Baby Food Jars at the Baby Shower

I’m in a season of life right now where my house is over flowing with baby food jars. Both full & empty. Don’t ask me why I started saving the empty ones… because I don’t know why. I just started storing them… until they started flowing out of my designated area for them… so I thought I better figure out what to do with them… or else they are going bye-bye….

So as I was searching on line to figure out what I could possibly do with these cute little containers, I came across a lot of different ideas… so it got me thinking… you could SO use these little baby food jars at a baby shower and do something very adorable with them…

So here is a list of just a few of the things that can be done with baby food jars to possibly help save money when throwing a baby shower:

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Choosing Memorable Baby Shower Favors

Planning a baby shower is a joyous occasion! Celebrating a soon-to-be little one is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Guests are all the treasured friends and family members of the expectant mama, so the event can hardly go wrong. The easiest way to approach this particular party planning endeavor is to start with deciding upon a theme. A theme can help tie in all the components involved in a baby shower from the decorations to the food selection to favors your guests go home with in memory of the event. Choosing baby shower favors for the party can be as simple as a rubber ducky or as elaborate and time consuming as a homemade pie for each guest.

Choose a theme

The first step to choosing a baby shower favor is, as mentioned above, choosing a theme for the event. If the gender of the baby-to-be is known, then you can go with a specific boy or girl themed party such as a pink princess or train theme. A more generic Pea in a Pod theme is another simple idea theme, and if twins are on their way, why not a Two Peas in a Pod theme? If you are stumped for ideas consider the following popular baby shower themes.


Peas in a Pod Baby Shower Ideas

Check Pinterest for fantastic Pea themed decorations and ideas to suit this fun theme. For favors, you can choose from the cute cupcake ideas shown, or wrap a bath bomb up in green tissue paper reminiscent of a single pea to give guests something fun to go home with.

Tea Party Baby Shower

tea party baby shower

Celebrate mom to be with a cute tea party theme. While this is a nice safe choice for a baby shower that can be easy to pull together, it can be a little daunting if you are trying to maintain high tea perfection. Keep in mind, mismatched tea sets are all the rage, so don”t feel bad if your place settings do not match. Keeping a consistent look can be as easy as wrapping tea bag favors for guests in matching printed bags or using colorful washi tape to wrap tea light candles. Place in a circle of tulle and then cinch and tie with ribbon for a pretty and useful baby shower favor that suits the tea party theme.

Baby bird, eggs or nest baby shower theme

It isn”t a stretch to figure out why you might use an egg theme for a baby shower! This “About to Hatch” theme lends itself to easy favors such as a craft store nest filled with chocolate eggs or cookies shaped like eggs or baby birds. There are also baby shower favors that fit practically any theme with the right presentation.

Baked goods as baby shower favors

You may not be Martha Stewart, but you can create stunning packages for simple sweets by using the ideas and free printables on her website. Check out her baby shower cookie envelopes, paper cones, individual pie boxes and meringue containers. Specialty cupcakes are a big hit these days, as are yummy cake pops. Who doesn’t like a cute cake pop? Honestly, who? These can be homemade, drizzled with frosting or rolled in sprinkles that suit the theme of the baby shower, or order a batch of elaborate cookie pops decorated as a favorite animal or cartoon character. Really the sky is the limit when it comes to cake ideas!

Mixes and spices for the baby shower

Homemade blends of spices, chai tea, or rubs are a great, all purpose favor idea that guests will love. A colorful label on a plain container are all you need to tie the mix to the baby shower theme.

Bath and body gifts for a baby shower


Everything from homemade lip balm to small bottles of lotion or soap from a specialty shop can be used as a parting favor. The limits here are only in your imagination and budget! Pamper your guests with personal luxuries like scented bath salts or bottles of nail polish in the party color scheme.

Side step all the pressure

If the thoughts of individually wrapping cupcakes or preparing a large batch of lip balm gives you the shakes, do not be ashamed to order standard baby shower favors from a company such as Oriental Trading. They have perfectly good baby shower candy, little toys and trinkets that will serve the job just fine without any hassle.

