5 DIY Centerpieces for Baby Shower

DIV centerpieces

Getting overwhelmed with the preparation for an upcoming baby shower? That’s a feeling that people who have been given the responsibility to organize a baby shower usually have. It’s a mixture of excitement for the opportunity to show your organization and decorating skills, and the fear of being criticized for your work. So why not impress the guests and the mom-to be with new decorating ideas? Instead of the usual flower bouquets and colorful balloons, make DIY centerpieces!

Are you a person who loves to create things with your hands? Do you have the patience for learning new skills and following instructions down to the minute details? If you say yes then, it will not be difficult for you to re-create these beautiful and one-of-a-kind DIY centerpieces.

  1. Baby Clothes Centerpiece

What’s great about DIY centerpieces is that they are cheap, easy to make, or uses re-purpose materials. They can be even baby things that that the mom-to-be can keep after the party. This baby clothes centerpiece is for a baby girl but, you can replace it with baby boy clothes if the shower is for a baby boy. Just buy cute baby outfits, put them on a hanger with a stand then, glue the stand on the table.

DIY centerpieces


  1. Fruit and Floral Ice Bucket Centerpiece

Slice some fruits like oranges and apples. Then place them inside a clean large bucket together with the daisies or any flowers in season and add water. Fill a smaller bucket halfway with stones and put inside the larger bucket. Place the large bucket inside the freezer until the water turns to ice. This centerpiece also doubles as a chiller for wine and champagne that you can place on each table.

DIY centerpieces


  1. Children’s Book Centerpiece

This is one of the most spectacular DIY centerpieces for a baby shower. You can use old children’s books and vintage vases and urns if you have them around the house. Or, you can buy them together with the faux flowers of your choice. To complement the color palette of the party, you can wrap the books in a matching wrapping paper.

DIY centerpieces

  1. Tinker Bell Centerpiece

If you are having a fantasy-themed baby shower, here’s a fantastic baby shower centerpiece that you can make. You need a cage lantern, Tinker Bell stencil, garland of flowers, glitter scrapbook paper, and battery candle. This is best suited for night time baby showers or an indoor venue with little light.

DIY centerpieces

  1. Centerpiece for a Woodland Baby Shower Theme

A woodland baby shower theme gives a calming and magical ambiance to a baby shower party. Among the DIY centerpieces in our list, this baby shower centerpiece is edible. Delicious treats turn into logs, leaves, acorns, and walking sticks. You can even let the guests take home leftovers if you want to.

DIY centerpieces

There’s so many DIY centerpieces out there that choosing the best can be overwhelming. The key to make the selection easier for you is to have a baby shower theme in mind. The decorations, invitation, and baby shower favors will just follow your chosen theme.



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