Baby Shower Decorations

Here is a list of unique baby shower decorations that you may find interesting. There are so many baby shower decorations out there these days that keep getting used over and over that doesn’t surprise guests any more. What you need is something new!

New & Unique Baby Shower Decorations

This is why we have started this page, to display decorations that we find unique so they are easier for you to find.


It’s A Girl Canopy Kit << Click here for more details


It’s A Boy Canopy Kit << Click here for more details



Blue Footprint Balloons<< Click here for more info



Pink Footprint Balloons<< Click here for more info



More unique stuff coming soon!!

Baby Shower Decorations

A baby shower should be respected as just what it is, a shower given to a woman expecting a baby. The about to be mother is dealing with a lot of emotions and the stress of a baby shower can be lightened by taking careful considerations in the use of decorations. To use decorations on the table that will hold the gifts, in the room that will be used to entertain the guests, in the choice of foods to be served, and even in the invitations shows that the shower givers are delighted to be honoring the mom to be and take an extra measure of care in using decorations.

The type of baby shower decorations that show the most correctness are baby angels, toy rattles, baby bibs as placemats, balloons held together with pink and blue ribbons, a baby stroller to hold the gifts, a baby shower album to collect pictures taken at the baby shower and streamers of pink and blue ribbons that can really be placed anywhere in the baby shower location. Most baby showers are simple with the friends of the mom to be surrounding her and sharing their presence as she prepares herself mentally to become a real mom. Gifts are given to the mom to be, one at a time from her friend to her and she opens it and expresses her appreciation to her friend. Food is often simply punch and cake and can include snacks.

More elaborate baby showers can include white candles at the serving table decorated with cherubim’s and ribbons. Flowers are not considered baby shower friendly since flowers have certain symbolism that might not work at a baby shower including the most obvious consideration that fresh flowers might have pollen that could cause the mom to be to become sensitive to the area. In lieu of flowers, ribbons, paper artwork, articles that can be used by the mom to be after she has given birth can all be used as decorations. A special armchair that she can sit in while opening gifts decorated with a baby afghan is especially welcome for obvious reasons.

A baby shower can be planned to keep the special needs of the mom to be in mind as well as the special needs of the yet to be born baby. Foods can also become part of the decorative motif of the baby shower. A punch bowl filled with pink lemonade is attractive and another punch bowl filled with green sherbet and ginger ale will be very welcome to the gals at the shower and especially to the mom to be. Cupcakes topped with sprinkles and a candy rattle will decorate the table along with napkins and paper plates that have a baby shower pattern. Many party shops have special decorations that can be bought to help decorate your baby shower for your about to me mom pal.

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