Easy Recipes for a Baby Shower Brunch

baby shower brunch

A baby shower brunch party will not be successful without the help of delicious food and beverages. Whatever theme you may have or wherever you would want to held the party, your menu should satisfy your guests.

baby shower brunch

Most baby showers serve brunch to cater to the various tastes of the guests with a wide range of food selections. To help you prepare for the special event without spending much time in the food preparation, here are easy recipes for a baby shower brunch.

Main Dishes

Serve hearty and protein-filled foods as main dishes in you baby shower brunch. Ditch the usual tea sandwiches, sliced ham, and quiche, serve these baby shower brunch recipes instead.

  • A Waffle Bar

Most people like waffles or pancakes for breakfast or anytime of the day. Whip up batches of healthy waffles and serve them with various toppers for your baby shower brunch. Let your guests choose what they like from topping options such as banana, berries, nuts, chocolate chips, or the traditional maple syrup.

baby shower brunch recipe


  • Caprese Baked Egg Cups

Level up the quiche dish with Caprese Baked Egg Cups. All you need are eggs, tomato, basil, and cheese to come up with this easy but tasty dish.

baby shower brunch recipe


  • Breakfast Pizza

You can prepare the dough ahead of time or just buy them from the grocery, your choice. There are two options for pizza toppings yet you will always end up with eggs on top of your pizza.  You can choose from the smallest quail eggs to the bigger chicken eggs for this baby shower brunch recipe.

baby shower brunch recipe


  • Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Don’t let your guests skip their servings of meat for breakfast. Substitute the traditional ham with a Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin recipe that’ll blow their mind. Simply wrap a standard tenderloin cut with some slices of bacon, brown in a cast-iron skillet, and pop into the oven to roast.

baby shower brunch recipe


Side Dishes

Side dishes should always complement the main dishes. Vegetable salad and fruits are the classic side dishes being served for baby shower brunch. Make yours a bit different with a Fruit Salad with Strawberry-Poppy Seed Vinaigrette.  Fruits and yogurt make up this yummy side dish creation.

baby shower brunch recipe



Scones, croissants, and other pastries are served with jam, butter and other similar toppings for the baby shower brunch. Here are two bread recipes that you can easily make for the party:

  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bread

Bacon, egg and cheese are 3 morning essentials in an American breakfast. So make sure that your guests will be served their BEC with this yummy monkey bread.

baby shower brunch recipe


  • Best Glazed Mixed Berry Scones

These berry scones can be prepared in just 30 minutes. The recipe uses frozen fruit instead of the fresh ones for a cheaper cost. But if you want to use fresh fruits, you can do so. It will also be quicker to prepare than the frozen berries.

baby shower brunch recipe



Since this will be a baby shower brunch, the drinks should be non-alcoholic like coffee, fruit punch and mimosas. Set up a Mimosa Bar so that your guests will have fun combining fruits, juice and other ingredients for their own mimosas.

baby shower brunch recipe



A baby shower party menu will not be complete without dessert. So make sure that your dessert table has an array of cupcakes, cake pops, ice cream, and of course, the baby shower cake. Here are great dessert recipes for you to try:

  • Hydrangea Cupcakes

These gorgeous Hydrangea cupcakes will also serve as edible ornaments in your dessert table. They are easier to make than they look so don’t be afraid to prepare them. Make sure that you prepare several batches because your guests might take more than one before they are satisfied.

baby shower brunch recipe


  • No Bake Strawberry Milkshake Cheesecake

The magic word here is no-bake. It means less time and less energy to prepare. So don’t hesitate to try this delicious baby shower brunch recipe. Just Oreo crumbs and melted butter for crust then cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, milk and Nesquick powder mix for filling.

baby shower brunch recipe


Now you have a complete baby shower brunch menu plan. To make the preparation of these recipes go smoothly, try them out days before the event.





5 Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys

boy baby shower

Baby shower themes for boys are not blues and whites only. They can be of assorted colors yet the overall effect will give the impression that the baby shower is for a baby boy. There are so many baby shower theme ideas that you can find the web and all you have to do is pick what you like. But sometimes, choosing baby shower themes for boys can be difficult especially if you have lots of options available, right?

boy baby shower

To make things easy for you, we have round up a list of 5 adorable baby shower theme ideas which are guaranteed to impress not just the mom-to-be, but the guests as well!



Most of us have been exposed to Winnie the Pooh while growing up right? The much-loved Disney bear character had been here since 1966, delighting kids from generation to generation. So, choosing a Winnie the Pooh theme from among the baby shower themes for boys available will delight everyone at your baby shower party.

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme will help you express your inner artist. You’ll have to turn toys into figurines, create a playful diaper cake, and decorate the venue with printables. The toy decors will also double as party favors for your guests.

The Diaper Cake:

Winnie the Pooh printed diapers are placed inside the container to form a cake. It’s not your traditional diaper cake but it’s easier to make and can also be used as gifts to the mom-to-be.

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake


The Cake:

Winnie the Pooh Cake

The Party Favors:

Whip up a batch of Homemade Honey Brown Sugar Scrub and package them in cute Beehive Jars for party favor. Its economical and keeps to the Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme!

