Showering Multiples

So. Remember I mentioned that a dear friend/cousin of mine found out that she is finally expecting a baby after years and years of trying? Well guess what!? She is now not just expecting 1 baby, not 2 babies… but a whopping THREE babies!!! Yes, that is correct. She is expecting triplets!!! I can’t even imagine going from zero babies to three in a short 9 months. Life will never be the same. But imagine the needs of a baby… times 3!!

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What to give … Baby shower coming up

pregnanacy test

Just yesterday I found out that a dear friend of mine is finally expecting a baby!! I say finally because she has been trying to get pregnant for as long as I can remember… and finally, her wish is coming true! She is just freshly pregnant and I just cannot wait to attend her baby shower!! As I was thinking about her wonderful news yesterday, I started to get really excited about going present shopping for her… and my mind just about exploded with all the gift choices before me!!

The stores are overflowing with amazing, high-tech, beautiful baby items. But my wallet is quite dry lol… So I have to be very “wise” in my gift choosing. I want it to be amazing. I want it to be absolutely useful. I want it to be appealing to the eyes. I want it to be impressive when it is being opened in front of dozens of people. Yes, I’m shallow like that lol… So now I have the task of coming up with a few gifts that fit all my criteria before the blessed baby shower comes around. So here’s what I’m thinking..

A Baby Diaper Bag

First of all, you can’t really leave the house with a new baby without all the necessities. And you definitely can’t just carry everything in your hands. So unless you use like a Walmart bag or something, you are going to need a diaper bag. And what lady doesn’t like a new purse? I love diaper bag shopping. They are super useful, beautiful, AND in my price range. Cha Ching!

DiaperBag1 DiaperBag photo 1

A Baby Travel System

Legally you can’t leave the hospital without a car seat. In our current world, you pretty much can’t have a baby without having a car seat. And why would you want to have to lug around a car seat all the time when you can just place it securely into a matching stroller. A travel system is perfect. That thing will be used for many years and maybe even many kids 🙂 So I’d say it’s definitely worth investing into.

Granted, they are quite higher than my budget for gifts, but it might be worth splitting the cost with someone. I remember with my 1st baby 12 years ago my mother in law bought me a travel system. I was SO excited to finally be able to stroll around with my baby. I’d say her investment paid off because not only did I use it for years and for 3 babies instead of 1, but I was actually able to resell it and have someone else use it for their babies too. These things are quite durable if taken proper care of. I just gotta make sure to go with a design that the new momma will love!

Stroller2   Stroller1
StrollerBaby Bathing Supplies

Every baby needs to be washed. And I think every new mom loves to clean her baby and lather it with love and dress it into clean adorable clothes. This little bathing routine happens pretty much every day and can create a great bond between mother and child. Bathing supplies are really fun to shop for.

I love all the little bath toys (that won’t be used for a few months), all the lovely smelling baby shampoos and lotions, the colorful towels… The actual baby bathtub is quite a necessity. But there are so many different kinds out there. The choices are pretty endless. I guess I have some time to actually look into each bathtub and see what options it offers to baby and mommy and see what I think would be the most beneficial for my friend.

bathtub  bathtub2 bathtub3 bathtub4

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is just adorable!!! I love to just stand in the aisle and look at all the tiny little outfits while “oohing” and “aawwing”. But trust me, a lot of them are quite impractical. I’ve had so much clothes go unused because it just did not make sense to put a brand new baby into something stiff and uncomfortable (as cute as it was, the comfort of my child mattered more ; ) When I buy baby clothes for a baby shower, I like to think ahead.

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for baby clothes. How old will the baby be in a particular season of the year? Do the parents have a fabric preference? (I always told everyone to only buy cotton clothes for my babies). Is there particular characters/designs that the parents would be against? (I always hated Disney characters on my baby stuff. Weird, I know ; )…. And another thing is most people buy baby clothes in size newborn.

