Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Cakes are great, especially when it comes to a baby shower. The cake is probably the most exciting part of the celebrations. It can be as creative as the mind can possibly get or it can be traditional but the best part is that it will be the center of attention no matter what style. The person that is throwing the shower gets to make theĀ decisionĀ on the design and although it is super fun, trying to settle on a design to go with can be hard.

Take a look at a few designs we found that we liked a lot. These are pretty creative and festive. There should be something you can find in here that you will love, or at least will give you some ideas to start with.

Unisex cake that could go well for a baby boy or a girl. The balance of pink and greens can go either way.

This one can go either way too but the baby that the stork is holding will need to have a blue blanket for a boy.

I love this one, baby bottom cake. You know this will be a hit. For a boy, the blanket or skirt can be taken off and maybe an animal design added to the diaper. I would probably go with pink colors for a girl.

Cute book cake with bright colors that would work for a boy or a girl. The blanket covering the baby on the right side would need to be pink for a girl.

Nice pink girly cake with a blanket on top. Very clean and cute.

Wow, what an awesome idea, a baby bump cake. Many different designs can be used for the dress.

Another traditional like cake that will work really well for any theme. The dots and blanket at the top will need to change colors to match.