5 Classic and Cute Baby Shower Themes for Girls

cute baby shower themes

When choosing cute baby shower themes for girls, the host or the mom-to-be usually prefers girly, fun or pretty ideas. Something that would please not just the guest of honor, but the guests as well. With so many baby shower themes out there, from traditional to modern, you will definitely find something that speaks to you. However, if your taste runs for cute and classic ones, we have 5 of the best listed below.

cute baby shower themes

Little Pink Birdies Baby Shower Theme

When we think of cute baby shower themes for girls, pink-colored and girly stuff usually come into mind. This classic Little Pink Birdies Shower theme is full of exquisite details in a palette of soft pinks. The bows, the hair bands, and the hair clips used to decorate the bird cage and candy jars complement the elegant setup.

cute baby shower themes

The Dessert:

cute baby shower themes


The Favors:

cute baby shower themes

Breezy Beachside Baby Shower Theme

If the mom-to-be is a nature lover or an artist by heart, she would appreciate this beachside baby shower theme. Unlike other cute baby shower themes, this beachfront setup is a fresh idea that uses inexpensive yarn as decor. Sea breeze-inspired colors of aqua, mint, yellow, and lime dominate the backdrop for the delicious desserts and striking gifts.

cute baby shower themes


The Dessert:

cute baby shower themes

The Favors:

cute baby shower themes


Cute Bumblebee Baby Shower Theme

The joy of a new baby brightens the days of the expectant parents. So spread the happiness while creating some buzz with a Bumblebee-themed shower. The bright yellow color palette will surely lift up the mood of anyone in the party. If it’s cute and classic baby shower you want, this bee-inspired theme is a perfect choice!

cute baby shower themes

The Cake:

cute baby shower themes


The Favors:

cute baby shower themes


Fabulous Moroccan Baby Shower Theme

If you like cute baby shower themes that would look fabulous at night, we have one here for you – the Moroccan Baby Shower Theme. It’s an evening shower complete with baby bottles, rose petals, candles, and baby clothes in red, pinks and gold. The theme also uses beautifully printed papers as table runners and spray-painted cheap lanterns from Amazon. It is a strikingly elegant baby shower theme that would be remembered by guests for a long time.

cute baby shower themes


The Dessert:

cute baby shower themes

cute baby shower themes


The Party Favors:

The party favors include Moroccan baby bottles, soaps in decorative boxes and handmade evil-eye bracelets.

cute baby shower themes

cute baby shower themes


Charming Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower Theme

One of the most enchanting and cute baby shower themes for girls is the Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower. It incorporates vintage stuff like milk bottles and rustic chest drawers in soft pastels of butter yellow, pink and green. The farmhouse brunch is packed with hearty food that your grandmother would prepare. Yet, it emits a daintiness that celebrates the coming baby girl.

The menu offering contains creative foods that would delight anyone’s palate. The guests can enjoy maple bacon skewers, French toast triangles in tiny cups, heath bar coffee cake, donut hole “trees” and many other yummy treats. They will leave your baby shower party with a cheerful spirit and very satisfied bellies.

cute baby shower themes


The Dessert:

cute baby shower themes


Whether modern, classic or cute, baby shower themes establish the mood in baby shower parties. So ensure that the theme you will choose would create the atmosphere that you like. It’s a joyous celebration after all! Thus,  everyone should have fun and enjoyment to make it a successful baby shower!




6 Ways to Make a New Mom Feel Extra Special at Her Shower


A baby shower is not just a celebration of the coming baby but a chance to spoil the new mom as well. You don’t have to give her foot rubs or treat her to a spa to make her extra special. Yet, thinking about what she likes, what makes her happy, and what would be easy for her on the big day would make her feel that.


Here are 6 ways to spoil a new mom at her baby shower:

  1. Pick a baby shower theme that reflects the personality of the mom-to-be. Even as simple as designing the theme in her favorite color will make the mom-to-be feel extra special already. What more if you go all through the trouble of learning about her: where she came from, her favorites, and so on. The baby shower theme can be inspired by her hobby or maybe her love of travel, art or movies. You can also make it a college-themed baby shower, a sorority shower or a hometown shower that reminds her of everything she loves of her city or town. Turning a baby shower into a yoga class is another way of spoiling the new mom.



