Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Baby shower invitation wording is something that requires some thought. This is why you are here and this is why we have created this page. Browse the ideas here and use what you need.

Baby showers are a significant time in the life of a parent because it means that they will soon be rewarded with a new bundle of joy. Planning your baby shower can be a lot of hard work, but it is a lot of fun to plan one. The person planning the baby shower needs to pick out a lot of things for the party such as decorations, food and most importantly the invitations. The invitations are very important because no one would know about the party if you don’t send out the invitations. The baby shower invitations come in a wide variety of different designs, but the most important thing about the invitations is the information that you have written inside of it. A lot of people want to find fun and witty text for their baby shower invitations, but sometimes it can get a little hard to write your own baby shower text. Luckily, this article will be able to give people plenty of ideas of what to include into their baby shower invitation wording.

Footballs and baseballs, add a soccer ball,
running and jumping, oh so much joy,
I am so happy to say it‘s a baby boy. 

My pretty princess, so cute and so small,
your picture shall be spread all over my bedroom wall.
We’ll go shopping and then maybe hopping, I can’t wait to give you my pearls,
I will love you so much my new little girl.
Join us at the baby shower of the century on( insert date)

Soon our house will be head over heels,
a happy surprise for you to meet.
Our walls will be pink, our hairs with pins.
My heart beats happily, and with so much joy, I will say…
The new baby shall be a bouncing baby girl. 

One duck, two ducks, and soon a new duck.
Join us and our future baby at the most splashing baby shower yet. 

Join us at a tail wagging event as we prepare for the arrival of our new pup. 

A happy time indeed,
God has blessed us with prancing joy
because soon will have a bouncing baby boy.
Will you give us the pleasure of attending our baby shower?

Hey! The news says it will be raining
a lot of showers on (enter the date of your baby shower party here) …
baby showers, that is. 

Sunny skies and happy smiles,
my joy can go on for twenty miles.
My house becomes a home;
my heart becomes filled with joy.
I have the news to say, that
I shall have a new baby come at the month of _____.
Join us at our baby shower the day of (insert the date of your baby shower here).

Oh happy days, jump for joy, the day is coming.
The tummy is getting oh so bigger,
each day and night my clothes are snugger.
That can only mean one thing: a new baby is coming.
Join us for the baby shower of a lifetime…
and don’t forget to bring an umbrella. 

Love is on its way.
The blossoms are blooming, isn’t it awesome.
A rattle and some diapers, all is going well.
Join us at the baby shower,
so we can shower the newcomer with love and good feelings. 

A baby’s arrival means showering him with tons of love, toys and kisses.
Join us on (insert the date of the baby shower here),
So we can shower the baby with love hugs and kisses.
With lots of love from,
From the Mister and the Misses.

We are happily announcing
the new arrival of a princess to our home.
Come celebrate the new baby girl
at (the address of the party) on (the date of the party).

Choo, Choo Mr. Kangaroo
A new baby boy is coming and we invite you
to our happy baby shower. Wouldn’t you
come to honor our new baby kangaroo
on (insert party day here) at (insert party location here?) 

A giggle and a jiggle,
will you come to our shower so we can mingle.
Our new wiggling baby girl is coming to the world,
the shower will be on (insert the date of the baby shower here.) 

Two barn animals were engaging in a conversation,
” Did you here the news?” said the cow.
“Of course! Everyone knows this.” Replied the gossiping goose.
The farmer came over and asked the animals,” what news? “
The cow and the goose said in a hoot, “A new baby is coming,
and the showers are on (insert day here) at (insert location here),
and you are invited to come.
The farmer asked curiously,”how did you know, why didn’t I know.”
the gossiping goose said, we read your mail and forgot to put it back. 

God has blessed us with cribs and bibs,
which can only mean one new thing:
the baby is coming,
and the shower is on (insert date here) at (insert the address here). 

A home is never complete without a baby.
Join us on (insert date here) at (insert location here) to honor the arrival of a new baby. 


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