Make and take

A favorite idea for baby showers is to plan an activity that commemorates the day with a special take home project. Beading jewelry is a relaxing activity that can produce a lovely keepsake for guests. Elastic thread, bowls of colorful beads, and charms can be turned into bracelets that will draw guests to remember the new little one every time they wear it. As you can see, baby shower favors do not have to be overly expensive – although they can be – nor do they have to be labor intensive – although they can be. Impressing guests with your bank account or Martha Stewart-like hostess skills are overrated. Simple favors that suit the theme of the occasion are not as hard as you might imagine. Let the focus be on the mom to be, her sweet baby bump and all the loved ones in attendance than on choosing the perfect favor.

Top 5 things NOT to do when throwing a baby shower…

So I know there is tons of information out there on throwing baby showers: color schemes, themes, food, gifts…  But how often do we get advice on what NOT to do when a baby shower is in the near future… I would like to tell you just a few things today that you might want to consider NOT doing…

So 1st and foremost.. let the baby shower be a baby shower

Let it be enjoyable for the mommy to be as well as for the guests. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT have a salesperson trying to sell anything at the shower. A baby shower is meant for ladies to gather together, to relax, eat, and have a good time chatting, playing games, giving advice… upon advice lol… to the mommy to be. Baby showers are NOT meant for ladies to gather together to listen to a sales pitch. Fine. If you’re guests are aware of the sales pitch they will endure and they are ok with it, go ahead. But please. Do not be a sneaky party planner and just “sneak” a sales pitch in there. That’s pretty lame. And a waste of most of the guests time. Most women now a days are on major time crunches. Be respectful. They are taking time out of their busy life to come celebrate this new life that will soon enter the world… not to listen to the latest sales pitch on something they couldn’t care less about.

salesperson salesperson

2nd of all… please make sure you have plenty of food

A baby shower is a party. And what do parties have? Food. Lots of food. Don’t let your guests go hungry.. it’ll definitely ruin the mood. It doesn’t have to cost too much. If you can’t afford it, see if you can get some of the guests to pitch in. Almost like a pot luck style. But fill the table as much as possible… cheap stuff will do too.. like chips, dip, fruit or veggie trays. Pinterest is an amazing place to browse for ideas and inspiration.

wintershower3      potluckshower2       wintershower1

3rd on my list. Have a cake

A beautiful delicious cake for your guests to adore and enjoy. One of the things that I (and a lot of ladies I know) do when I enter the party home/location is look for the cake. Now a days, people go all out and create these beautiful pieces of art that are as delicious as they are gorgeous… and I wanna see what the host came up with… I think the baby shower cake is like the icing on the cupcake… everyone looks forward to eating the creation.. and well, if you don’t serve a cake at the baby shower… people are going to be bummed out. I know I would be ( and have been).

   cake4    wintercake3    cake6

4th thing not to do… don’t let it be awkward

I know you can’t control everyone… but try your best to break the ice at the baby shower. In the very beginning play some sort of a game or do something to introduce everyone who is there and let others know how it is that you know the mommy to be. I know I’ve been to way too many baby showers where I’m kinda just sitting around wondering who the heck all these people are and how in the world do they know my friend. I’d rather get that over and out of the way at the very beginning and just enjoy the rest of the party chatting it up… At my baby shower, I think it could have / should have been done earlier, but at least it was done before the shower ended. As I was opening gifts, whoever the gift was from would come and sit by me and would introduce themselves to the crowd and explain to them how it is that we knew each other or how we met.. I must tell ya, that was pretty fun! Some of my friends had some very different stories of how we met and it was interesting to see our friendship from their perspective instead of mine…


