Crafty Baby Shower Activities Ideas

Baby showers are usually very fun. But sometimes they can really drag on and become quite boring. Not everyone wants to keep replaying the same games over and over again, shower after shower. I think bringing in crafty stuff can be a really nice addition to liven up the party a bit. I know that not all moms are sentimental, but speaking for myself, I’d tell you that I really like crafty, special, handmade items…. as long as they’re beautiful lol… I’m going to go ahead a list a few crafty things that I think would be fun to make at a baby shower and also to keep as a mom…

craftshower16 craftshower6 craftshower3

Advice For a New Mom

Who doesn’t love giving advice? At almost every baby shower, we are asked for our best advice to the new mother to be. But who remembers any of it? Who keeps those ugly post it notes that we scribble stuff on? I sure don’t lol.. How about putting some effort into make beautiful cards so that all the guests can write their best advice on and then either putting the cards into a scrapbook or a cute little album? That I would sure keep!! And actually pull out to look through ; ) in case I needed some advice..

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Decorate A Block

I think every kid out there has had the pleasure of playing with blocks; I know mine sure have. My boys grew up playing with all sorts of blocks and loving every moment of it… they even learned the alphabet and colors and different little things through this play time. But how fun would it be to have specially made blocks? That would be so cute! I would have loved to have a block decorating station at my baby shower where everyone can be designated a specific letter and they decorated the block accordingly! It would be so fun to play and look at those blocks all these years later!!

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Decorate a Onesie

What’s the number one thing babies tend to use the most besides diapers? Onesies of course! I always went through a lot of onesies with my kids… they always came in useful be it summer or winter.. How much cuter would it be to have onesies that special people decorated for you with your precious baby in mind?!? I think that would be SO sweet and absolutely adorable! I recommend getting a few different sizes and styles of plain white onesies so that you can enjoy the cuteness that much longer!

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Create a Headband

I know I’ve written before about creating headbands for little baby girls at baby showers, but I’m going to mention it again because it is such a great idea! I mean “My daughter has too many headbands” said no one ever!! lol!! I finally got a baby girl after 3 rambunctious little boys.. and believe me.. there are not enough headbands to match all the cute little baby girl clothes out there!! Again, I think homemade, crafty things are a lot more appealing than just store bought because you can customize them to your own style and preferences!!

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Make an Alphabet Book

This one makes me laugh… I really like crafty, artistic, homemade items. But I am basically very uncreative and very unartistic. So the thought of decorating a page in an alphabet book for a baby makes me laugh because I can already picture how funny it’ll turn out looking… but here’s the thing. Have you seen the baby books out there? Some of them literally make my jaw drop from their ugliness. I mean, who in the world would publish such ugly, boring books and then charge like $12 for them??!?!? When I came across this “make an alphabet book” idea, light bulbs went off in my head! Again, this is definitely a crafty item that I would have loved to have received as a gift! Seeing the variety of creativity on those pages would make me smile (or laugh) constantly!

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You don’t have to be super crafty or super artistic to be able to pull off having any of these creative stations at your baby shower. There are plenty, easy to follow directions all over the web. But I really do think these are a great change to the same old boring games that everyone has played one too many times. So go for it. Be creative!


Repurposing the old potato sack for a Baby Shower!

I love how creative and re-purposeful people are getting now a days. It’s like any old thing can be remade and reused. It’s pretty awesome!! Take the potato sack for example. It’s made from burlap. Burlap is a woven fabric usually made from the skin of a jute plant to make rope, nets, and similar products such as potato sacks. Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads and is one of the most affordable natural fibers and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses. Well… let me tell you, ropes, nets, and sacks are the old ways to use burlap. Now there’s a new way… for fancy events!! What?!? I know, at first, I thought it was a little weird to be decorating special events such as weddings, baby showers and birthday parties with potato sack material, but after seeing it actually done, I think it’s beautiful and quite impressive!! Let’s take a look at how to use good ol’ burlap for your next baby shower!
Burlap burlap29

Tables are probably the biggest thing in the room that needs to be decorated for an event and it should be quite exquisite since people will spend most of their time there. Burlap is a great way to go! It’s a beautiful neutral color that let’s your colors and other decorations stand out.