  1. First time moms need all the help to prepare the things needed for the coming baby. So, help her come up with a baby registry checklist to make sure that she will have everything ready for her nursery and her bundle of joy. Some say that it’s against formal etiquette to ask for specific gifts from guests. Yet, there are guests who would appreciate if you give them ideas on what gifts to bring at the baby shower. Giving the new mom a peace of mind because she is already prepared for the baby’s arrival would mean a lot to her.



  1. Make the guests do something personal for the new mom. You can place a framed invitation at the entrance of the venue for everyone to sign. Or you can create a “Wishes for Baby Tree “with the help of tutorials available online. Reading what people have written at the baby shower will warm the mom-to-be’s heart anytime.



  1. Being pregnant limits the food choices for the mom-to-be. So, make sure that she will have something to eat at the party. Prepare the menu to include some of her favorite foods and those that she can eat and drink at the event.


  1. Prepare a list of people who gave gifts and what the gifts are. The new mom will appreciate you’re doing it for her. She will have the opportunity to thank all of them without missing anyone.


  1. Make sure that Thank You cards will be received by the guests. Have the guests write their own addresses on the card envelopes. It’s so easy to do yet, the result will make the life of the new mom more convenient and stress-free. She doesn’t have to look for addresses to send Thank You Cards and her work will also be cut-out for her because she will not be writing addresses anymore.



A new mom is very emotional and gets overwhelmed easily. So show that you care with these little acts of thoughtfulness guaranteed to make her extra special at her baby shower.




5 Adorable Baby Shower Themes for Boys

boy baby shower

Baby shower themes for boys are not blues and whites only. They can be of assorted colors yet the overall effect will give the impression that the baby shower is for a baby boy. There are so many baby shower theme ideas that you can find the web and all you have to do is pick what you like. But sometimes, choosing baby shower themes for boys can be difficult especially if you have lots of options available, right?

boy baby shower

To make things easy for you, we have round up a list of 5 adorable baby shower theme ideas which are guaranteed to impress not just the mom-to-be, but the guests as well!



Most of us have been exposed to Winnie the Pooh while growing up right? The much-loved Disney bear character had been here since 1966, delighting kids from generation to generation. So, choosing a Winnie the Pooh theme from among the baby shower themes for boys available will delight everyone at your baby shower party.

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme will help you express your inner artist. You’ll have to turn toys into figurines, create a playful diaper cake, and decorate the venue with printables. The toy decors will also double as party favors for your guests.

The Diaper Cake:

Winnie the Pooh printed diapers are placed inside the container to form a cake. It’s not your traditional diaper cake but it’s easier to make and can also be used as gifts to the mom-to-be.

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake


The Cake:

Winnie the Pooh Cake

The Party Favors:

Whip up a batch of Homemade Honey Brown Sugar Scrub and package them in cute Beehive Jars for party favor. Its economical and keeps to the Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme!

Winnie the Pooh Favors



Two baby shower themes for boys in one party! The coming of a baby should be celebrated in the most unforgettable way so, why don’t you give the best? Right? Organizing this theme is not as complicated as you think. You’re going to need Chinese take-out boxes, balloons, baskets, baby elephant stuffed toys, and printables for decors. The party decorations, cake, cupcakes and baby shower favors should stick to the soft color palette of navy, blue, and grey.


The Cake:

elephant cake

The Party Favors:

elephant favor



Don’t you just love the chance to slap a mustache on everything that does not move? Figurines, frames, vases, pots, and even table ware and food could be decorated with mustache!


The Desserts:

mustache desserts

The Party Favors:

mustache favor

Black pint glasses with vinyl mustache will serve as party favors.



If you don’t have a barn to make this theme more authentic, just turn the baby shower venue into one with party decors of feathered garlands and arrows.

wild west

The Desserts:

wild west desserts

The Party Favors:

Teepee themed favors such as feather slap bracelets, beef jerky, peanuts, candy corn, pens turned to arrows and moo tails.

wild west favors



Of all the baby shower themes for boys we have seen, this theme is chic and modern, making it perfect for a fashionable mom-to-be. The thought of a coming baby give parents a bubble of joy and excitement. Thus, a bubbles-inspired baby shower is an apt representation of how the parents really feel. The party decors focus on the bubbles motif including the baby shower invitation, the backdrop, the desserts, the food and the party favors.

bubbles theme

The Desserts:

The word “POP” is in the dessert table consisting of bubble cupcake, whoopie pies, lollipops, jello custard shots, and POP’ems.

bubbles desserts

The Party Favor:

Jars of bubble bath as well as custom lollipop centerpieces can also double as party favors.

bubbles favors

Now, are you ready to rock that baby shower? Go ahead and amaze the mom-to-be and her guests with any of these adorable baby shower themes for boys!