And last but not least… my 5th do NOT do item… don’t drag it out

I know there’s plenty of people out there who will just not leave a party.. but the rest of us have a life. Try to make the party short and sweet…but at the same time, don’t make it feel rushed and do make people feel unwelcome. A lot of people dread baby showers, but they still come out of common courtesy.. be nice. Basically have it all wrapped up within  1 and 1/2 to 2 hours.. and maybe have an “after” party for a few of your friends that just won’t leave.. lol..  but most of us have things to do.. such as take care of our families and we just cannot sit around for too long… as much as we’d love to sit and relax for hours on end…


And that my friends is my top 5 Do NOT do list… I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it cleared a few things up for you…


Top 5 Things To Consider When Shopping For a Baby Shower Gift

I assume we have all received gifts at some point in our life. I also assume we have received more than plenty gifts that we just had NO idea why someone would give them to us. Maybe not you, but I sure have. I am what is known as a gift “returner/exchanger”. That’s actually what people call me sadly. Why? Well, because I like to return or exchange gifts. It’s like a sad addiction. I receive a gift. And even if its totally awesome and was on my wish list.. I still at least consider returning or exchanging it. Why? I don’t know. But I always consider “How much could I get for this?” or “What could I exchange this for that would be EVEN cooler?”… I know. Lol. I have issues. So this is why I am going to give a list of the top 5 things to consider when you are out trying to purchase a gift for a baby shower… yes, I know people register now a days. But still, just because a mama to be has put an item on her registry, does NOT mean that she will be thrilled receiving it. Yes, I am talking from a perspective of someone who has registered and has had a baby shower within the last year…

1. Gender

So the 1st and foremost thing to consider is the gender of the baby. I think that’s a given. I assume that if you are going to a baby shower, you know who that lady is having. BUT. There have been times when I’ve been invited to a baby shower for someone that I didn’t really know, thus I did not know the gender of the baby.. And yes, there are still people out there to this day that choose not to know the gender of the child they are expecting, and that is OK too.. You have to work around it. So once you know “who” you are shopping for, the fun can begin! This will direct you to different parts of the store and you will have a different “picture” in your mind of what it is you’d like to give as a gift.

babyboy1 babyboy2 babygirl1

2. Season/Age

Oh my! This is a biggie in my book. You will NOT believe how many gifts I have received for my babies that I could not use. Just plain as day could not use! And I always wonder… couldn’t they figure out that I wouldn’t be able to use it? When you are out shopping for a baby you HAVE to consider when they will be born and you just HAVE to consider what age they will be when they are ready to use whatever gift you want give. Mainly this goes for clothes and such, but I’m sure it could be applied to a lot of other things out there. When looking at a particular item of clothing for a baby, I always consider what Season it is for and what age the baby will be. That would require knowing the baby’s due date and then calculating from that. I mean, please, do NOT give someone a Snow Suit for a baby size 0-3 when the baby is due in May. If you think about it, Winter will not come around for another 5-6 months… thus the baby will be WAY to big for the tiny Snow Suit. Or if the baby is due in December, do not get her or him a gorgeous swimsuit size 12 months… Really? A swimsuit for December? (Maybe if you live on an island or something lol). Do you get what I’m saying though? Look at the item, and count out (on your fingers if need be) how old the baby will be when the gift will be appropriate and make sure to get the correct size. Mama will thank you!!


babyswimsuit1 babyswimsuit

3. Parent’s Style

Again, this includes being considerate. I have gotten several baby gifts that made my jaw drop. And not in a good way. I mean. I was absolutely shocked that someone would give me some gift that is SO ugly or SO old school or SO just “not me”. lol. And I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So when picking out a gift for a baby shower, really consider… “Would so and so really like this? Is this her style?” You’ll be saving her a trip to the store to the exchange aisle. : )

style style1 style2 style3

4. Theme

If decide to go big and get something for the baby’s room or a toy of some kind, be considerate of the theme the parents have chosen for the baby. If they decided to go with a Precious Moments theme, stay along those lines. Don’t go out and get a Minnie Mouse blanket or lamp for the room. That’s just mean. Lol. If you can’t find an exact “themed” item, then consider just doing something in the color of the theme. So if the theme is still Precious Moments, find something in very light pastel colors to match it.

