Couples Baby Shower Ideas

Having a baby is a very exciting time for any new mother and father. Often there are many things to do to get ready for the new baby. As the day grows closer the mother and father are so busy they often forget about their own needs and do not take time to have some fun. This is where a close relative such as an Aunt steps in and plans a couples baby shower for them.

First the invitations must be picked out that portrays the new parents of what they enjoy doing together. It is important to pick out the invitation that has a picture or a special word of the theme that will be portrayed throughout the couples baby shower.
The invitations must have the date, time and place the event is going to take place. There are many different stores that can help to develop the perfect invitation. Any person who is very creative can make invitations with items already in their home. Once the invitations are complete it is important to get them mailed out right away. Be sure to put an RSVP on all of the invitations, since this is a good way to know the number of people that will be attending.

After the invitations have been mailed now is the time to plan what games will be played. Take into consideration that they are going to be delighted about having a party just for them and will be excited to take the opportunity to relax in comfortable chairs being served and pampered by others for a whole afternoon.

Baby Shower Games For Couples

Keep the games simple that can be played while sitting down and talking with friends and family. One game that can be played is to take the three words, Couples baby shower and make up different words and whoever makes up the most words wins the prize.

Go out and buy several small fun baby items and put them into a big colorful bag and at the party pass the bag around allowing everyone to look inside the bag for just a moment. Give everyone some paper and pencil and have them write down what they remember is in the big colorful bag.

Another game that can be played is to have people talk for at least two minutes about getting ready for a new baby, but not say the word baby. This is not easy to do when the focus is on the new baby that will be arriving soon, and it is interesting what other words they might come up with to say to avoid saying the word baby. They might use the word darling, sweetie, infant, or newborn, but whatever word they use they must be sure to avoid saying the word baby. Just remember to give any prizes won by a guest to the new parents to be.

Baby Shower Gifts

Now comes the time when all the gifts for the baby are brought out and placed at their feet or put on the table nearby. Presents are opened up one by one and passed around for everyone to look at and admire. They will look into each other’s eyes and make remarks of things that they had thought about buying, but had not had the chance to do so. After all of the baby gifts are opened up, there is another surprise and out comes the new baby crib, changing table and cushioned rocking chair.

Much emphasis is placed upon the baby, but it is also important to have a gift or gifts just for the couple and individual gifts for each of them too. Individual gifts for the mother and father could be new comfortable outfits to put on and relax in. By having the three different gifts it portrays them as a couple and also as individual people who both will play a big part in their new baby’s life.

One gift that would be great for them both is a day for everyone to go over to their home and help get the baby’s room ready. The gift could be painting the baby’s room, putting a new floor down, or putting shelves in the closet.

Another gift could be a night out for a good meal or a one night stay in a hotel room where they can spend time resting and relaxing and making sure they have everything ready for their new baby. All of these gifts that they receive can be used or remembered for years to come.

Baby Shower Food & Refreshments

After all of the gifts and gift certificates have been passed out and opened up everyone will be ready for some refreshments. By this time it is late in the afternoon and having a snack will help everyone feel refreshed. It is important to have different foods and drinks that will be suitable for both the mother and father.

The best way to do this is to have a variety of meats, cheeses, dips, vegetables, fruits, potato chips, crackers, breads and punch, and a variety of soft drinks, tea and coffee while everybody will serve themselves, except for the new mother and father. As their Aunt and the one who planned this momentous occasion it would be my duty to get a plate of food for my niece and her husband. There would be plenty of food and drinks that would suit both of them and they would not have to fix supper, and be able to head straight to the hotel after their time at the couples baby shower.

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