How To Write Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Baby Shower etiquette has changed greatly throughout the generations. Today, it isn’t common for a mother-to-be to throw her own shower, or have a shower for a birth other than the first child. One thing that has not changed, however, is the importance of baby shower thank you cards. Thanking guests at the party does not replace the gratitude expressed in a personally addressed card. Each guest should be thanked with a personal card sent to their home. This thanks them for their gift, as well as the time they took to celebrate the upcoming birth.

A thank you card should be sent in the mail, and not sent online. While electronic cards are common place, they do not have the same significance that a card sent via the post office carries. Electronic cards are appropriate in some settings, however, baby showers aren’t one of these situations. A traditional paper card is a more appropriate way to thank your guest for their gift.

There are many different ways to make baby shower thank you cards creative and more personal for guests. Taking a few minutes to put a personal touch on Thank You cards will create a memory guests can cherish for years to come.

1. Mention the specific gift. Baby showers are busy, and it can be easy to forget which gift came from whom. Have another guest or family member take a moment to write down the name of the gift giver and their gift.When writing the thank-you note, reference back to this list to thank each guest for the item they brought. This action can go a long way to letting the guest know their gift is appreciated and useful.

2. Write a personal message. Take a moment when writing the thank you card to pen a personal note of thanks. By making this gesture, your guest will know the thanks is coming directly from you.

3. Take a picture with the guest. At some point during the shower ensure to have a photo taken with each of the guests. When sending out thank-you notes, enclose a copy of the photo for a keepsake.

4. Include those not in attendance. It is common practice for those not in attendance to send a gift anyway. Though these gifts may come before or after the actual event, they should also be sent a card.

Preparing for a new baby is hectic, and there can be a lot to remember; being prepared for thank you cards should not be something left to be forgotten. Planning your shower early can help to ensure you are prepared to appropriately thank your guests. Taking time to purchase your thank you cards beforehand can help to ensure they are not forgotten in the post baby shower shuffle.


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