theme theme1 theme2 theme3

5. Money

I know we all have our hard days when it comes to money. And that’s ok. No one says you have to go all out when going to a baby shower. But just because you are low on money, doesn’t mean you should get the baby a bad gift. Not all awesome stuff costs a lot of money. Sometimes, when I’m on a very tight budget, I consider the baby necessities (which often get over looked because everyone is trying to out do everyone else buying the most elaborate gifts that often go unused). What will the baby NEED for sure? Um. Diapers, wipes, plain white onesies.. that kind of stuff. Consider making a cute little “survival” basket and just putting in some necessities. If you decorate it beautifully, everyone will think you spent lots and lots of money on it… So just because you’re low on money, doesn’t mean the baby has to “suffer” with distasteful stuff off the clearance rack.

giftbasket3 giftbasket2 giftbasket1 giftbasket

Top 10 Winter Baby Gift Essentials

Obviously babies are born during every season of life. Every single day. But I do believe that babies born in different seasons, do require some special gifts, depending on their expected due date. Here, I will cover some of the best gifts for babies that are due to be born during the coldest part of the year, so anywhere between December and February. I know that in different parts of the country and even the world, temperatures differ.. but I am mainly focusing on the Northwest part of the United States…. since that’s where I live and am most familiar with.

1. SnowSuit

I think everyone is pretty much familiar with the baby snowsuit. It’s basically a must have if someone is going to be having a baby in the winter. Or actually, depending on the thickness of it, one could actually start using a snowsuit probably from the end of September to the end of March or so depending on the temperature of where they are located. The snowsuit is awesome. You basically put the baby in there, and can be pretty certain that the infant will stay very very warm. There are SO many different kinds of snowsuits to choose from, that there’s almost no end to what you will find. I’m pretty simple, so I just go with the basic kind. I do prefer mine to be cotton, at least on the inside. Cotton is just a nice, soft, fluffy natural fiber. I prefer it to all synthetic fibers. Especially when the material will be coming in contact with a new baby… I prefer the outside of the snowsuit to also be a nice, soft material. Something that will be pleasant to touch… not too rough or firm. I mean, the baby will be carried around in this snowsuit, so it just makes it nicer if the material isn’t irritating.


snowsuit snowsuit1 snowsuit2 snowsuit3 snowsuit4 snowsuit5

2. Car Seat Cover

Although I prefer the snowsuit to protect my babies from the cold during winter months, I know a lot of mothers who choose the car seat canopy instead. Basically, the car seat canopy is like a blanket that lines the car seat, but then it also covers the baby from head to toe. Some come with a cute little “window” opening for the face or you can just unzip it and lower it if you want the baby to not be fully concealed. The great part about the car seat cover is that you don’t have to dress the baby too warm. You pretty much keep them dressed comfortably for room temperature and the cover acts as a very warm blanket/protector from the cold. The car seat covers are typically made of sturdy weather-resistant material on the outside while the inside is lined with soft fleece.

carseatcover1 carseatcover2 carseatcover3 carseatcover4


3. Blankets

Baby blankets are SO adorable!! Now a days, there are like a million different designs to choose from. One can go crazy choosing blankets. Lol. Don’t go overboard, but I do believe a newborn baby should have more than just one blanket. I think 3 seems like a great number to me… 1 for everyday use at home, 1 for use out of the home, and 1 in case 1 of the others gets dirty… you have a stand by until you get around to doing laundry. Maybe you don’t need 3. But how can you resist such cute, useful items!?

blanket1 blanket2 blanket4 blanket5 blanket6 blanket 3

4. Hats

Hats are always useful! Especially when its freezing cold outside! Parents want to make sure to always have the babies head nice and warm.. but not too hot… Babies heads get cold as they loose heat from their head very easily especially when out and about. I think simple cotton hats are great to have for the baby at home if you don’t want to have your thermometer set up too high. A few thicker hats are great for going out… A mom won’t always get around to buying fancy hats, but I think she’d definitely appreciate getting some as gifts.

