Baby Food Jars at the Baby Shower

I’m in a season of life right now where my house is over flowing with baby food jars. Both full & empty. Don’t ask me why I started saving the empty ones… because I don’t know why. I just started storing them… until they started flowing out of my designated area for them… so I thought I better figure out what to do with them… or else they are going bye-bye….

So as I was searching on line to figure out what I could possibly do with these cute little containers, I came across a lot of different ideas… so it got me thinking… you could SO use these little baby food jars at a baby shower and do something very adorable with them…

So here is a list of just a few of the things that can be done with baby food jars to possibly help save money when throwing a baby shower:

#1. Adorable Vases

I know a lot of people like to use flowers as center pieces and I totally know why. They’re fairly inexpensive… yet so adorable! How much cuter are “little” things though? I love little things. So you could use baby food jars as vases to put short flowers into and it would just be beautiful! You could just leave the baby jar clean & clear, or go all out and paint them with beautiful colors to match the baby shower decor. You could also tie a pretty ribbon around the jar… or even a balloon to add to the festive look.

 BabyFoodJarVase2      BabyFoodJarVase1     BabyFoodJarVase1

#2. Beautiful Candle Holders

Another great thing to use baby food jars for is to decorate with candles! Again, you can just use the jar as is (clean & clear) and either put a cute little candle in there or you could go all out and actually make your own candles in the jar.. be as creative as you want to be; the jar is basically like an empty canvas waiting to be spruced up by you.

BabyFoodJarCandleHolder1   BabyFoodJarCandleHolder2  BabyFoodJarCandleHolder3

#3. Pencil/Craft Holder

There is a current trend to be creative & do hands on crafts at baby shower. What better way to store/display the art supplies that will be used than these tiny little jars!?  Just fill the jars with whatever it is that the guests will need to complete their craft project, be it buttons, beads, glitter or markers… and spread them around the tables.

BabyFoodJarCraftContainer5 BabyFoodJarCraftContainer3 BabyFoodJarCraftContainer4 BabyFoodJarCraftContainer2 BabyFoodJarCraftContainer1

#4. Favors/Place Cards

This is one of my most favorite uses for baby food jars!! Party favors!! All you gotta do is be creative! You can make candles to hand out as party favors. You can make your own body scrubs. You can fill the jars with beautifully colored candies to send home with the guests. It all depends on the theme of your party… try to keep the favors along the same lines.. maybe either by using the same color scheme for the candy and candles or the same favor idea such as beautiful glitter or some other crafty thing (if you had a craft themed baby shower).

You can pretty much turn anything into a place card holder. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Fill the jar with whatever favor you want and then you can attach a beautiful tag with the guests name & table # on it. They’ll know where they’re to sit and they already have the favor to take with them.

BabyFoodJarFavor4 BabyFoodJarFavor3 BabyFoodJarFavor2 BabyFoodJarFavor1

#6. Eat out of them

I know that sounds funny, but I think it’s awesome! Maybe it’s the obsession that I have with “little things”… but I think eating out of these jars could be a blast (and great for portion control ; ). Make Jello. Easy, cheap, yummy & pretty. You can either layer the jello in different colors to go with the color scheme of the shower or just do 1 color and throw some pretty fruit in there to make it not so boring. And maybe even some whip cream on top! Yum!

You can also bake cup cakes in the jars and then put frosting on top. Adorable!!

You can use the jars for personal dip containers for guests. Put just plain old ranch in there or some yummy hummus. I’ve seen it done/used and it’s very cute!

BabyFoodJarEat3 BabyFoodJarEat2 BabyFoodJarEat1

Seriously. The ideas are almost endless!! Go all out and make this fun! Be creative! Spend some quality time with your kiddos or your girlfriends! Spend an evening together being crafty and artistic. I think you’d be surprised at how well this little project will turn out! Again… you can be as limited in creativity as you want or as extravagant. Use paint, glitter, ribbon, stickers, glitter, twine, glitter… glitter.. lol. Can you tell I like glitter??!! Using baby food jars will be fun, cheap, pretty AND helpful to the environment! So go ahead! Up-cycle those jars! If you don’t have any, ask around! I’m sure there’s someone like me out there that is drowning in an over abundance of these containers just waiting to be put to some good use!! And if you are that drowning person, spread the word if you wanna get rid of your jars. Tell your friends or just put an ad on Craigslist.

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