Top 8 Things To Buy At The DOLLAR STORE!!!!

I know how expensive baby showers can be, whether you are throwing one or just attending the party. I always try to save money while still trying to get the best quality. I’ve recently come across an amazing discovery. The dollar store!! Yep! Who would have thought? Surprisingly, there are quite a few things that you can get at the dollar store for a baby shower! I’ll start off with things that they have that will be helpful in saving money while THROWING the baby shower itself: Continue reading “Top 8 Things To Buy At The DOLLAR STORE!!!!”

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Cakes are great, especially when it comes to a baby shower. The cake is probably the most exciting part of the celebrations. It can be as creative as the mind can possibly get or it can be traditional but the best part is that it will be the center of attention no matter what style. The person that is throwing the shower gets to make the decision on the design and although it is super fun, trying to settle on a design to go with can be hard.

Take a look at a few designs we found that we liked a lot. These are pretty creative and festive. There should be something you can find in here that you will love, or at least will give you some ideas to start with. Continue reading “Baby Shower Cake Ideas”