hat1 hat2 hat3 hat4 hat5 hat6 hat7 hat8


5. Sleep Vests or Sacks

I think we’ve all heard plenty of times never to have any blankets or anything like that lying around the baby’s crib due to the many dangers it can cause. So how do you keep the baby warm without overheating the house and yourself? Sleep vests or sacks! Yep! I believe moms appreciate receiving these as gifts at their baby shower… but not too many lol… The sleep sacks are great. You just dress the baby to a nice comfy room temperature and then put the sack on. It’s like a blanket that is “attached” to them and thus should not pose any kind of risk.

sleepsack1 sleepsack2 sleepsack3 sleepsack4

6. Swaddle Blankets

This is of course optional and depends on whether the baby will like to be swaddled or not. There are many different types of swaddle blankets including lightweight, organic, cotton and knitted. I think the new mom might enjoy trying some of these out and seeing whether or not her baby will like to be swaddled. This can also be used instead of a sleep sack since it’s like actually having a blanket wrapped snugly around the baby.

swaddle1 swaddle2 swaddle3 swaddle4

7. Socks and Mittens

I think this is kind of a no brainer, but some people simply don’t realize that the baby might need socks & mittens. Some 1st time moms might not know that the little thin mittens are great for every day use to protect the baby from scratching itself while waving its hands uncontrollably. I know now a days there are plenty of little onesies or outfits with the little mittens attached, but its great to have a few loose pair of mittens for those occasions when the outfit does not come with the attached mittens.

socks1 socks2 socks4 socks5

socks3 socks6

8. Onesies

I know that during the warmer months, most parents tend to have their baby comfortably hanging around the house in a simple onesie. But I don’t think many people realize that onesies are so awesome during the cold months! Whenever I had babies in the winter, I always, always, always made sure they had a nice comfy onesie underneath whatever cute outfit they were wearing. No one saw the onesie, but it was always there protecting them from an unexpected chill. It always made me feel like my babies were just that much warmer because they had a nice cotton onesie on.

onesies onesies1 onesies2 onesies3 onesies4

9. Outfits

No matter what season the baby will be born in, it needs clothes. It’s just that during the cold months, long sleeved outfits are much more preferred to short sleeved. It might sound dumb to actually point out the short vs long sleeve issue… but trust me. I’ve gotten several adorable outfits that my baby has not worn solely for the fact of the short sleeve. In the winter, I like to keep babies nice & warm… including their little arms… thus long sleeved outfits are great gifts for babies due in the cold season.


outfit3 outfit4 outfit5 outfit6 outfit7

10. Essential Oils

I know. This is a weird one. It took me several years into becoming a mother to find out the wonderful benefits of having essential oils around the house… especially during the winter months. I learned that Lavender essential oil is amazing at helping the baby relax and helps them have a more restful night…I basically just put a few drops into their bath water… mmm. The smell is amazing! I also like to have Eucalyptus Oil on hand…during the winter, when people are sick, I also put some into the bath water or into the humidifier and it really helps everyone feel better. I think this would be a really cute, handy baby shower gift to get!

lavenderoil3lavenderoil1  lavenderoil4

Winter Baby Shower

Winter seems to be insanely busy. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. I mean with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all pretty much back to back, there’s hardly room in between to relax. But try throwing a baby shower into the mix…. now that’s REALLY crazy. But lo and behold, it can be done. And done very very nicely!



   At first, I dreaded the idea of a winter baby shower. I mean, there’s already tons going on, how can someone fit in one more party? But the more and more I’ve thought about it, the more appealing the idea has become.


wintershower5   wintershower6   wintershower7

   If you are considering throwing a winter baby shower, try making it a relaxing one. Not just for the mama to be or the guests, but for yourself as well. I suggest a snugly, relaxing pajama brunch!!! Can you imagine it? Getting together with a bunch of girl friends, all wearing comfy clothes and having a delicious brunch together… Ugh! I want to go to a party like that!

wintershower6     wintershower3    wintershower4

A Pajama Brunch!!

