Christmas Themed Baby Shower Ideas

There is no best time to have a baby shower than Christmas! And you have all the opportunity to gather things that are needed for this event in a sensational way including food, decorations, invitations and favors.

So here are some fun and creative ideas to begin with for a beautiful Christmas baby shower.

Decorating Ideas

This is the time where you will be using a lot of green and red theme. With that in mind, you can either go for big pine trees for decorating corners or start small with green and red lights. Add a ceremonial touch with a baby garland or letters that say “Christmas Baby Shower”. Hand ornaments associated with babies, such as socks, pacifiers, rattles, stars, bibs, figurines and so on.


Some party supply stores sell baby shower themed tinsels and drapes, so make use of them. Streamers with Christmas theme (red and green) can also be strung in the open or inside the party room to add more color and texture. Streamers give the room a unified look for an otherwise dull room or a room that looks strewn with decorative elements. Make sure to hang these streamers high to avoid bumping on them. Candles work well if you want to give the space an elegant and classy look. Candles arranged neatly on a table covered with a baby shower themed table cloth is another way to fill the room. Many stores sell scented candles and inexpensive tablecloths meant for this occasion. For a winter wonderland appearance, use snowflakes made of glitters and cardboard and hang it high from the ceiling or windows. Clothesline can also be used to hang these decorative accessories across the room. Again, just make sure that they are at an appropriate height.


Taking the concept of decoration a bit further, you can install inflatable items on the yard or shed surrounding them with frames. As in the interiors, the view of the yard create an illusion of a sizable event. The area where the party is held should be well-defined, well-designed and well-lit as well.


Inviting The Guests

Invitations for Christmas baby shower party can be of any shape as long as the cards or invitations look inviting. For this, you can use themes related to both baby and Christmas, such as a baby in a Santa suit, reindeer with baby riding on it, gingerbread baby with a diaper, baby in a sleigh, or something that is hilarious involving Santa Claus. Another cute idea for Christmas themed baby shower is to cut out the invitation card in the shape of a snowman and insert a picture of a baby or write something noteworthy to make the guest feel invited. Otherwise use a picture of your family or mother-to-be and place the rest of the decorations along with it. You can also add a recipe card for the holiday from a famous cookbook catalog or ask guests to include their own. These written recipes can then be added to your personalized holiday cook book as a keepsake. To give the invitation a unique look, be creative to allow your personality to shine through while adhering to the theme.

For games and activities, set out markers, boardgames, notebooks, stickers, pens, glues sticks, glitters, and other embellishments to engage the guests in the fun. Make sure to prepare goody-bags for families with kids. The possibilities here are limitless, bound by only your imagination. Scour your art and craft supply stores and flea markets for game pieces that might be put to use indoors as well as outdoors if time and space allow.

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