5 DIY Centerpieces for Baby Shower

DIV centerpieces

DIV centerpieces

Getting overwhelmed with the preparation for an upcoming baby shower? That’s a feeling that people who have been given the responsibility to organize a baby shower usually have. It’s a mixture of excitement for the opportunity to show your organization and decorating skills, and the fear of being criticized for your work. So why not impress the guests and the mom-to be with new decorating ideas? Instead of the usual flower bouquets and colorful balloons, make DIY centerpieces!

Are you a person who loves to create things with your hands? Do you have the patience for learning new skills and following instructions down to the minute details? If you say yes then, it will not be difficult for you to re-create these beautiful and one-of-a-kind DIY centerpieces.

  1. Baby Clothes Centerpiece

What’s great about DIY centerpieces is that they are cheap, easy to make, or uses re-purpose materials. They can be even baby things that that the mom-to-be can keep after the party. This baby clothes centerpiece is for a baby girl but, you can replace it with baby boy clothes if the shower is for a baby boy. Just buy cute baby outfits, put them on a hanger with a stand then, glue the stand on the table.

DIY centerpieces


  1. Fruit and Floral Ice Bucket Centerpiece

Slice some fruits like oranges and apples. Then place them inside a clean large bucket together with the daisies or any flowers in season and add water. Fill a smaller bucket halfway with stones and put inside the larger bucket. Place the large bucket inside the freezer until the water turns to ice. This centerpiece also doubles as a chiller for wine and champagne that you can place on each table.

DIY centerpieces


  1. Children’s Book Centerpiece

This is one of the most spectacular DIY centerpieces for a baby shower. You can use old children’s books and vintage vases and urns if you have them around the house. Or, you can buy them together with the faux flowers of your choice. To complement the color palette of the party, you can wrap the books in a matching wrapping paper.

DIY centerpieces

  1. Tinker Bell Centerpiece

If you are having a fantasy-themed baby shower, here’s a fantastic baby shower centerpiece that you can make. You need a cage lantern, Tinker Bell stencil, garland of flowers, glitter scrapbook paper, and battery candle. This is best suited for night time baby showers or an indoor venue with little light.

DIY centerpieces

  1. Centerpiece for a Woodland Baby Shower Theme

A woodland baby shower theme gives a calming and magical ambiance to a baby shower party. Among the DIY centerpieces in our list, this baby shower centerpiece is edible. Delicious treats turn into logs, leaves, acorns, and walking sticks. You can even let the guests take home leftovers if you want to.

DIY centerpieces

There’s so many DIY centerpieces out there that choosing the best can be overwhelming. The key to make the selection easier for you is to have a baby shower theme in mind. The decorations, invitation, and baby shower favors will just follow your chosen theme.



Baby Shower Party for an Indian Family

shower party

shower party

With so many baby shower party themes you can found online, you might get overwhelmed in choosing what’s best for you. Asking friends and colleagues for ideas will not make it easier either, as they also have their own preferences. To avoid this predicament, shortlist your choices by taking into consideration the following factors:

  • the budget for the party
  • the gender of the baby
  • the season or the weather during the party
  • the time of the day that is best for the mother-to-be to entertain guests
  • the beliefs, tradition, or culture of the parents-to-be

Throwing a baby shower party for a mom-to-be has been a common tradition in the US. Yet, it is not just a Western tradition – other countries celebrate it too, including India, China, and more.

Event planner, Events by Collette was approached to organize a girl baby shower party for an Indian family. The event was held in the afternoon at the expecting mother’s home.

The baby shower party was setup in the veranda overlooking the garden. Wooden tables and stools were placed under large beach umbrellas to protect the guests from the sun.

shower party

For centerpieces, white paper lanterns were placed in the table with real flower cuttings. Then small milk bottles, baby pacifiers, and diaper pins in pink hues were scattered around the lantern. For an added touch, they sprinkled pink and white confetti on the top of the tables.

shower party

Events by Collette, hang a pink elephant baby shower banner over a decorated wooden table propped against a dark blue wall as backdrop.

shower party

A vase of white lilies was placed behind a white two-tiered fondant cake set atop a red-mantled table. The baby shower cake was adorned with gorgeous red flower icing and then, topped with a sleeping baby wearing a pink polka dot diaper and pink hat.

shower party

For baby shower party favors, Events by Collette put pink decorative stones inside mini glass vases. Then white lollies tied with white ribbons were placed inside each vase, and for the finishing touch, pink ribbons were also tied around the vases. Since the event is for an Indian family, Buddha cookies were also given as favors in the party.

