Choosing Memorable Baby Shower Favors

Planning a baby shower is a joyous occasion! Celebrating a soon-to-be little one is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Guests are all the treasured friends and family members of the expectant mama, so the event can hardly go wrong. The easiest way to approach this particular party planning endeavor is to start with deciding upon a theme. A theme can help tie in all the components involved in a baby shower from the decorations to the food selection to favors your guests go home with in memory of the event. Choosing baby shower favors for the party can be as simple as a rubber ducky or as elaborate and time consuming as a homemade pie for each guest.

Choose a theme

The first step to choosing a baby shower favor is, as mentioned above, choosing a theme for the event. If the gender of the baby-to-be is known, then you can go with a specific boy or girl themed party such as a pink princess or train theme. A more generic Pea in a Pod theme is another simple idea theme, and if twins are on their way, why not a Two Peas in a Pod theme? If you are stumped for ideas consider the following popular baby shower themes.


Peas in a Pod Baby Shower Ideas

Check Pinterest for fantastic Pea themed decorations and ideas to suit this fun theme. For favors, you can choose from the cute cupcake ideas shown, or wrap a bath bomb up in green tissue paper reminiscent of a single pea to give guests something fun to go home with.

Tea Party Baby Shower

tea party baby shower

Celebrate mom to be with a cute tea party theme. While this is a nice safe choice for a baby shower that can be easy to pull together, it can be a little daunting if you are trying to maintain high tea perfection. Keep in mind, mismatched tea sets are all the rage, so don”t feel bad if your place settings do not match. Keeping a consistent look can be as easy as wrapping tea bag favors for guests in matching printed bags or using colorful washi tape to wrap tea light candles. Place in a circle of tulle and then cinch and tie with ribbon for a pretty and useful baby shower favor that suits the tea party theme.

Baby bird, eggs or nest baby shower theme

It isn”t a stretch to figure out why you might use an egg theme for a baby shower! This “About to Hatch” theme lends itself to easy favors such as a craft store nest filled with chocolate eggs or cookies shaped like eggs or baby birds. There are also baby shower favors that fit practically any theme with the right presentation.

Baked goods as baby shower favors

You may not be Martha Stewart, but you can create stunning packages for simple sweets by using the ideas and free printables on her website. Check out her baby shower cookie envelopes, paper cones, individual pie boxes and meringue containers. Specialty cupcakes are a big hit these days, as are yummy cake pops. Who doesn”t like a cute cake pop? Honestly, who? These can be homemade, drizzled with frosting or rolled in sprinkles that suit the theme of the baby shower, or order a batch online casino of elaborate cookie pops decorated as a favorite animal or cartoon character. Really the sky is the limit when it comes to cake ideas!

Mixes and spices for the baby shower

Homemade blends of spices, chai tea, or rubs are a great, all purpose favor idea that guests will love. A colorful label on a plain container are all you need to tie the mix to the baby shower theme.

Bath and body gifts for a baby shower


Everything from homemade lip balm to small bottles of lotion or soap from a specialty shop can be used as a parting favor. The limits here are only in your imagination and budget! Pamper your guests with personal luxuries like scented bath salts or bottles of nail polish in the party color scheme.

Side step all the pressure

If the thoughts of individually wrapping cupcakes or preparing a large batch of lip balm gives you the shakes, do not be ashamed to order standard baby shower favors from a company such as Oriental Trading. They have perfectly good baby shower candy, little toys and trinkets that will serve the job just fine without any hassle.

Make and take

A favorite idea for baby showers is to plan an activity that commemorates the day with a special take home project. Beading jewelry is a relaxing activity that can produce a lovely keepsake for guests. Elastic thread, bowls of colorful beads, and charms can be turned into bracelets that will draw guests to remember the new little one every time they wear it. As you can see, baby shower favors do not have to be overly expensive – although they can be – nor do they have to be labor intensive – although they can be. Impressing guests with your bank account or Martha Stewart-like hostess skills are overrated. Simple favors that suit the theme of the occasion are not as hard as you might imagine. Let the focus be on the mom to be, her sweet baby bump and all the loved ones in attendance than on choosing the perfect favor.

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