A gift I wish I would have gotten at my baby shower…

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set

As a mama with a newborn, I am always thrilled when I find things to simplify my life and give me more free time. I have always breastfed my babies up until they were at least 9 months old and that was the plan with my recent precious addition. But things aren’t going so smoothly for us. My little baby girl just cannot latch on right, so breastfeeding has become something I sadly dread instead of look forward to. I still want to give my little girl the best, most nutritious food, which is breast milk… so I have started to pump and feed. And boy is it a hassle. I have bottles and nipples and flanges scattered pretty much everywhere. I have to set aside time to go and pump for about 20 minutes. Then I have to feed her. Then I have to wash everything. So instead of saving time, I seem to be spending more and more time with the “mechanics” of feeding and not enjoying the precious bonding moments that breastfeeding is supposed to produce. I specifically refuse to pump at night though because I don’t want to waste time that I could be sleeping, so at night, I just suffer through and let her eat right from the source….

Anyways, I keep searching the web for anything that can make my life easier with a newborn. Not that I will necessarily go out and buy all the new gadgets, but it’s kinda fun to see what’s out there. So recently, as I was wandering aimlessly around the web, I came across something amazing!! I’ve never heard of such a thing, and it got me thinking… I would have LOVED to have received this set as a gift at my baby shower! Granted, I never planned on being a pumper, but now that I am… I think this is such a neat idea. I think if I ever go to a baby shower where I KNOW that the mother is planning on pumping, I think I’m gonna go ahead and get this set.


Basically, it’s an awesome system that combines pretty much all of your breast pumping accessories into a tiny bundle and saves you tons of time! I love it! You pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch! It comes with baggies that you attach to your pump. Your milk is pumped right into the baggies so you don’t have to transfer the milk from the bottles into the milk storage bags. Then you store the baggie in the freezer. When you are ready, you take the baggie, defrost the milk and basically just attach a bottle “shell” and nipple to the baggie and viola! You’re ready to feed! Afterwards, all you gotta wash is 1 nipple and that’s it!!! I wonder if an exclusive pumper invented this awesome set.

I also love the very pleasant color scheme of the set. It’s very gender neutral with pretty teal and lime green accents on top of a white “background”.  And the price and is definitely not too bad. I think $99 is not too awful if you think of all the benefits you will be getting from using the system.

I went ahead a did some research as to what real people think of this Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Set and I am not surprised at how pleased people really are! The system is truly easy to use and it saves SO much time… thus giving you free time to love on your baby instead of washing bottles and nipples. The adapters that the set comes with make it easy to use with pretty much any of the popular brands of pumps, so you don’t have to settle for a specific kind, you can just continue using the one you actually prefer. And apparently, if the baby doesn’t latch on properly to the nipple, the milk will not flow… that makes the baby latch on better, so it seems that it actually helps the baby create a better latch onto the actual breast if you choose to go back and forth from bottle to breast.


So if I was to have my baby shower all over again…. I would have been so ecstatic to have gotten this gift!! Maybe the mama to be who’s shower you’re going to will love it too… if not, just make sure to include a gift receipt.