Baby Shower Games

Throwing a baby shower, whether for family or friends, can be an unforgettable occasion. It is the celebration of bringing a new baby boy or girl into the world. The event can be fun with the inclusion of a cook-out and just chatting with all of your family and friends, but can become much more unique with the introduction of fun baby shower games. Below, is a list of goofy baby shower games that can be played at the party, these games are sure to liven up the event and make it a party no one is bound to forget.

Printable Baby Shower Games Sheets

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Baby is the WordFor every guest that walks through the door, give them a colorful diaper pin. Once everyone has arrived, explain to them that no one is allowed to say the word ‘baby.’ Whoever firstly notices and points out someone who says the word gets to take that person’s pin. At the end of the day, whoever has the most pins gets to win the game. The winner can get a small prize to take home with them.

Guess Who Baby Shower Game

While creating the invitations, instruct the guests to all bring a baby photo of themselves to the party. When the photos are collected, have them numbered and posted up on the wall. Let everyone try to guess who’s baby photo belongs to whom and the person with the most correct guesses wins the game.

What’s in the Bag Baby Shower Game

Place about ten to fifteen items in a bag of essential baby stuff. These can include bibs, pacifiers, bottles, rattlers, and more. Have the crowd sit down and pass the bag around with a piece of pen and paper. Let everyone, without looking inside, stick their hands in the bag for about two minutes and try to guess the items. Have them write their guesses down and those with the most correct guesses can win the prize.

The Mommy and Daddy Test Baby Shower Game

This game is only suitable if the father is present for the shower. Have the mother and father sit in separate rooms with a pen and paper. Ask them each the same questions, an approximate of about 20. Ask questions such as, “Would you prefer a girl or a boy?” “Where were you when you found out about the pregnancy?” And other general questions that coincide with the baby shower and the baby. Then, bring the parents back into the same room and quiz them by having them guess what the other’s answers were. The person with the most correct answers wins the game.

Sketch Artists Baby Shower Game

This game is sure to be a laugh. Pass out a paper plate and marker to all of the guests at the party. Have them place the plates on top of their heads and draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like. The person win the best picture wins.

Poopy Diapers Baby Shower Game

Grab a ton of newborn diapers and place melted chocolate inside of them to make it look like baby poop. Make sure the chocolate has different textures. Some of them should include nuts, some should be milky or creamy, and others should have some caramel in it. Have each guest pick out the diapers and taste each ‘poop.’ Who ever guesses what their chocolate is wins the game. This will have everyone cringing and laughing to the similarity of the chocolate to poop.

Baby Food Guessing Baby Shower Game

Take the mushy baby food out of the jars and place them on a plate. Pass the plates around with a spoon to all of the guests and have them try to guess what kind of food it is. Such as bananas, peas, carrots, and a variety of other canned foods. The person with most correct guesses win.

Momma’s Waist Baby Shower Game

Pass around a ball of yarn and scissors and have each guest cut off a piece of yarn that they assume will wrap correctly around the mother’s stomach. The winner is the person whose yarn wraps the closest to the exact diameter around momma’s baby bump.

Suckle Up Baby Shower Game

Fill a bunch of baby bottles up with drinks. Beer for the men and a variety of other drinks for the women, no alcohol for mom! Then start a timer and see who can drink the beverage from the bottles the fastest. It will be hilarious to see everyone suckling out of a bottle.

Toilet Paper Diaper Baby Shower Game

Divide the guests up into a group of two. Hand each group a bunch of toilet paper rolls. Have them pick one of the guests each and wrap them up in a ‘toilet paper diaper.’ The team with the best looking diaper wins the game.

Nipple Bobbing Baby Shower Game

Fill a bucket up with water and drop in a bunch of baby nipples. Everyone has to get on their hands and knees and grab up as many nipples as they can with their mouths only. Set up a timer for each person for about two minutes a piece. The person who grabs up the most nipples wins the game.

The Diaper Race Baby Shower Game

Set up a bunch of doll babies with diapers on. Split the guests into small groups and have them pick out their fastest person. Cover the racers eyes and have them try to diaper the baby without being able to see it. What ever team diapers up their baby the fastest, all the way to the very last person, wins the game.

These are just a few of the fun ways you can spice up a baby shower. Whether it’s an all girls event, a mixture of adults, or even have children involved, games are sure to make the event far more lively. Have small gifts, like gift cards or small presents, and hand them out to the winner of each game. Mix it up and have a blast with some of these silly games.

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