Showering Multiples

So. Remember I mentioned that a dear friend/cousin of mine found out that she is finally expecting a baby after years and years of trying? Well guess what!? She is now not just expecting 1 baby, not 2 babies… but a whopping THREE babies!!! Yes, that is correct. She is expecting triplets!!! I can’t even imagine going from zero babies to three in a short 9 months. Life will never be the same. But imagine the needs of a baby… times 3!!

Continue reading “Showering Multiples”

How About An Intimate Baby Shower Instead?

Have you ever been to a baby shower when it seemed like no one actually wanted to be there? Sometimes it seems like there is a baby shower, a birthday party, or a wedding everyday of the week and you are left with no free time to just relax? And no spare money because of all the gifts you had to buy? It can get quite overwhelming! I”ve had to pass up on several invites to parties because I was just way too tired from “partying” lol… If you have a special person in your life who is getting ready to have a baby and you would just LOVE to throw her a baby shower but you can see that the whole season is already booked out with way too many special occasions, why not try something new? There”s no reason to not celebrate, but maybe consider celebrating in a different way. Continue reading “How About An Intimate Baby Shower Instead?”

A Crafty Baby Shower

Now a days with so many people on Pinterest, everyone seems to be getting more and more crafty. So why not throw a Crafty Baby Shower and put some of these Pinterest ideas to good use? Sometimes, expectant mothers have a few odds and ends projects that they would like to complete before the baby arrives, but they are either just too tired or too busy. How great would it be for her close friends to show up, have a party, and help her accomplish some of the things on her “to do” list! I’m not talking about like “mop the floor” or “wash the blinds” (although, how sweet would that be of you!!??)… I’m talking more fun “to do” items… such as: make some hair bands or clips (if it’s a girl), maybe some pacifier clips or maybe decorate a few bibs or onesies or maybe even make some beautiful letters to adorn the child’s room with creative sayings? No need to waste money or time trying to come up with lame games to play… spend your time and money wisely having fun while doing useful things at the same time. So gather up some friends, some craft supplies and some food obviously and get to being crafty!!!

 Farm Themed Baby Shower

farmshower4  farmshower3



Oh my goodness!!! How adorable would a Farm Themed Baby Shower be!!! With it being fall right now, that seems like such a perfect theme to go with!! If you live somewhere where it’s still warm enough weather to be outside, even better! But if you’re like me and live somewhere where it’s already freezing cold.. just bring the farm inside! You could be very resourceful and actually make a trip to a local farm of some sort and maybe even get somethings for free (like some hay bales, maybe some farm fresh eggs, or just some plain old ideas and inspiration)… who doesn’t like free? Taking a trip with help you get inspired and be able to host a more realistic (yet absolutely adorable!) farm themed baby shower.

farmshower2 farmshower1


Tea Party Baby Shower



How calming and relaxing is it to just sit, relax and sip on some tea with some good company? Imagine how much more special such a moment would be to a tired, swollen pregnant lady.  So why not have a calm, non eventful, yet special Tea Party Baby Shower!? There are so many cute and easy ideas for this kind of shower… not as much fuss since a tea party just naturally comes with a more calmer atmosphere… food wise all you’d need are some tea sandwiches, some sweets and tea. Viola, you’re set!


DSC_0339  teashower4

Potluck Baby Shower

potluckshower1  potluckshower2

Times are currently tough. Financially tough. But people are still having babies. And that’s a good thing, since children are a blessing! You want to throw a shower for your dear friend, but you just don’t have the money? Well, don’t let that stop you!! Ask others to pitch in and help! People throw all sort of pot luck parties: birthdays, football parties, graduation parties, even pot luck weddings!! So why not have a pot luck baby shower?! Maybe get together with some of mama to be’s closest friends, decide on a theme/food and delegate out the duties. The food doesn’t have to be the only pot luck thing… decorations, favors, games… it can all be split up! No need for just one person to have to handle the whole responsibility!! Sharing is Caring! You could also have it themed “Comfort Food” or “Things I craved while Pregnant” and that way everyone can bring something they associate with it… and it would definitely be fun not to just hear about what people craved while they were pregnant, but to actually be able to see and taste it would be quite something!!