burlap31 burlap30 burlap9 Burlap10

If you don’t want your table covered with solid burlap, there are very adorable ways to break it up. You can use beautifully painted glass mason jars along with little glass candle holders wrapped with just a strip of the burlap material to stay with the theme. Or your drinking cups can have the material creatively wrapped around them.

burlap1 burlap5 burlap7

Banners seem to be all the rage these days… so how better to incorporate the burlap theme then to make a banner from it! Strong, durable AND gorgeous!!
burlap8 burlap4 burlap3

Baskets are always a necessity at baby showers. People are always bringing well wishing cards for the parents or precious baby. Don’t just have a plain box or basket sitting around, spice it up!! It can be an adorable piece of art sitting there, waiting to be filled with sweet words (or money… or gift cards lol)!!

etsy burlap28

Diaper cakes!! Who doesn’t love those!? They’re an amazing addition to the baby shower decor, but then can be used for many weeks to come!! What new parent doesn’t want to save $40 on diapers?!?

etsy burlap27 burlap26

Those oh so popular craft stations at pretty much every gathering and event now a days… what better way to incorporate the burlap theme then to use it for arts & crafts!!? You can make so many adorable useful things with this sturdy fabric! A few of my personal favorite things include the 1st letter of the baby’s 1st name, wreaths, picture frames… the ideas are pretty much endless when it comes to people being creative! Go with whatever makes your heart glad! I would have been so thrilled to have some amazing hand made stuff to bring home with me to decorate the nursery with!!

burlap25 burlap11 burlap12

burlap13 burlap14 burlap15

Now let’s not forget the super important baby shower cake! Every party has to have a super cute, delicious cake!! Now, believe me, I do think that a cake all covered with potato sack could be very ugly lol.. but once again, the theme here doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just a touch of burlap, perfectly placed is plenty to incorporate the theme. No need to over do it.

burlap16 burlap17 burlap18 burlap19

I have seen how beautiful decorating with burlap can be… but man oh man! I think I just fell in love with a new theme/style!! Lol!! As I was writing this post and looking at all the different beautiful ways to use burlap… I came to the conclusion that my next party might just be decorated in burlap with all the gorgeous pops of color that treat it so well!! It’s such a neutral pallet, that you can pretty much make it work with any season, theme, color… I love it!!! For a fall baby shower, you can add the oranges, reds, pumpkins, leaves or whatever resembles fall to you…. for spring use bright pastel colors such as yellows, pinks, baby blues. Winter… oh! Can you imagine the crisp white against burlap? Or the glitter snowflakes you can use? Maybe it’s just too beautiful in my mind right now and I’m having a hard time putting it into words… but the old potato sack material has just made it to the top of my list!!!

burlap20 burlap21 burlap24 burlap23


Christmas Themed Baby Shower Ideas

There is no best time to have a baby shower than Christmas! And you have all the opportunity to gather things that are needed for this event in a sensational way including food, decorations, invitations and favors.

So here are some fun and creative ideas to begin with for a beautiful Christmas baby shower.

Decorating Ideas

This is the time where you will be using a lot of green and red theme. With that in mind, you can either go for big pine trees for decorating corners or start small with green and red lights. Add a ceremonial touch with a baby garland or letters that say “Christmas Baby Shower”. Hand ornaments associated with babies, such as socks, pacifiers, rattles, stars, bibs, figurines and so on.


Some party supply stores sell baby shower themed tinsels and drapes, so make use of them. Streamers with Christmas theme (red and green) can also be strung in the open or inside the party room to add more color and texture. Streamers give the room a unified look for an otherwise dull room or a room that looks strewn with decorative elements. Make sure to hang these streamers high to avoid bumping on them. Candles work well if you want to give the space an elegant and classy look. Candles arranged neatly on a table covered with a baby shower themed table cloth is another way to fill the room. Many stores sell scented candles and inexpensive tablecloths meant for this occasion. For a winter wonderland appearance, use snowflakes made of glitters and cardboard and hang it high from the ceiling or windows. Clothesline can also be used to hang these decorative accessories across the room. Again, just make sure that they are at an appropriate height.


