All Sports Theme Baby Shower for Boys

sports theme

sports theme

Some soon-to-be parents are so excited that they would start planning for their baby’s future prior to his or her birth. They already have in mind what will the baby’s career would be. What school should the baby go to; what hobbies and sports should he or she join, and so on. If you will be hosting a baby shower for parents-to-be who are expecting a baby boy then, you might want to have a sports theme baby shower.

You can choose a sports baby shower theme for a particular sport only such as basketball, football, etc. This would be ideal for parents who love a specific sport. Yet, if they are into any kind of athletic games then might as well do an All Sports Theme baby shower like Véronique Events did.

Event planning company Véronique Events arranged an All Sports Theme baby shower for a baby boy at the Manhattan Beach Country Club. They dressed up Teddy Bears in athletic shirts, jerseys, and cheer leader outfits. To create the sporty ambiance to the party, they used the costumed Teddy Bears as baby shower centerpieces.

sports theme

A Teddy Bear wearing a basketball jersey sits on the grassy ground with flowers. Véronique and her team placed New Parents Advice Cards in each table for the guests to write on.

sports theme

Teddies in athletic shirts with pretty cheer leaders.

sports theme

For baby shower favors, they tied sports bottles with blue and white striped ribbon and a red ribbon with white polka dots.

sports theme

Véronique Events laid out two trays on a table for the onesie-designing activity for the guests. The guests had the chance to draw on blank white onesies using the crayons provided.

The guests shared brunch selections of Vegetarian Quiche Smoked Salmon, Greek Yogurt Parfaits, and sliced fresh fruits. They get to choose from breads and pastries such as muffins, croissants, bagels, pretzel rolls, and French toasts. Breakfast staples like maple syrup and whipped butter Pancakes and omelet were also served. An Omelet Station was set up for guests to choose their fillings and toppings.

For dessert, they got to enjoy chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other pastries. They also have coffee, hot teas, iced tea, lemonade, and mimosas.

The All Sports Theme baby shower idea is a fun way of celebrating the joy of a new baby boy. You could do this event in your home or rent a venue to accommodate more guests. To save some cash, the Teddy Bears could double as centerpieces and baby shower favors.

You can choose to do the planning and preparation yourself or get a professional event planner like Véronique Events. With an event planner, you can get full or partial service depending on your budget.

Véronique Events is a boutique event planning company with a team of international professionals who are experts in the art of celebration and emissaries of elegance from all over the world.

They have expertise in weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, company events, and more! They can help you with Coordination, Design & Décor; Entertainment; and anything you need for the party.

Elegant Happy Theme Girl Baby Shower

girl baby shower

girl baby shower

Pretty in pink! That’s the impression that a girl baby shower usually gives. The decorations have touches of pink to aptly represent the gender of the coming baby. Girlish, cute, and pretty! Just like this Elegant Happy Theme baby shower organized by Véronique Events!

Véronique Events setup the venue at Loews Santa Monica for a girl baby shower. They incorporated pink ribbons and fresh flowers to their decorations to brighten up the elegant room.


girl baby shower

Here’s a bouquet of roses intermingled with tulips and hydrangeas as baby shower centerpiece. They placed a small pink faux butterfly on top thus, creating the flowering shrubbery look.


girl baby shower

Véronique and her team placed baby shower favors in each table to also serve as decor. They were gray-splotched tin mugs with white napkin and tied with tags and pink ribbons.


girl baby shower

To  keep up with the pink motif, the dessert table were laden with various treats in pink and white colors. Red roses also adorned the cookie trays and were scattered on the surface of the table.


girl baby shower

There were licorice sticks, edible pearls, marshmallows, and pink-covered Hershey’s Kisses. For guests who want to take home some sweets, Véronique Events laid out small bags for them to use.


girl baby shower

girl baby shower

Yummy cookies were also served for the guests enjoyment. They came in various shapes of onesies, alphabet blocks, and baby carriages with white and pink icing.


girl baby shower

White butterflies, tiny pink flowers, and white dots embellished the three-layered cake.

As you can see, pink dominated this girl baby shower theme. The whites, greens, and reds contrasted beautifully with the pink-hued decors and treats. Thus, creating the overall look of an elegant happy theme.

It takes a creative mind and skillful hands to turn a plain-looking venue into a work of art. So if you don’t have the talent and the time to organize a shower from start to end then, hire a professional. Event planners like Véronique Events can help you focus on entertaining guests and just having fun!

Véronique Events is a boutique event planning company with a team of international professionals who are experts in the art of celebration and emissaries of elegance from all over the world.

They have expertise in weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, company events, and more! They can help you with Coordination, Design & Décor; Entertainment; and anything you need for the party.






Creative Baby Shower Favors to Give Guests

baby girl shoes

Are you looking for creative baby shower favors on your baby shower party? There are many great ideas out there and I have collected nine of them in this list. Something to eat, something to use, or something to decorate your house with – you can find it below. So if you want to impress your guests with your baby shower favors then, checkout the list!

baby girl shoes

Gourmet Popcorn

The mom-to-be is ready to pop her little bundle of joy and what better way to celebrate that than these boxes of gourmet popcorn. Pop some corn kernels in a retro popcorn machine and offer them to guests in vintage-style boxes.



Mini Planters with Seeds

Herb pots are one of the baby shower favors that can make a longer impression to your guests. As long as the plant is growing they will always be reminded of the fun they had in your baby shower. This is simple to put together and can double as place holder or centerpieces.



Baby Bottle Mason Jars

Mason jars are designed to look like baby bottles and packed with dry ingredients for an oatmeal chocolate chip cookies recipe.

baby bottle


Tutu Nail Polish

Create small ballerinas with the help of nail polish bottles and pink tulle. This gorgeous baby shower favor idea is easy to do. You just need to cut the tulle into your desired length and wrap it around the bottle to look like mini tutus.

nail polish


Pop the Champagne

Celebrate your baby shower with a toast! Onesie cookies are tied around small bottles of champagne to make a sweet and bubbly baby shower favors for the guests to take home. The celebration will not only be at the party but extends to your guests homes as well!



A Picture to Remember

Make lasting memory of your baby shower party with the help of DIY photo frame. Decorate a plain frame with colorful buttons, beads, and small trinkets. You can even add a thoughtful message for the guests to show your appreciation for their attendance. Let the guests take home the frame and send them a photo of them enjoying your baby shower which they can place inside it.



Free Spring Mini Basket Crochet Pattern Baby Shower Favors

If you got crocheting talent then, display it to an advantage. Crochet mini baskets and fill them with candies, mini cookies, and any other decorative materials that you want. They’re not only adorable, they’re memorable as well!



Booboo Bunnies Baby Shower Favors

These booboo bunnies will not cost much to create. You just need some white wash cloths, glue dots, ribbons, and mini pom-poms in black, white and pink colors.



Mini Hot Air Balloons Baby Shower Favors

A sky or balloon-themed party will not be complete without hot air balloons. So make mini hot air balloons as baby shower party favors with the help of this tutorial. They are simple to make yet they look great in your baby shower. You only need to assemble small cups or buckets, helium balloons, sticks and some ribbon then fill them with yummy treats of your choice.



Every baby shower party is special. So, make yours a memorable and amazing one. Test your hand in making any of these creative baby shower favors for a more personalized touch.