Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Cakes are a part of pretty much every party. They are beautiful and delicious. They”re usually put somewhere in plain sight so that all the guests can admire them and they add a very festive look to pretty much any gathering. Not too long ago, someone somewhere came up with another type of cake. A diaper cake. And I think it was quite a genius idea! Not only is the cake a beautiful addition to any decor, but it is SO absolutely one of the most useful gifts new parents can receive! You can either venture out and make your own diaper cake, or you can actually special order one.

DiaperCake1          DiaperCake3          DiaperCake2

Now a days, the cakes don”t just look like plain old cakes. You can make them look like trains, bears, wreathes, bassinets, motorcycles, tugboats  … the ideas are almost endless! Figure out what you want your cake to look like and have a blast making it!!


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If you are going to make your own diaper cake, the 1st thing you want to do is to figure out what are the best diapers to use for the cake. If you”re making it as a surprise, don”t just ask the mom to be what she wants. Dig around. Do some detective work and see if anyone close to the mommy knows what her preference is. If everyone is clueless, just search the internet for what people think are the best diapers. Personally, we have pretty much always used Huggies… but with our current baby we find that casino online the Huggies are not as good as they used to be. So we have actually switched over to Pampers. So once you have decided on what brand to buy, you need to figure out what size to buy. Most people tend to go with the newborn or size 1 diapers. I personally like to go with the bigger size like a 2 or 3. It”s just that babies grow so fast and diaper cakes contain so many diapers that the baby tends to grow out of a newborn or size 1 before they use up all the diapers. And that”s just a sad waste in my opinion.

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Once you have the diapers, you need to figure out how much other stuff you want the diaper cake to contain. I usually like to buy a lot of very useful little items that are usually overlooked at baby showers. For instance, you can put a baby bottle, some shampoo, lotion, baby powder, nail clippers, a thermometer, diaper rash cream, maybe a stuffed animal, baby shoes, hair bows, bibs, bath toys… whatever comes to mind, as long as it”s not too big, you can pretty much attach it to the cake to liven it up.

DiaperCake10 DiaperCake11 DiaperCake12

I”m gonna give you a few quick instructions on how to make a simple diaper cake. Nothing fancy (cause I”m not THAT creative lol)… but this will help you get started and then you can just add your own spice to it.

So… make sure you have your diapers. You also need a lot of rubber bands and preferably a tray of some sort.

Once you have all your supplies, start the tedious time consuming part of rolling each diaper and rubber banding it.


Once you have them all rolled, you are ready to actually assemble.


For a simple cake, I like it to look like this: (the numbers represent the amount of diapers per each tier of cake)


In order to build the tiers, take 7 diapers and rubber band them all together so they are nice & sturdy… you want to make 9 of these bundles for the bottom layer. We”re doing it by 7″s so that they stay tight. Then we put the 9 bundles together and tie it as tight as possible with a ribbon.

DiaperCake16  DiaperCake18

So we do this for each tier, just add less & less diapers as the diagram shows until you end up with something like this

DiaperCake19 DiaperCake20

So your base cake is ready. Now its your turn to go wild and crazy and make this YOUR cake!! Turn your vision into a real life cake!! I bet the mommy to be and the all the guests at the baby shower will be super pleased with whatever you are able to come up with! Enjoy it!

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