Taking the concept of decoration a bit further, you can install inflatable items on the yard or shed surrounding them with frames. As in the interiors, the view of the yard create an illusion of a sizable event. The area where the party is held should be well-defined, well-designed and well-lit as well.


Inviting The Guests

Invitations for Christmas baby shower party can be of any shape as long as the cards or invitations look inviting. For this, you can use themes related to both baby and Christmas, such as a baby in a Santa suit, reindeer with baby riding on it, gingerbread baby with a diaper, baby in a sleigh, or something that is hilarious involving Santa Claus. Another cute idea for Christmas themed baby shower is to cut out the invitation card in the shape of a snowman and insert a picture of a baby or write something noteworthy to make the guest feel invited. Otherwise use a picture of your family or mother-to-be and place the rest of the decorations along with it. You can also add a recipe card for the holiday from a famous cookbook catalog or ask guests to include their own. These written recipes can then be added to your personalized holiday cook book as a keepsake. To give the invitation a unique look, be creative to allow your personality to shine through while adhering to the theme.

For games and activities, set out markers, boardgames, notebooks, stickers, pens, glues sticks, glitters, and other embellishments to engage the guests in the fun. Make sure to prepare goody-bags for families with kids. The possibilities here are limitless, bound by only your imagination. Scour your art and craft supply stores and flea markets for game pieces that might be put to use indoors as well as outdoors if time and space allow.



Winter Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The winter season provides parents with an inspiration to come up with an outstanding and unique baby shower replete with all the trappings associated with winter. Winter also provides a whimsical way to celebrate and welcome a new bundle of joy. The main elements of a winter wonderland baby shower are typically white, with blue and silver accents. During winter, many local discount stores offer great deals on winter decors. A winter themed baby shower invitation is never complete without attractive images of a cute little baby wearing booties, hat and socks or a baby playing with snowballs. One thing that is for sure when it comes to a winter themed baby shower celebrations is that, you will be spending more time indoors at the comfort of your home.



When it comes to a winter wonderland themed baby shower decorations; you can get the kid some cute little mittens and socks. The mittens and socks can be hanged on the clothespins; you can decorate the clothespin with white flowers such as the white rose and amaryllis, in addition to some wintry berries. To add to the sparkle, you can sprinkle in some faux snowflakes or snowflake confetti over the table. Large and small handmade Styrofoam snowmen can also be made as part of the decorations. The large snowmen can be used as center pieces with a baby hat on top and smaller ones can be used as decorative placeholders. The most appropriate colors to use for your decorations are cool colors such as purple, blue and white. The entire room or wall can be decorated with winter themed wall decorations to set the party mood. Adding baby animal images as part of your decorations can be great fun; if you have to do this, go for cold weather animals like polar bears, owls and penguins.

Winter Baby Shower Decorations


For your delightful winter baby shower menu, it is critically important to keep your guests warm. The food should also be well spread to make it visually appealing. Grilled cheese can be prepared using gruyere cheese and sourdough bread to cater to the impulses of adults; kids can be served with the American cheese on white bread. Distinct tasting coconut cupcakes can be served with hot chocolate for dessert. You can go further and decorate your cupcakes to look like snowmen to infuse the wintry theme. If you don’t like cupcakes, you can use snowflake sugar cookies. On such occasions, a personalized hot chocolate flavored drink can work wonders with guests. The flavored drink can be served on cellophane bags or white paper packets; do not forget to add fudge for a trim of decadence. To be a little more elaborate, you can also add a little packet of marshmallows tied-up with winter themed ribbons.


There are many fun activities that you can incorporate to complete a winter wonderland themed baby shower; this includes, purchasing little cotton baby hats, which you can decorate using your own custom style and hand over to the invited guest. Messages for the mom-to-be and father can be written on made-up or purchased faux snowflakes and snowballs. Aside from the winter wonderland theme, the other popular winter baby shower themes include; Snowflake party, Valentine’s day themed baby shower and the Gingerbread themed baby shower theme. For your Snowflake party themed winter baby shower, the most appropriate colors are white and blue. Some of the celebration particulars include; hanging wall snowflakes and white and glowing colored tissue balls. The theme also demands setting white flowers in glass vases and placing snowflake cookies on decorative plates. A Valentine day themed winter baby shower is another perfect way to welcome a new baby. The main colors of decorations are red and white. To extol the virtues of hearts and love, you can buy heart shaped candy and cookies as well as heart shaped balloons.