shower party

In the living room, a milk bottle filled with plastic babies was placed on the coffee table for the guessing game. A pink paper bag decorated with pink pearls served as ornament together with the vase of tulips. Each guest that came in tried to guess the number of plastic babies inside the bottle to win the prize.

shower party

In addition to the guessing game, dolls and cabbage patch kids were set on a table in the lawn for the diaper change relay race.

shower party

Choosing a baby shower theme is not easy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. By shortlisting options based on certain factors, the work becomes manageable. Yet, if you don’t want to burden yourself with the planning and organizing of a baby shower party then, hire an event organizer like Events by Collette. They will take care of everything from the invitation, decoration, games, and so on. All you have to do is enjoy the party like the rest of the guests.

Events by Collette is a one stop shop event planning company established in 2011 with all services necessary for any event. They have perfected the art of event planning in the Bay Area and internationally. The company specializes in private in-home parties, fundraisers, birthdays (child and adult), showers, milestones, corporate events, holidays, retreats, and weddings. Events by Collette is a top rated event planner with the help of 100% 5-star reviews on Yelp.



5 Ideas Para Decoración Para Baby Shower 2017

El año 2017 acaba de empezar y en busca de nuevas ideas para la decoración para baby shower puede no ser tan fácil como hacerlo a mediados de año. Pero entonces, si usted es el uno dado la responsabilidad de recibir una ducha del bebé, usted haría cualquier cosa para cerciorarse de que será un único y memorable.

Para ayudarle a conseguir eso, aquí están 5 ideas adorables de la decoración para baby shower que usted podría crear fácilmente:


Lámparas de Papel

Estas linternas de papel en capas parecen complicadas de hacer, pero sólo tardará 30 minutos en terminar una. Puede crear un ombre, rayas o patrón monocromático para un efecto etéreo y festivo. Apenas ponga una bombilla dentro de cada linterna si usted desea utilizarlo para una fiesta de la noche. Juega con el diseño mediante la adición de círculos de tejido para un acabado de fluttery o discos verdes en la parte superior para una apariencia de bayas.

decoración para baby shower


DIY Guirnalda de Pañales

Simple, lindo y práctico. Esta corona de pañales DIY utiliza varios pañales que la mamá-a-ser puede llevar a casa y el uso cuando el bebé sale. No tomará mucho tiempo hacer cualquiera. Con la ayuda de tijeras y cintas, sólo atar los pañales alrededor de una forma de guirnalda de alambre hasta cubrir completamente. Pegue un medallón de cartulina con cintas a un lado y todo está hecho!

decoración para baby shower


Botellas Pintadas con Spray

Si es una fiesta de bienvenida de bebé de la primavera, usted necesitará la decoración para baby shower en colores vibrantes para aclarar el lugar. Usted necesitará como materiales para este proyecto botellas de cerveza, jarrones de neón, periódicos, portabicicletas, telas de goteo, imprimación de spray-pintura y pintura en aerosol en varios colores. En primer lugar, remojar las botellas de cerveza en una mezcla de agua caliente y jabón para quitar las etiquetas. Enjuague y seque. Coloque las botellas de cerveza en la parte superior del periódico y rocíe con imprimación y luego seque durante varios minutos. A continuación, cubra las botellas con pintura en aerosol hasta que estén completamente cubiertas. Haga lo mismo con el portabicicletas. Servirá como pieza central o acento para la decoración de la fiesta de bienvenida al bebé del estilo 80s.

decoración para baby shower


Mod Fishbowl Baño de Burbujas

Esta diversión y la decoración para baby shower necesita un fishbowl de cristal, bolas blancas del styrofoam, ducky de goma, y ​​burbujas claras del vidrio. Llene el tazón de vidrio con burbujas de vidrio y burbujas de espuma de poliestireno y luego colocar un interior de goma de goma. También puede voltear sobre un plato de acrílico o cristal transparente al revés para subir de nivel las piezas centrales.

decoración para baby shower


Bebés Lindos del Pañal

En vez de la torta del pañal, usted puede hacer los bebés del pañal. Son lindos, fáciles hacer y un golpe garantizado a su fiesta de la fiesta de bienvenida al bebé. Para esta decoración para baby shower, usted necesitará los pernos, el pegamento, el sharpie, los ojos del wiggle, los calcetines del bebé, los washcloths del bebé, y los pañales. Usted acaba de doblar el pañal tres veces y asegurar con un alfiler. A continuación, envuélvalo con un paño y cubra con un calcetín. Por último, pegue los ojos en el pañal y luego dibujar la cara con un sharpie.

decoración para baby shower


Para tener una única decoración para baby shower para su acontecimiento entonces va DIY. Agregar tu toque personal a cualquiera de los proyectos lo diferenciará de otros. ¡Ponga sus habilidades al buen uso y comience cualquiera de estas ideas adorables de la ducha del bebé ideas ahora!