Have a relaxing get together where all the ladies can dress comfortably and get away from the hustle and bustle of the busyness of the holiday season and just enjoy a few hours of each others company and celebrating the new mama to be…

I suggest getting together at around 10 am on a Saturday morning so that no one has to get up too early. Make sure everyone knows that comfortable clothing is required for this relaxation party!

Since this is supposed to be a relaxing party, I think you can go minimal with the decorations (and the decor you already have up for Christmas should be good enough).  Or you could also hang baby mittens and socks around the room and then this could also serve as a gift to the new baby! Killing two birds with one stone, love it!! Maybe have some cute blankets throughout the room so people can cuddle up.

For food, I would definitely have lots of coffee on hand. Tea, hot chocolate,  milk, juice. I’d also have maybe a waffle or pancake bar, a cereal bar, maybe some doughnuts… yogurt, fruit and maybe some mini quiches. I’m picturing a continental breakfast at a hotel. It’s not fancy, but it’s yummy, filling and relaxing.


wintershower2            wintershower1

Everyone can just sit around, sip there coffee, eat their breakfast, relax and chat. OOh! How awesome does that sound! Maybe you could even watch a Christmas movie or something.  I don’t know if it’s just me or not… but I don’t see how people can get bored at baby showers. I usually don’t even like playing the games because I would much rather just mingle and chat with everyone. But if you do have to play a game, I think the “Unwrap the Present” game would be very fun and appropriate for a winter baby shower! Basically, select a prize that you want for this game and wrap it. About 20 times that is. But in between the layers of wrapping, put in a question that has to do with the mama to be, the baby on the way, or anything else you wanna throw in there. It’d be fun to see how many people know the mama well. And if they don’t, this will give them a chance to get to know her. I’d put in questions such as: When is (insert mama’s name) birthday? When is the baby due to arrive? How long have the expectant parents been married? What is the mama craving the most these days? What is she absolutely hating (food wise)? As people unwrap the present and answer the questions, everyone gets to know the expectant mama even better… if it’s appropriate, throw in some funny questions in there too.  To be on the safe side, I’d probably put in a gift card for a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor as the prize…. This game is one of my favorites!

Since this is a brunch, you probably don’t really even need a cake. I mean, who wants cake for breakfast, right? Lol… but if you insist on a cake, there are plenty of winter themed baby shower cakes out there….

wintercake2   wintercake3   wintercake1

   After you’re all done relaxing (is that even possible?) send your guests home with some adorable warm socks as favors! I mean, it’s cold out there! And who doesn’t need a cute new pair of socks!? They usually come in 1 size fits most anyways, so you’re pretty safe there…

wintersocks2 wintersocks1


Top 5 DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I’m not sure what’s going on, but lately it seems as if everyone is totally obsessed with Do It Yourself projects. I mean, everywhere I look, people are doing some sort of crafty thing. They’re making their own headboards, their own wedding center pieces, or their own home decor projects. Whatever the reason or occasion, it seems that there are plenty of options for do it yourself-ers. Today I decided to cover the Top 5 Do It Yourself Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

I figure not only are DIY gifts very personal (you can make sure to add any special touch you know the mama to be wants for the baby, whether it be a specific pattern, color, animal), but they can also be very easy & cheap to make. You can make something amazing for a fraction of the price of buying the same thing… but you know yours is much better quality because you made it with love and care!

Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

1. A Growth Chart

If any mama out there is anywhere near similar to me, she is going to just LOVE this gift!! I am very OCD when it comes to keeping track of my kids height & weight. I don’t know why.. but I have been charting their growth from like day one. Sadly, no one gave me an awesome growth chart to keep track on (nor did I know to buy one)… so my records were just on one of our walls. It didn’t do much for adding decor to our house, but I loved to see the progress my kids were making. I wish, wish, wish I had gotten a beautiful growth chart to keep the records on!


growthruler1   growthruler4 grownthruler3  growthruler2


2. Closet Dividers

I’ve never had any of these, but have always wished for them. They always look SO cute.. and I KNOW how absolutely useful they would be to me. A gift like this will help keep all the baby clothes nicely organized so that the mama isn’t always looking through piles to see what clothes will fit now.. and missing out on having the baby wear some adorable outfits! (I’ve had that happen to me.. it was a bummer!)

closetdivider2    closetdivider1

3. Monthly Onesies

Again, I am a fanatic when it comes to keeping track of my kids progress. But apparently, I’m not the only one, since there are lots and lots of tutorials on how to make these awesome onesies! Every month, on the birth “day”, I would take several pictures of my babies so that when I look back I can see all the changes they made as they got older. I used to used note cards to write the month on, then it was post its… eventually I went to just editing the picture on the computer and writing the number right on the picture. How awesome it would have been to have these absolutely adorable onesies to just put on and take pictures. Simple. Beautiful. And you never have to wonder how old the baby was in the picture… lol..

monthlyonesies1  monthlyonesies2  monthlyonesies3

4. Bibs

Let’s face it. Every baby is going to need a bib. I’ve recently went shopping for some and I was SHOCKED at how expensive they were! Not to mention how hard it was to find some cute ones. And then those were even MORE expensive! Ugh! I think another great DIY gift is bibs. You can make them for very cheap, yet the mam will absolutely think they’re adorable and you can bet she will definitely be using them.

babybib1  babybibs2

5. Wall Art

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think home made, crafty things look SO adorable on the wall!! I think it gives the room a more welcoming, homey feeling. What a better feeling to have in a baby’s room? Another great idea for diy projects are wall decorations for a baby’s room. There are SO many different options to choose from… but if it was me, I’d be sure to check with the mama to be to make sure that what you make is what she’ll use… like ask her what specific colors she might like, themes, that sort of thing. That way you’re not making a princess theme for a baby who’s going to have a bird theme or something like that…

walldecor1 walldecor3 walldecor2


Wow! After posting all these, I’ve inspired myself to take on a few Do It Yourself projects!! My friend is getting ready to have a baby.. I think I’m going to make her a few gifts instead of just going out and buying them. I really do think that she will appreciate it more knowing the time, effort, and love & care that will go into making some of these gifts! I hope you enjoy making these adorable baby gifts.


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Top 8 Things To Buy At The DOLLAR STORE!!!!

I know how expensive baby showers can be, whether you are throwing one or just attending the party. I always try to save money while still trying to get the best quality. I’ve recently come across an amazing discovery. The dollar store!! Yep! Who would have thought? Surprisingly, there are quite a few things that you can get at the dollar store for a baby shower! I’ll start off with things that they have that will be helpful in saving money while THROWING the baby shower itself: Continue reading “Top 8 Things To Buy At The DOLLAR STORE!!!!”

A gift I wish I would have gotten at my baby shower…

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set

As a mama with a newborn, I am always thrilled when I find things to simplify my life and give me more free time. I have always breastfed my babies up until they were at least 9 months old and that was the plan with my recent precious addition. But things aren’t going so smoothly for us. My little baby girl just cannot latch on right, so breastfeeding has become something I sadly dread instead of look forward to. I still want to give my little girl the best, most nutritious food, which is breast milk… so I have started to pump and feed. And boy is it a hassle. I have bottles and nipples and flanges scattered pretty much everywhere. I have to set aside time to go and pump for about 20 minutes. Then I have to feed her. Then I have to wash everything. So instead of saving time, I seem to be spending more and more time with the “mechanics” of feeding and not enjoying the precious bonding moments that breastfeeding is supposed to produce. I specifically refuse to pump at night though because I don’t want to waste time that I could be sleeping, so at night, I just suffer through and let her eat right from the source…. Continue reading “A gift I wish I would have gotten at my baby shower…”