Winter Baby Shower Fun Activities

A gingerbread themed winter baby shower idea will include decorated gingerbread houses as well as gingerbread babies while the gingerbread men is served as part of the menu. The choice of colors for the gingerbread themed, winter baby shower are blue and pink décor. The meal prepared can be served with hot chocolate or flavored coffee; you can also throw in a chocolate fountain as an option. With many holidays concentrated around winter time, it is very easy to find a convenient shower date, because syncing the holidays with your baby shower makes planning easy. Some of the popular traditional holidays at this time include; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and New Year celebrations. When it comes to a winter themed baby showers, you will always be a winner if you stick to the right colors and allow you imaginations to swing through.


Spring Themed Baby Shower Ideas


Springtime typically signifies new beginnings, and this is what makes it a perfect time for having a baby shower. It is also a time of great fun for the mommy–to-be, the entire family and friends. When it comes to choosing the location, decorations, invitations, cake and the fun activities, it is always critical to choose something that is inspiring. The good thing about the spring baby showers is that there are many ways to complement the spring season; from the use of pastel colors, Easter eggs and cut flowers with written words of wisdom to make baby decorations to fun games and delicious spring food. Soft pastel colors work best when choosing what theme to use; the theme may incorporate the use of such items as potted plants, butterflies and fresh flowers. You can host your spring themed baby shower against the backdrop of your garden, the outdoor patio, or restaurant. Gardens provide a perfect backdrop, because the natural colors can easily complement whatever arrangements you set in place.


On the other hand, if you want to host the party indoors, you can set out vases of fresh blossoms around the room at designated locations to provide the spring inspiration. Decorations such as butterflies, colored flowers, dragonflies as well as potted plants are perfect for a spring themed party décor. You can also add flowery boutiques to create a more conducive party ambiance or a good natured garden oasis feel; seasonal flowers such as daffodils, lilies and daisies can be used as part of the decorations. To elaborate on the baby theme, you can make placeholders of dragonflies, ladybirds and butterflies and place then alongside sitting arrangement. You can pretty much use anything that symbolizes new life as part of the party décor; for instance, you can cover the table with pastel or white cotton table cloth to create a refreshing cool feel. You can also add more creativity by using paper lanterns or tiki-torches to add to the party groove. If you want to use eggs in your spring baby shower party, you can add faux bird nests on the table and fill them with pleasantries such as pastel egg chocolates, spring themed candy and candles.

Spring Baby Shower Decorations

spring-baby-shower-style  spring-baby-shower-favors

Invitations for a baby shower should ideally be carried out at least 6 to 8 weeks before the crucial day. Spring themed baby shower invitation cards, on the other hand, should be designed in a manner that reflects the spring season. You can choose a card that incorporates at least 3 pastel colors. The theme of the card bear the title Spring Baby Shower Invitation and the name of the expectant mother. The cards can be purchased at any local craft supplies store or scrapbook shop. You can personalize the invitation by adding your own custom styles; for instance you can add items such as dried flowers or ribbons to give your card a unique appeal. The spring themed baby shower is never complete without a cake to spruce up the event. You can choose between the make-up cupcake or the traditional cake provided you add-in the right decorations. If you are using the traditional cake, you can add pastel colored frosting’s as well as candy flowers and butterflies to make your cake fit the occasion. Mini cupcakes can also be decorated with pastel frosting’s as well as flowery cupcake toppers to complement the irresistible taste. The menu on your spring themed baby shower should incorporate spring flavors; you can also include candy with chocolate, a big bowl of fresh salad and other bite size treats.