Last Minute Baby Shower: How to Put It Together

last minute baby shower

Are you tasked to put together a last minute baby shower? If you have been given the responsibility to organize a baby shower party in a rush, here are 7 things that you can easily get online or from your local stores. Once you have them, it would only take 3 hours or less to put them together.

last minute baby shower

  1. Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can make a sweet and simple baby shower centerpiece that is still usable after the party. All you need are 8 diapers, faux flowers, some pink and yellow ribbons, scissors, rubber bands, and a hot glue gun. A wide selection of faux flowers is available online. Yet you can simply browse the flower section of grocery stores near you for a last minute baby shower.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Favors

Shop for baby bottles in various colors or you can pick one that matches the baby shower theme. Fill each bottle with assorted chocolates and candies then tie a ribbon and thank you tag to it. The finished product would surely delight the guests and the mom-to-be.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Thank You Cards

It might be a last minute baby shower yet, thanking guests is a must. Pick a pack of adorable Thank You Cards as a gift for the mom-to-be. Go the extra mile and have the guests write down their own names and addresses on the envelopes for the new mom’s convenience.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Balloons

A baby shower is not complete without the balloons. So make sure that you got mylar balloons that match the baby shower theme. With balloons, you don’t have to decorate much. You can spell out the coming baby’s name using them or, you can simply leave them floating in the ceiling. If you got more time, you can buy baby shower decoration party balloon kits online.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Supplies

Baby shower supplies are really important when organizing a last minute baby shower. You’ll get several options for paper plates, cups, napkins, and pretty straws in grocery stores or even online. Buy straws and napkins in your chosen color palette for an organized look.

last minute baby shower

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Drinks

Whether you’re organizing for a brunch, afternoon, or evening baby shower party, mimosas are always a crowd pleaser. You can pick-up bottles of ginger ale, champagne, and orange juice from local stores. If you want to try something new, you can create delicious Lemonade mimosas with Blood Orange to keep guests in bubbling spirits.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Treats

You can get mini bundt cakes to decorate with whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and any other toppings you like. Yet, if you want to serve ice cream for the last minute baby shower party, you can create this easy ice cream recipe. You don’t even need an ice cream machine to do this yummy Circus Animal Ice Cream. All you need are heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, circus animal cookies, vanilla extract and food coloring. This fun treat will definitely be a hit to everyone at the party.

last minute baby shower


Last minute baby shower party can be overwhelming if you don’t organize your ideas. Let this article be your guide so you would be able to get all the essentials to get the event going. You can also find great baby shower themes and gift ideas here.



6 Ways to Make a New Mom Feel Extra Special at Her Shower


A baby shower is not just a celebration of the coming baby but a chance to spoil the new mom as well. You don’t have to give her foot rubs or treat her to a spa to make her extra special. Yet, thinking about what she likes, what makes her happy, and what would be easy for her on the big day would make her feel that.


Here are 6 ways to spoil a new mom at her baby shower:

  1. Pick a baby shower theme that reflects the personality of the mom-to-be. Even as simple as designing the theme in her favorite color will make the mom-to-be feel extra special already. What more if you go all through the trouble of learning about her: where she came from, her favorites, and so on. The baby shower theme can be inspired by her hobby or maybe her love of travel, art or movies. You can also make it a college-themed baby shower, a sorority shower or a hometown shower that reminds her of everything she loves of her city or town. Turning a baby shower into a yoga class is another way of spoiling the new mom.



  1. First time moms need all the help to prepare the things needed for the coming baby. So, help her come up with a baby registry checklist to make sure that she will have everything ready for her nursery and her bundle of joy. Some say that it’s against formal etiquette to ask for specific gifts from guests. Yet, there are guests who would appreciate if you give them ideas on what gifts to bring at the baby shower. Giving the new mom a peace of mind because she is already prepared for the baby’s arrival would mean a lot to her.



