the same games over and over again, shower after shower. I think bringing in crafty stuff can be a really nice addition to liven up the party a bit. I know that not all moms are sentimental, but speaking for myself, I’d tell you that I really like crafty, special, handmade items…. as long as they’re beautiful lol… I’m going to go ahead a list a few crafty things that I think would be fun to make at a baby shower and also to keep as a mom…

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Advice For a New Mom

Who doesn’t love giving advice? At almost every baby shower, we are asked for our best advice to the new mother to be. But who remembers any of it? Who keeps those ugly post it notes that we scribble stuff on? I sure don’t lol.. How about putting some effort into make beautiful cards so that all the guests can write their best advice on and then either putting the cards into a scrapbook or a cute little album? That I would sure keep!! And actually pull out to look through ; ) in case I needed some advice..

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Decorate A Block

I think every kid out there has had the pleasure of playing with blocks; I know mine sure have. My boys grew up playing with all sorts of blocks and loving every moment of it… they even learned the alphabet and colors and different little things through this play time. But how fun would it be to have specially made blocks? That would be so cute! I would have loved to have a block decorating station at my baby shower where everyone can be designated a specific letter and they decorated the block accordingly! It would be so fun to play and look at those blocks all these years later!!

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Decorate a Onesie

What’s the number one thing babies tend to use the most besides diapers? Onesies of course! I always went through a lot of onesies with my kids… they always came in useful be it summer or winter.. How much cuter would it be to have onesies that special people decorated for you with your precious baby in mind?!? I think that would be SO sweet and absolutely adorable! I recommend getting a few different sizes and styles of plain white onesies so that you can enjoy the cuteness that much longer!

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Create a Headband

I know I’ve written before about creating headbands for little baby girls at baby showers, but I’m going to mention it again because it is such a great idea! I mean “My daughter has too many headbands” said no one ever!! lol!! I finally got a baby girl after 3 rambunctious little boys.. and believe me.. there are not enough headbands to match all the cute little baby girl clothes out there!! Again, I think homemade, crafty things are a lot more appealing than just store bought because you can customize them to your own style and preferences!!

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Make an Alphabet Book

This one makes me laugh… I really like crafty, artistic, homemade items. But I am basically very uncreative and very unartistic. So the thought of decorating a page in an alphabet book for a baby makes me laugh because I can already picture how funny it’ll turn out looking… but here’s the thing. Have you seen the baby books out there? Some of them literally make my jaw drop from their ugliness. I mean, who in the world would publish such ugly, boring books and then charge like $12 for them??!?!? When I came across this “make an alphabet book” idea, light bulbs went off in my head! Again, this is definitely a crafty item that I would have loved to have received as a gift! Seeing the variety of creativity on those pages would make me smile (or laugh) constantly!

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You don’t have to be super crafty or super artistic to be able to pull off having any of these creative stations at your baby shower. There are plenty, easy to follow directions all over the web. But I really do think these are a great change to the same old boring games that everyone has played one too many times. So go for it. Be creative!

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