Vintage Baby Shower

vintageshower1  vintageshower4  vintageshower6

This seems to be the rage these days. Vintage. I’ve never been too fond of “old” stuff… lol… but somehow this Vintage thing is growing on me. The more and more I look at it, the cuter vintage things seem. Somehow, it’s a sweet theme. Makes me think of how peaceful and calm life used to be in the old days (not always of course, I know they had their hardships). But I think a Vintage theme would be cute and fun and calming for an expectant mommy. Maybe get her grandma’s or even great grandma’s involved to make it more special and realistic. Now that would be sweet!!

vintageshower5  vintageshower3 vintageshower2



Planes Baby Shower

Have you seen the new Disney Planes cartoon? I”ve seen bits and pieces, and it”s pretty cute! I have 3 boys, and my youngest just had a birthday. The theme he wanted? The Disney Planes!! So we went ahead and tried to execute it… and I think it turned out pretty cute! So I got to thinking, how neat would it be to have a Planes themed baby shower for a little boy?!!?

planes11planes10PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE

You can get really cute custom made baby shower invites on Etsy, or even make your own on-line for pretty cheat! My husband made the invites for our sons party.. and they were super cute and FREE!! For a baby shower, I”d use wording like “Fly on over, Don”t be late! We have a baby boy to celebrate!” or something to that extent.

planes   planes1

The main color scheme could/should be orange, blue, white & red. I didn”t want to spend too much money on all the characterized items, so I played around with the ideas to save money. For the tables, I used orange tablecloths that I got from Walmart for only 97 cents a piece. The plates were a cute teal/blue color. Cups were red. Napkins were white. So I pulled all the colors from the cartoon, and saved a lot of money.


planes2   planes3   planes4

For the center pieces, I used the actual little toy planes that my son had (you can just buy a cute little set at Target & keep it for when the baby boy is old enough to play with them!) and I just tied two Mylar balloons to each. I chose blue & white for the balloons to look like the sky & clouds ; )

planes8  planes7 planes6

You can make your own baby shower sign, or order one from Etsy as well… Thankfully, it was easy for me to find a “Happy Birthday” Planes themed banner… a baby shower might be a tad bit harder to come across, but if you put your mind to it, it”s not so hard! My sister in law has a circuit machine that she”s pretty much a pro at using, so if I couldn”t find a sign that was ready to buy, I would just buy orange/blue colored paper and have her cut some letters out for me as well as some cute little planes!!



There are a lot of really adorable Plane themed food ideas out there, but with my large family and my tiny house… It just wasn”t realistic for me. But if you can go elaborate, more  power to ya!! If you can”t, I feel your pain. lol! So you could have a cute little drink station labeled “fuel up” or “jet fuel” and have some sort of punch or black tea there. You can also make adorable plane shaped cookies! Yum! Or how about a blue jello mixed with some whipped cream as sky & clouds?

planes14    planes13   planes16    planes15

And the cake! I just LOVE fancy, festive cakes! Sadly, I didn”t order one for my sons party because he actually hates cake (I know! Right?!? Which kid hates cake? Well, mine does lol!) So he specifically requested Cranberry Bliss Bars (they”re one of my favorites too!) But I also went ahead and made some regular cakes for the guests to enjoy. It wasn”t all that appealing to the eye, but I think it tasted quite good! If I could go all out for a baby shower though, I”d totally order a beautiful Plane cake from some awesome bakery!!

planes19    planes18    planes17

I don”t know if you”ve noticed yet, but I like to go big, but save money at the same time! Who doesn”t, right? So I suggest you try and throw a baby shower & decorate with things that can be reused/repurposed! Like those actual Planes toys as center pieces? Totally adorable! What about getting those huge letters from a craft store and decorating them with the Planes theme for the baby shower but then also using them in the nursery? Or maybe creating an adorable Planes themed wreathe? You could use that as decor for the shower, as well as for the room! I think the more you can “kill two birds with one stone” the better off you are!!

Another fun idea is saving the decorations from the baby shower and then reusing them again for maybe the 1st or 2nd birthday party. That would be very economical and cute!! So? Are you excited yet? Maybe you should watch the Disney Planes cartoon to get inspired a bit! I am not a cartoon person.. but I do LOVE all the beautiful vibrant colors that they tend to use now a days!