  1. Make the guests do something personal for the new mom. You can place a framed invitation at the entrance of the venue for everyone to sign. Or you can create a “Wishes for Baby Tree “with the help of tutorials available online. Reading what people have written at the baby shower will warm the mom-to-be’s heart anytime.



  1. Being pregnant limits the food choices for the mom-to-be. So, make sure that she will have something to eat at the party. Prepare the menu to include some of her favorite foods and those that she can eat and drink at the event.


  1. Prepare a list of people who gave gifts and what the gifts are. The new mom will appreciate you’re doing it for her. She will have the opportunity to thank all of them without missing anyone.


  1. Make sure that Thank You cards will be received by the guests. Have the guests write their own addresses on the card envelopes. It’s so easy to do yet, the result will make the life of the new mom more convenient and stress-free. She doesn’t have to look for addresses to send Thank You Cards and her work will also be cut-out for her because she will not be writing addresses anymore.



A new mom is very emotional and gets overwhelmed easily. So show that you care with these little acts of thoughtfulness guaranteed to make her extra special at her baby shower.




Indoors or Outside? How to Choose the Location for a Baby Shower Party

baby shower

Baby shower party needs to be well organized down to the tiny details for it to be successful. Didn’t have the perfect venue for a baby shower party yet? Then, you came to the right place because we can help you decide on where you should do it – indoors or outside.

When looking for a location for the baby shower party, here are 3 things that you need to consider. First, know the number of guests. How many will show up for the event? You wouldn’t want to squeeze 50 people inside a small room wouldn’t you? Entertaining ten guests in a hall wouldn’t be smart either! So, put this on the top of your list.


baby showerNext, take into account the weather during the party. You wouldn’t want the rain to ruin the outdoor baby shower party that you painstakingly organized would you? It’s definitely a mood-killer! And last but not the least is, consider the budget for the baby shower party. We have lots of baby shower ideas and themes that can fit your budget here.

When you’re done with these essentials the next step is to choose a baby shower venue. Baby showers are traditionally held in the future mom’s home or in the host’s. It makes the guests more relaxed and gives the feeling of intimacy and comfort. Yet, there will be the after-party mess that you have to deal with.

To make life easier for you, here is a list of venue ideas where you can throw a memorable baby shower party.


Local Tea Room

tea room

If you will hold the event in the afternoon, a local tea room would be an ideal choice. It’s cozy, private and usually quiet. The future mom can enjoy having pleasant conversations and fun with friends and family members. While you, the host, will not worry about the food and refreshments to be served. You can just decide on the baby shower decorations and bring the baby shower cake to the venue.




The restaurant reservation depends on the number of guests coming in. It can be a large table or the whole venue altogether. Some restaurants will let you decorate the interior as you like, some will not. For the latter, you might be able to choose the decorations from the designs that the restaurant offers. If you will not book the whole restaurant for the baby shower party then skip the games and other activities that will disturb other customers.


Community Center

community center

Community centers are cheaper than tearooms or restaurants. They are perfect for throwing baby showers because they have many meetings rooms that can accommodate any number of guests. You can decorate the venue according to the baby shower theme and perform games and activities for a more enjoyable baby shower party. Yet, you will have to provide not just the decorations but the food and drinks as well.




The club house has several private rooms available where you can hold a baby shower party. Unlike the community center, the club house offer food and drinks for this kind of event. Just give them a call or drop them a visit to learn what services they offer, the prices, and other info you will need to know.


Hotel Room

hotel room

For a girl-only baby shower composed of the closest friends of the future mom, a hotel room is perfect for a stay-over party. It would be fun to relive memories of younger days and share experiences of becoming a mother. The hotel staff will take care of everything: the decors, the food, and the drinks. All you have to do is have fun with the mom-to-be and your friends.



garden party

A baby shower party in spring, summer or early fall can be thrown outdoors. There are so many options for a wonderful baby shower to choose from. It can be a brunch in the garden, a picnic in the park, and so on. Just make sure that there will be sufficient sitting options and access to the toilets. To avoid unpleasant rain that will ruin the baby shower party, set up the event in a terrace or hire an events agency that provides not just the food, drinks, tables, and chairs but the tents as well.


So, you see, there are many alternatives for baby shower party locations. You just need to choose smartly whether it will be done indoors or outdoors. Good luck on your hosting job! We know that the mom-to-be and her guests will have a fabulous time!