Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Celebrating the birth of a new little person is one of those life events that everyone looks forward to sharing. Whether its family, friends, or co-workers, the party planners look for economical ways to put on the best soirée’ for everyone to enjoy themselves, and honor the new parents. Tough economic times bring about creative and innovative ways to host this special event.

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

Invitations set the tone or theme for this affair, so everyone looks for that perfect invitation that will be not only memorable for the honoree, but the talk of the town too. Card manufacturers and party stores offer packaged theme for baby showers, which are often pricey. If you are creatively-challenged, the Internet provides do-it-yourself themes for baby shower parties, which could be a source for some cheap baby shower invitations. Along with the theme, color and a catchy verse, or information that is important to communicate a clear message to the guests. Try to keep a neutral theme, or get the mother-to-be’s permission to use her nursery theme to tie the shower into the birth of the baby. This will also help the guests with the types or color of gifts to buy.

The first thing to consider is the mode of delivery for the invitations. Of course the most traditional is by mail, but this can be costly. Next, for that personal touch hand delivery adds a special touch. But this only works if the guests are in the same geographical area. In this day of electronic communication more people are using the web. Now all three, or a combination of modes can be used, so the following ideas can be utilized that best fits the party planner’s budget.

Creating the invitation is the next step. What materials will be used to create the invitation? Gather construction or special papers, glue, stencil machine, glitter, and nay craft supplies that you will need for your creation. Handmade invitations show special care and how much you think about the mother-to-be. One economical idea is to use a 2-in-1 style invitation. That is the invitation and the envelope is one in the same piece of paper. Create a design using the theme and colors from one sheet of paper. If a shape is desired, make sure it can be folded into a document that can be mailed. Colorful seals or stickers can be used to secure it. All that is left is to address the invitation on the other side and affix the postage. Now this same document can be used online as well.

For a more traditional invitation, a separate invitation with envelope can be created. This invitation too, without the envelope can be used online. Both the all-in-one and traditional invitation can be hand delivered, eliminating the postage as well. Colorful designs on one side of a postcard, and the verse and address on the other side can be a creative and inexpensive invitation as well.

Online invitations allow for the creative party planner to create their own designs and send to guests via the web. This is definitely the most economical method for creating shower invitations. And if you’re not creative, simple easy to follow directions are available on do-it-yourself sites to produce a professional looking invitation. You can also use your favorite nursery rhyme for a cute verse. A catchy verse will get the guests attention and spark anticipation for the upcoming event. No one will know you did it yourself.

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Theme Ideas

  1.  A star theme emphasizing “a star is on the horizon.” Include the following verse.
    “Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    Wonder, wonder where you are.
    Inside mommy safe and sound,
    Soon to arrive into town.
    Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    Can’t wait to see just who you are!”
  2. Use newspaper and construction paper to design an invitation that resembles an advertisement announcing the baby shower. Important information such as date, time, location, and a special prize for RSVP.
  3. Use construction paper the colors of the rainbow. Fold a piece of paper in half. Start the rainbow on the outside. Then when the card is opened the rainbow will finish inside with a cradle at the end of the rainbow along with this jingle.
    “Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high
    There’s someone coming
    Please come and celebrate, my oh my!”
  4. Shoes are another theme. Cut construction paper in the shape of a shoe
    “There was a lady who lived in a shoe.
    She had no children, and didn’t know what to do.
    A treasure inside, she discovered one day,
    So she wants you to come to eat, laugh, and play!”
  5. Use parchment paper and print up a medieval announcement scroll to send to prospective guest. Make up a family crest at the top of the announcement. Roll it up and tie it with a ribbon.
  6. Other suggested themes include the circus, ABC’s, Noah’s ark, fairies, baby animals, etc. Be creative with colors, and not use traditional pink, blue, or yellow unless specifically requested by the mother-to-be.
  7. Most times showers are for women, but for a unique spin create a family shower where the fathers are included. Invitations can reflect this theme. Suggestions for jingles include some more parodies from nursery rhymes.
    “Peter, Peter has a wife, “Jack and Jill, gave up the pill
    And they’re beginning a new life. Now a baby’s coming.
    It would be great, Jill is almost ready to go,
    If you would come and celebrate!” And Jack needs help preparing!” 

These are just a suggestion for themes. As stated before, these same ideas can be digitalized to send online. Just be creative, and use materials around the house to save money. Don’t forget to include pertinent information such as honoree name, date, time, location, gift registry (if any). Be sure to include if the shower is a surprise.