Seasonal fruits such as pineapples and strawberries can be used against the backdrop of the savory dish. You can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits at the local farmers market when the spring produce is available in the market. As part of the whole decorations, you can place flowers around the table and plates. Expectant mothers should, however, avoid taking fast foods such as Sea foods, deli meats, unpasteurized milk, alcohol and soft cheese. Some of the fun activities and games that you can organize for a spring themed baby shower includes; “Complete the baby rhyme phrase”, “Baby Trivia”, “Guess the baby animal” “the Leaky diaper game” and “Baby Bingo” with spring words. Games such as “Guess the baby animal” can be played by involving the whole family and guests. In the Leaky diaper game, you poke holes on a large pastel balloon filled with water, and then ask the guest to try and diaper the leaks while they are blindfolded. Whoever wins the event can be granted a reward such as a seasonal party certificate or a coupon for spray tan at the local spa. On the other hand, the baby trivia game can include questions such as “What is the most common baby room color” and “What is the average weight of a baby” among other fun facts and baby related questions.

Spring Baby Shower Cake

spring-baby-shower-cupcakes  spring-baby-shower-cake2 spring-baby-shower-cake3

To add to the festival mood, you can use your camera to take pictures of guests and the expectant mother while they are having fun; the pictures can then be used to create a memory scrapbook or posted in a blog if want to share the fun with friends. Another fun activity is issuing cut-out cardboard’s to visitors, so that they can register their advice to the expecting parents. Lastly, when presenting a gift to the mamma-to-be, think of something that she will hold and cherish for a long time to come. For instance, a plant or tree that she can grow in her yards. Plants can be a source of fond memories, because the tree will be growing alongside the little baby. An indoor plant can also work fine, especially if the mom-to-be does not have a garden space. If your spring baby shower party coincides with the mother’s day make sure that you some time dedicate time to thank all those who have helped make the baby shower event a success. Complements can also be showered to the mom-to-be using meaningful or symbolic gifts and messages.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Cakes are a part of pretty much every party. They are beautiful and delicious. They”re usually put somewhere in plain sight so that all the guests can admire them and they add a very festive look to pretty much any gathering. Not too long ago, someone somewhere came up with another type of cake. A diaper cake. And I think it was quite a genius idea! Not only is the cake a beautiful addition to any decor, but it is SO absolutely one of the most useful gifts new parents can receive! You can either venture out and make your own diaper cake, or you can actually special order one.

DiaperCake1          DiaperCake3          DiaperCake2

Now a days, the cakes don”t just look like plain old cakes. You can make them look like trains, bears, wreathes, bassinets, motorcycles, tugboats  … the ideas are almost endless! Figure out what you want your cake to look like and have a blast making it!!


DiaperCake4    DiaperCake5    DiaperCake6

If you are going to make your own diaper cake, the 1st thing you want to do is to figure out what are the best diapers to use for the cake. If you”re making it as a surprise, don”t just ask the mom to be what she wants. Dig around. Do some detective work and see if anyone close to the mommy knows what her preference is. If everyone is clueless, just search the internet for what people think are the best diapers. Personally, we have pretty much always used Huggies… but with our current baby we find that the Huggies are not as good as they used to be. So we have actually switched over to Pampers. So once you have decided on what brand to buy, you need to figure out what size to buy. Most people tend to go with the newborn or size 1 diapers. I personally like to go with the bigger size like a 2 or 3. It”s just that babies grow so fast and diaper cakes contain so many diapers that the baby tends to grow out of a newborn or size 1 before they use up all the diapers. And that”s just a sad waste in my opinion.

DiaperCake7DiaperCake9 DiaperCake8


Once you have the diapers, you need to figure out how much other stuff you want the diaper cake to contain. I usually like to buy a lot of very useful little items that are usually overlooked at baby showers. For instance, you can put a baby bottle, some shampoo, lotion, baby powder, nail clippers, a thermometer, diaper rash cream, maybe a stuffed animal, baby shoes, hair bows, bibs, bath toys… whatever comes to mind, as long as it”s not too big, you can pretty much attach it to the cake to liven it up.

DiaperCake10 DiaperCake11 DiaperCake12

I”m gonna give you a few quick instructions on how to make a simple diaper cake. Nothing fancy (cause I”m not THAT creative lol)… but this will help you get started and then you can just add your own spice to it.