So if you do go with the Planes theme for a shower, I”d love to see pictures of it!!!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am going off of a birthday party… but this can be EASILY transformed into a baby shower.. just use this post as an idea 🙂


Love Is In The Air … Baby Shower Idea

February. What comes to mind? Love. Somehow, this month seems to be all about the romance, the sweetness… the baby making!! lol! The last part was a joke. But seriously. Don”t you think of pinks, reds, flowers, balloons and love during the month of February? I do. I guess ever since I was little that”s what February has represented to me… mainly because it”s Valentine”s Day and people cause a lot of commotion about it. So, how would you feel about having a Romance Themed baby shower? It actually seems SO exciting to me!! I mean, baby”s are conceived during romance, so a romantic baby shower just makes sense to me!!

If it was me though, I would not throw the baby shower on February 14th or anywhere too close to that date. Not only are a LOT of your invited guests NOT going to show up (which would be a total bummer!) but you”re also going to overpay a lot for food, balloons, and flowers. Save the extra money and plan the baby shower for either the beginning or towards the end of the month.. trust me, the Romance Theme would still would be a hit!

valentines4  valentines5  valentines6

If the expected baby is a boy, I would use red & white for decorations… but if the baby is a girl.. well, then you can use pink as well. There should be SO many decoration options this month for all things Romance. Hearts. Flowers. Balloons. Chocolate. Just go with the flow, be creative!!

You could either make this a laid back Romantic Baby Shower or a very elegant one. By laid back I mean throwing the party in the afternoon, having a fun food filled buffet, lots of creative games. That sort of thing. Or you could go all out and get totally romantic!! Make it a very elegant evening. Have your guests dress up as if you were going to some fancy restaurant for dinner. And then create the fancy restaurant atmosphere right at home. Set a beautifully decorated, candlelit table. Don”t have a buffet. Don”t play games. Act like grown ups lol… That would be SOOO much fun!!!


valentines9  valentines8

If you don”t have the means to throw an elegant Romantic Baby Shower at home why not consider renting out a room at a nice restaurant or something to that extent? Don”t go overboard and spend loads of money. Stay in the budget. Maybe have a co-host to share the cost with? Maybe invite a few less ladies?  Maybe ask them each to pay for their own dinners? I bet a few ladies that don”t get to go out much to fancy restaurants would love the elegant dinner shower idea! And I don”t think they”d mind pitching in some mullah ; )



If you are going to throw the shower at home, get imaginative! Think of all the foods that you can incorporate that represent love…. red punch, chocolate covered strawberries, pink heart shaped cookies, red velvet cake, Hershey kisses,  .. I don”t really think there”s too much romantic “food” per se, but there sure seems to be a plethora of romantic desserts! The possibilities are endless!

valentines1         valentines2                valentines3

Maybe you could have some sort of game where the guests share their most romantic (pg rated) love story from their life… or possibly wind the evening down with a super sappy, romantic movie. That would be very relaxing & fun!

If you don”t want to just lounge around, get creative!! Maybe you could have the guests make some love inspired, hand crafted decorations for the nursery? How about decorating each letter of the baby”s name? Or decorating some bibs or onesies? What about making a gorgeous wreath to hang above the crib?

At the end of your amazing Romantic Baby Shower, give the guests favors to remember this event by! How about some pretty pink nail polish or some valentine”s candy bouquets? Who doesn”t love candles? Or maybe some yummy smelling lotions? Think outside the box… what would YOU love to take home with you?

valentines12              valentines11                valentines13

Whether you decide to go big or small, elegant or casual… do it all in the name of LOVE! Put your love into throwing/attending a Romantic Themed baby shower. Plan ahead. Make arrangements. Don”t procrastinate. Stay within budget. And most of all…. have a blast!!! Love is in the air… Love is everywhere! Feel it! Share it! Enjoy it!



Frog? Baby Shower?

Frog5   Frog11  Frog4

I know, I know. Who would ever think of a frog as a cute idea for a baby shower theme? By all means, NOT me! In real life, I think they are slimy, nasty and just all together gross little creatures that can give you warts lol… but hold on a sec. My little sister… well, she’s like 26 or sometime already, is OBSESSED with frogs. Honestly, I don’t even know if she even likes them.. but she claims to. She claims to love them. But then again, her motto her whole life has been “different on purpose”…. so anyways. I was spying through some of her baby shower pins on pinterest, and I have to admit, some of the stuff she pinned for frog themed baby shower actually caught my eye. So I thought, why don’t we look into it together? I’ll share some ideas on here and you see if you can see the “cuteness” in a frog.. lol! Continue reading “Frog? Baby Shower?”