Baby Shower Gifts For Mama

When you think “baby shower” you automatically think: baby gifts… right? I know I do. But what if you thought: gifts for mama? I mean technically, all the gifts are for the mama even though they will be used on or for the baby… But what if once in a while we gave gifts at a baby shower specifially meant to be used on or by the mama ON the mama?? I think that would be really cool!

When a lady turns into a mom, her identity changes and in all honestly it is no longer all about her. It is now all about the baby. Pretty much forever. So what if we were to give some gifts that mom would appreciate and could help keep her identity alive just a bit? I’m all for it! So here I’m going to throw a few ideas out there… and you just think about it ; )

Gifts For The Mom, Not The Baby


Coffee Shop Gift Cards

I know. Technically once you have a baby (if you are breastfeeding) you will pretty much have to give up caffeine for sometime for the benefit of your child. But coffee shops aren’t just all about caffeine. They are about getting away, spending sometime by yourself (or with some girlfriends). Relaxing. Maybe read a book. Or people watch. Or heck, even watch Netflix on your phone without being interrupted… all while sipping away on some delicious drink.

hair washing at a hairdressing salon

Gift Certificate To A Hair Salon

Let’s face it. We’ve either been there, done that, or seen it be done lol. You know, the moment a lady turns into a mom.. and just lets herself go… Now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound like ALL moms do this, but I’ve seen plenty. Where they lack sleep. Lack time. Lack pretty much everything and they seem to give up on their beauty routine. I wonder if that’s where the “ombre” hairstyle came from. A mom who didn’t have time to go to the salon to get her hair touched up and it grew out so much that it was just deemed “in style”. lol. Just saying… Anyways. I think pretty much any mom would appreciate an all expense paid trip to the hair salon whether it be for some highlights, a trim, or a just a shampoo and styling session!!


Gift Certificate To The Nail Salon

Not all moms (or ladies) are all about their nails. So be careful with this one. I personally LOVE getting my nails done. My sister on the other hand HATES it and would probably just regift it to me (which I would greatly appreciate lol)… But I think a majority of new moms would appreciate an hour or two to themselves whether it be to get a manicure or pedicure.. So keep your mama to be in mind when considering this kind of gift.


Gift Certificate To The Mall

Now. Clothes. They are loved and they are hated. Especially after having a baby. Some blessed ladies bounce right back into their size 0 jeans and you could never tell they just had a baby a week ago. Others, not so lucky lol… So.. I think pretty much any new mom would appreciate a gift card to the mall to go ahead and refresh her wardrobe whether it be in a new expanded size or the same size 0. Fresh new clothes are always fun!


Restaurant Gift Card

Who doesn’t like to eat? Lol. Especially when you are pregnant or breastfeeding?!? But who actually likes to cook? I know I don’t! I would have absolutely appreciated a restaurant gift card during pregnancy or after so that I didn’t have to slave away in the kitchen and could just go out to eat & relax… even if it is just for a few hours… those few refreshing hours could mean the world of sanity!!

So there you go. The list isn’t too extensive, but I just thought I’d throw some ideas your way. Put yourself in the mama to be’s place. What kind of gift would you want that would be specifically meant for you, and not the baby…. I think they would appreciate the sweet gesture!!


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