So… make sure you have your diapers. You also need a lot of rubber bands and preferably a tray of some sort.

Once you have all your supplies, start the tedious time consuming part of rolling each diaper and rubber banding it.


Once you have them all rolled, you are ready to actually assemble.


For a simple cake, I like it to look like this: (the numbers represent the amount of diapers per each tier of cake)


In order to build the tiers, take 7 diapers and rubber band them all together so they are nice & sturdy… you want to make 9 of these bundles for the bottom layer. We”re doing it by 7″s so that they stay tight. Then we put the 9 bundles together and tie it as tight as possible with a ribbon.

DiaperCake16  DiaperCake18

So we do this for each tier, just add less & less diapers as the diagram shows until you end up with something like this

DiaperCake19 DiaperCake20

So your base cake is ready. Now its your turn to go wild and crazy and make this YOUR cake!! Turn your vision into a real life cake!! I bet the mommy to be and the all the guests at the baby shower will be super pleased with whatever you are able to come up with! Enjoy it!

DiaperCake21    DiaperCake22    DiaperCake23



How To Throw A Baby Shower On A Budget

For each woman having a baby is a beautiful experience; it does not matter whether it is their first child or their fourth, the experience is always special. Planning for the birth of a child is both a joyous and strenuous time for many expecting parents and usually friends or family members will join forces to throw a baby shower. We all know the news of an impending birth brings about joy and excitement but it also may cause worry due to the economy, but there are ways to not only create and maintain a budget but to also throw an event that many expectant moms will relish in. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to maximize the baby shower experience while maintaining a budget.


E-invitations are an option

The recommendation to those who are coordinating a baby shower is to invite family and close friends. The use of paper invitations can be expensive as well as postage; especially if the list of guests becomes too long. The technology and social media is what moves the society nowadays and for this reason E-invitations are a perfect resource to take into consideration. The baby shower coordinator may find the following benefits of E Invitations handy especially if they are in a crunch for time.

  • E-invitations are less time consuming. The time one would spend deciding which color pen to use or how the information will be written can be consuming but with E-Invitations it is as easy as creating the invitation electronically and writing email addresses.
  • There are a large variety of different designs to choose from.
  • There is the option to send as many invitations needed without worrying going over the budget.
  • There are websites that provide this service for free.

My place is perfect

Finding a venue or location to accommodate guests can be hard at times especially when the shower coordinator is working within a tight budget. Renting a place for this type of activity can be very expensive particularly when there is a large group of people invited. Back yards are not only for barbecues, they are the perfect place to have a baby shower.

  • The expenses saved by using the backyard can be used on the tables and chairs that will be setup in the back yard as well as any decorations for the tables.
  • Backyards also offer fresh air which is beneficial for all attendees including Mom.
  • The setting of a backyard offers more intimacy as it references a family environment.

Decoration, Balloons are in style

The objective for the baby shower is to make sure that when mom walks in to the venue and sees the decorations she is overwhelmed by the beauty and content with what decorations were chosen. The decorations can be an area that most of the budget is most used but why spend most of your budget on things that will be used once? Balloons are always celebratory and offer well wishes. Balloons are used to create all types of effects for the specific activities and can be converted into the following creations: Pacifiers, flowers, flower stands, cradles, etc.

Baby-Shower-Chair baloon-baby-shower

The menu

A food is vital and remembers depending on the amount of guests the budget can easily be blown out of proportion. Instead of ordering catered food, here are some ideas that online casino can be used to feed the guests.

  • A dessert tree can be created with donut holes or fruits. The baby shower coordinator can use it as part of the decorations and the guests will be pleased with the dessert
  • Dips with crackers are perfect food for snacking.
  • Cold pasta salads are excellent for an activity during the day especially if the shower is held in a backyard.



There is no need to hire a chef or a caterer, cooking for a party is not that hard and there is nothing wrong with asking others to bring a dish. These are a few different and easy options that can be considered.

