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Frog? Baby Shower?

     I know, I know. Who would ever think of a frog as a cute idea for a baby shower theme? By all means, NOT me! In real life, I think they are slimy, nasty and just all together

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Crafty Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Baby showers are usually very fun. But sometimes they can really drag on and become quite boring. Not everyone wants to keep replaying the same games over and over again, shower after shower. I think bringing in crafty stuff can

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Repurposing the old potato sack for a Baby Shower!

I love how creative and re-purposeful people are getting now a days. It’s like any old thing can be remade and reused. It’s pretty awesome!! Take the potato sack for example. It’s made from burlap. Burlap is a woven fabric

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Christmas Themed Baby Shower Ideas

There is no best time to have a baby shower than Christmas! And you have all the opportunity to gather things that are needed for this event in a sensational way including food, decorations, invitations and favors. So here are

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Winter Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The winter season provides parents with an inspiration to come up with an outstanding and unique baby shower replete with all the trappings associated with winter. Winter also provides a whimsical way to celebrate and welcome a new bundle of

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Spring Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Springtime typically signifies new beginnings, and this is what makes it a perfect time for having a baby shower. It is also a time of great fun for the mommy–to-be, the entire family and friends. When it comes to choosing

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Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Cakes are a part of pretty much every party. They are beautiful and delicious. They”re usually put somewhere in plain sight so that all the guests can admire them and they add a very festive look to pretty much any

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How To Throw A Baby Shower On A Budget

For each woman having a baby is a beautiful experience; it does not matter whether it is their first child or their fourth, the experience is always special. Planning for the birth of a child is both a joyous and

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Pink & Pearls Baby Shower Idea

Just this weekend we celebrated our little baby girls 1st birthday. The theme for her party was Pink & Pearls. It got me thinking, what a great theme that is for a baby shower too!!! So I’m gonna share some

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Baby Food Jars at the Baby Shower

I’m in a season of life right now where my house is over flowing with baby food jars. Both full & empty. Don’t ask me why I started saving the empty ones… because I don’t know why. I just started

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