Last Minute Baby Shower: How to Put It Together

last minute baby shower

Are you tasked to put together a last minute baby shower? If you have been given the responsibility to organize a baby shower party in a rush, here are 7 things that you can easily get online or from your local stores. Once you have them, it would only take 3 hours or less to put them together.

last minute baby shower

  1. Baby Shower Centerpiece

You can make a sweet and simple baby shower centerpiece that is still usable after the party. All you need are 8 diapers, faux flowers, some pink and yellow ribbons, scissors, rubber bands, and a hot glue gun. A wide selection of faux flowers is available online. Yet you can simply browse the flower section of grocery stores near you for a last minute baby shower.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Favors

Shop for baby bottles in various colors or you can pick one that matches the baby shower theme. Fill each bottle with assorted chocolates and candies then tie a ribbon and thank you tag to it. The finished product would surely delight the guests and the mom-to-be.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Thank You Cards

It might be a last minute baby shower yet, thanking guests is a must. Pick a pack of adorable Thank You Cards as a gift for the mom-to-be. Go the extra mile and have the guests write down their own names and addresses on the envelopes for the new mom’s convenience.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Balloons

A baby shower is not complete without the balloons. So make sure that you got mylar balloons that match the baby shower theme. With balloons, you don’t have to decorate much. You can spell out the coming baby’s name using them or, you can simply leave them floating in the ceiling. If you got more time, you can buy baby shower decoration party balloon kits online.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Supplies

Baby shower supplies are really important when organizing a last minute baby shower. You’ll get several options for paper plates, cups, napkins, and pretty straws in grocery stores or even online. Buy straws and napkins in your chosen color palette for an organized look.

last minute baby shower

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Drinks

Whether you’re organizing for a brunch, afternoon, or evening baby shower party, mimosas are always a crowd pleaser. You can pick-up bottles of ginger ale, champagne, and orange juice from local stores. If you want to try something new, you can create delicious Lemonade mimosas with Blood Orange to keep guests in bubbling spirits.

last minute baby shower


  1. Baby Shower Treats

You can get mini bundt cakes to decorate with whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and any other toppings you like. Yet, if you want to serve ice cream for the last minute baby shower party, you can create this easy ice cream recipe. You don’t even need an ice cream machine to do this yummy Circus Animal Ice Cream. All you need are heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, circus animal cookies, vanilla extract and food coloring. This fun treat will definitely be a hit to everyone at the party.

last minute baby shower


Last minute baby shower party can be overwhelming if you don’t organize your ideas. Let this article be your guide so you would be able to get all the essentials to get the event going. You can also find great baby shower themes and gift ideas here.



5 Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys

boy baby shower

Baby shower themes for boys are not blues and whites only. They can be of assorted colors yet the overall effect will give the impression that the baby shower is for a baby boy. There are so many baby shower theme ideas that you can find the web and all you have to do is pick what you like. But sometimes, choosing baby shower themes for boys can be difficult especially if you have lots of options available, right?

boy baby shower

To make things easy for you, we have round up a list of 5 adorable baby shower theme ideas which are guaranteed to impress not just the mom-to-be, but the guests as well!



Most of us have been exposed to Winnie the Pooh while growing up right? The much-loved Disney bear character had been here since 1966, delighting kids from generation to generation. So, choosing a Winnie the Pooh theme from among the baby shower themes for boys available will delight everyone at your baby shower party.

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme will help you express your inner artist. You’ll have to turn toys into figurines, create a playful diaper cake, and decorate the venue with printables. The toy decors will also double as party favors for your guests.

The Diaper Cake:

Winnie the Pooh printed diapers are placed inside the container to form a cake. It’s not your traditional diaper cake but it’s easier to make and can also be used as gifts to the mom-to-be.

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake


The Cake:

Winnie the Pooh Cake

The Party Favors:

Whip up a batch of Homemade Honey Brown Sugar Scrub and package them in cute Beehive Jars for party favor. Its economical and keeps to the Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme!

Winnie the Pooh Favors



Two baby shower themes for boys in one party! The coming of a baby should be celebrated in the most unforgettable way so, why don’t you give the best? Right? Organizing this theme is not as complicated as you think. You’re going to need Chinese take-out boxes, balloons, baskets, baby elephant stuffed toys, and printables for decors. The party decorations, cake, cupcakes and baby shower favors should stick to the soft color palette of navy, blue, and grey.


The Cake:

elephant cake

The Party Favors:

elephant favor



Don’t you just love the chance to slap a mustache on everything that does not move? Figurines, frames, vases, pots, and even table ware and food could be decorated with mustache!


The Desserts:

mustache desserts

The Party Favors:

mustache favor

Black pint glasses with vinyl mustache will serve as party favors.



If you don’t have a barn to make this theme more authentic, just turn the baby shower venue into one with party decors of feathered garlands and arrows.

wild west

The Desserts:

wild west desserts

The Party Favors:

Teepee themed favors such as feather slap bracelets, beef jerky, peanuts, candy corn, pens turned to arrows and moo tails.

wild west favors



Of all the baby shower themes for boys we have seen, this theme is chic and modern, making it perfect for a fashionable mom-to-be. The thought of a coming baby give parents a bubble of joy and excitement. Thus, a bubbles-inspired baby shower is an apt representation of how the parents really feel. The party decors focus on the bubbles motif including the baby shower invitation, the backdrop, the desserts, the food and the party favors.

bubbles theme

The Desserts:

The word “POP” is in the dessert table consisting of bubble cupcake, whoopie pies, lollipops, jello custard shots, and POP’ems.

bubbles desserts

The Party Favor:

Jars of bubble bath as well as custom lollipop centerpieces can also double as party favors.

bubbles favors

Now, are you ready to rock that baby shower? Go ahead and amaze the mom-to-be and her guests with any of these adorable baby shower themes for boys!