The Cake

The cake is one if not THE MOST important of the baby shower. The cost of a cake varies on many factors, the amount of guests, decorations, lettering; This small delectable dessert can be very expensive. An excellent alternative when it comes to the cake is to make individual cupcakes. This way you’re not paying for any unwanted or unused cake. There are often little edible accents that you can add to each cupcake.

Music is Optional

Not every baby shower offers music but if Mom is a fan of parties with music and dancing don’t worry about hiring a band. A band is not needed! One can use an iPod with pre-arranged playlists which saves money and allows the coordinator to select music suited for the occasion.

It is possible to plan, create and throw a baby shower that is not only enjoyable but also well-coordinated while maintaining a reasonable budget. All one needs is the news of a baby and proper planning and everything will be perfect!

Pink & Pearls Baby Shower Idea

Just this weekend we celebrated our little baby girls 1st birthday. The theme for her party was Pink & Pearls. It got me thinking, what a great theme that is for a baby shower too!!! So I’m gonna share some ideas that you can use to make a beautiful baby shower for a special little baby girl!!

Pink & Pearls5 Pink & Pearls6 Pink & Pearls7

When I think “Pink & Pearls”, so many ideas come to mind! I think the ideas are endless when you have a beautiful, yet open ended, theme. Pink. How many different shades of pink are there? Feel free to use as little, or as many shades as you would like! Pearls. Same thing. There isn’t just the standard white pearl anymore. Pearls come in all colors now a days, but the word pearl also means a paint that has a glitter to it. Like Pearl white. It’s a white that sparkles. Anyway, my point is that even though there’s a theme, its not strict or set in stone. Play with the ideas and come up with something that works well for your baby shower.

My sister in law has a Cricut machine. Let me tell ya, that thing is AMAZING!! Now I want one! Lol… but for the time being, we used hers. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought some thick sparkly pink & white scrapbook paper and went to work cutting out letters that would turn into words on my walls. Do the same. Go to a craft store and just look at all the beautiful paper they have. That could help you decide on the shades of pink you want flowing through the theme. Cut out letters to form “congratulations” or “welcome baby” or the baby’s name if the parents already chose one. The word ideas are endless, you just have to get creative. This machine can be used to make custom invitations too!! This happy 1st birthday sign and the flowers were all made on the Cricut machine! I’m just showing it to you as an example, but you would write whatever works with the baby shower…

Circut Machine Circut Machine1

IMG_9435 IMG_9437

For the centerpieces I borrowed some simple clear vases from another sister in law and filled them with edible pearls. Then I bought a few fake flowers and some pearls on a stick and stood them in the vases. Cheap. Simple. Yet absolutely adorable!!! And then the pearls got eaten. Lol…

IMG_9450  IMG_9443 IMG_9449

Another thing that you could do for the baby shower (using the Cricut machine) is write out the mama to be’s name (or maybe even the baby’s name) and put it on the wall. Somewhere around that area, get some really nice pictures of her through the pregnancy up to this point and hang them up too. I think it would be so much fun to see the different stages/sizes of the lady during her glowing pregnancy. I did this for my baby girl, except I did a picture of her per every month of her 1st year. It was very nice to look at… actually, I still have it up ; )


See? I have the name.. then the pictures… this could so be done with the mama to be!!

These are just some of the ideas that we had for our birthday party… but here’s some more you could use for the baby shower. Be creative! It’s so much fun!!

Pink C

This would be SO adorable on the wall or on the “sweets” table.. Whatever letter you choose could be made just as beautiful.

Pink & Pearls1

These jars are beautiful! They’re pink, adorable and they even have a pearl attached to the twine!! These would make perfect centerpieces too!

Pink & Pearls2

There are SO many different cakes that would fit into the Pink & Pearl theme that you will have a very hard time choosing just 1!!

Pink & Pearls3

Pink & Pearls4

Just get rid of the 1 on top of this one, and it’s a perfect baby shower cake! I had this one made for my little girls 1st birthday, but I had the little flowers replaced with pearls to match the theme a bit more…

Seriously, the options are endless. And they don’t have to be expensive. Consider throwing a baby shower and saving some of the decorations or centerpieces for the mama to use when she is getting ready to throw her baby girl’s 1st birthday party. That’d be pretty special!