Winnie the Pooh Favors



Two baby shower themes for boys in one party! The coming of a baby should be celebrated in the most unforgettable way so, why don’t you give the best? Right? Organizing this theme is not as complicated as you think. You’re going to need Chinese take-out boxes, balloons, baskets, baby elephant stuffed toys, and printables for decors. The party decorations, cake, cupcakes and baby shower favors should stick to the soft color palette of navy, blue, and grey.


The Cake:

elephant cake

The Party Favors:

elephant favor



Don’t you just love the chance to slap a mustache on everything that does not move? Figurines, frames, vases, pots, and even table ware and food could be decorated with mustache!


The Desserts:

mustache desserts

The Party Favors:

mustache favor

Black pint glasses with vinyl mustache will serve as party favors.



If you don’t have a barn to make this theme more authentic, just turn the baby shower venue into one with party decors of feathered garlands and arrows.

wild west

The Desserts:

wild west desserts

The Party Favors:

Teepee themed favors such as feather slap bracelets, beef jerky, peanuts, candy corn, pens turned to arrows and moo tails.

wild west favors



Of all the baby shower themes for boys we have seen, this theme is chic and modern, making it perfect for a fashionable mom-to-be. The thought of a coming baby give parents a bubble of joy and excitement. Thus, a bubbles-inspired baby shower is an apt representation of how the parents really feel. The party decors focus on the bubbles motif including the baby shower invitation, the backdrop, the desserts, the food and the party favors.

bubbles theme

The Desserts:

The word “POP” is in the dessert table consisting of bubble cupcake, whoopie pies, lollipops, jello custard shots, and POP’ems.

bubbles desserts

The Party Favor:

Jars of bubble bath as well as custom lollipop centerpieces can also double as party favors.

bubbles favors

Now, are you ready to rock that baby shower? Go ahead and amaze the mom-to-be and her guests with any of these adorable baby shower themes for boys!







Indoors or Outside? How to Choose the Location for a Baby Shower Party

baby shower

Baby shower party needs to be well organized down to the tiny details for it to be successful. Didn’t have the perfect venue for a baby shower party yet? Then, you came to the right place because we can help you decide on where you should do it – indoors or outside.

When looking for a location for the baby shower party, here are 3 things that you need to consider. First, know the number of guests. How many will show up for the event? You wouldn’t want to squeeze 50 people inside a small room wouldn’t you? Entertaining ten guests in a hall wouldn’t be smart either! So, put this on the top of your list.


baby showerNext, take into account the weather during the party. You wouldn’t want the rain to ruin the outdoor baby shower party that you painstakingly organized would you? It’s definitely a mood-killer! And last but not the least is, consider the budget for the baby shower party. We have lots of baby shower ideas and themes that can fit your budget here.

When you’re done with these essentials the next step is to choose a baby shower venue. Baby showers are traditionally held in the future mom’s home or in the host’s. It makes the guests more relaxed and gives the feeling of intimacy and comfort. Yet, there will be the after-party mess that you have to deal with.

To make life easier for you, here is a list of venue ideas where you can throw a memorable baby shower party.


Local Tea Room

tea room

If you will hold the event in the afternoon, a local tea room would be an ideal choice. It’s cozy, private and usually quiet. The future mom can enjoy having pleasant conversations and fun with friends and family members. While you, the host, will not worry about the food and refreshments to be served. You can just decide on the baby shower decorations and bring the baby shower cake to the venue.




The restaurant reservation depends on the number of guests coming in. It can be a large table or the whole venue altogether. Some restaurants will let you decorate the interior as you like, some will not. For the latter, you might be able to choose the decorations from the designs that the restaurant offers. If you will not book the whole restaurant for the baby shower party then skip the games and other activities that will disturb other customers.


Community Center

community center

Community centers are cheaper than tearooms or restaurants. They are perfect for throwing baby showers because they have many meetings rooms that can accommodate any number of guests. You can decorate the venue according to the baby shower theme and perform games and activities for a more enjoyable baby shower party. Yet, you will have to provide not just the decorations but the food and drinks as well.




The club house has several private rooms available where you can hold a baby shower party. Unlike the community center, the club house offer food and drinks for this kind of event. Just give them a call or drop them a visit to learn what services they offer, the prices, and other info you will need to know.


Hotel Room

hotel room

For a girl-only baby shower composed of the closest friends of the future mom, a hotel room is perfect for a stay-over party. It would be fun to relive memories of younger days and share experiences of becoming a mother. The hotel staff will take care of everything: the decors, the food, and the drinks. All you have to do is have fun with the mom-to-be and your friends.



garden party

A baby shower party in spring, summer or early fall can be thrown outdoors. There are so many options for a wonderful baby shower to choose from. It can be a brunch in the garden, a picnic in the park, and so on. Just make sure that there will be sufficient sitting options and access to the toilets. To avoid unpleasant rain that will ruin the baby shower party, set up the event in a terrace or hire an events agency that provides not just the food, drinks, tables, and chairs but the tents as well.


So, you see, there are many alternatives for baby shower party locations. You just need to choose smartly whether it will be done indoors or outdoors. Good luck on your hosting job! We know that the mom-to-be and her guests will have a fabulous time!