Think about it; how much clothes can a newborn really wear? Babies grow fast but no one thinks about that while shopping… I do. I’ve had way too many newborn outfits and not enough from then on… So if I buy clothes as a gift, I try to vary the sizes. Maybe an outfit or two in newborn size, a few from 3-6 months, a few from 6-9… and so on… that way my gift will last more than just a month 😉

babyswimsuitoutfit5 outfit4 clothesclothes1


I guess I got my work cut out for me. Gotta figure out what would be the best gift for this amazing friend of mine. What are your thoughts? What would you like to receive at your baby shower?

Gift Opening Ceremony

When you think of a baby shower, do presents automatically come to mind? The 1st two things that come to my mind when I get a baby shower invitation are: who is going be there? And what kind of gift am I going shopping for?

I have a love hate relationship with gifts. I love them because they are so fun to get and give (most of the time). They bring feelings of joy and happiness and of feeling special. But I also feel dread towards presents. What if I don’t like what I receive? How do I not show disappointment? What if they don’t like what I gave? Trying to figure out how to return or exchange a gift can be a real headache…. And the present was just not worth even receiving.

gifts10 Gifts9

I know that baby showers are not about presents (even though they really are lol)… I know we are all gathering together to celebrate the new precious life coming into this world. I know we are gathering to celebrate the momma to be and join in her happiness. But please. We all know presents are involved whether we like it or not. Every baby shower is like 99% about the gifts lol as much as we try to sugar coat it and say it’s about other things, it’s about the gifts. It’s about the momma to be getting some help in the shopping department. To help her share in the burden of spending so much money on buying all new things for this fun new baby.

But here’s the thing. Do we really have to open the gifts in front of everyone?

I know that can be tough on some people. I actually know of some people that choose not to go to a baby shower because they don’t have the finances to buy something fancy shmancy and they don’t want their lame onesies (as useful as they are) to be opened and degraded in front of the whole crowd. I’ve never once been to a baby shower where the presents were not opened. I honestly enjoy oohing and aahing at all the adorable, colorful baby items.

But I also feel really bad for some people. During the gift opening ceremony, you can pretty much tell who wants to show off what they gifted (the people prancing around loudly saying “oh, you should open this one! You’ll love this one! Look at what I got!”) I know it sounds childish, but I think we all know someone like that… and then there are the other ladies who kinda seem to just want to shrink and disappear when it comes to their gift being opened. Not because they don’t care about the mommy to be or are not excited about the upcoming arrival of the precious baby… it’s just because they don’t have the luxury of going out and spending a huge amount of money on a gift. They have their own families to worry about.. their own kids to clothe and feed… and they can’t even afford to buy them cute new toys. I feel for those ladies. I know what it’s like. And I think out of respect for them, maybe we should consider not opening gifts at the baby shower?

Can we just admire all of the beautiful packages, thank everyone sincerely for taking the time out of their busy lives to come spend some fun time with us and for caring enough to spend their money (whatever the amount) on our expanding families and just leave it at that? Baby showers don’t last long as is. Take the time to chat, to really indulge in some creative, encouraging conversations. Get some advice. Enjoy the ladies and their company and leave the presents for later on. Once the festivities are over, get into some comfy clothes and enjoy this special time with your hubby. The two of you (and your kids if you have any already) can really enjoy this special time together to really go over every gift you were given. You don’t have to hurry. You don’t have to fake your happiness. You can be honest. And you know your guests, you know their situations, and I think you can really feel the love of even the simplest gift given to you by those who don’t have much themselves. Think about it. And maybe give it a try. At least once.

If you don’t enjoy the quietness of opening gifts without a huge crowd, then feel free to maybe have a few closer friends or sisters over to help you enjoy it…. But be considerate to the people that can’t afford to give you expensive gifts. Don’t put them down, don’t give anyone a chance to criticize their gift. Be expressively thankful for everything you get. And if you really don’t like it or don’t need it, you can always exchange it or even donate it to someone in need. This is just something I think we should all think about…

gifts11 baby-shower-gifts

   Have you been to any baby showers where the gifts were not opened? How’d that go? What do you think of it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



How About An Intimate Baby Shower Instead?

Have you ever been to a baby shower when it seemed like no one actually wanted to be there? Sometimes it seems like there is a baby shower, a birthday party, or a wedding everyday of the week and you are left with no free time to just relax? And no spare money because of all the gifts you had to buy? It can get quite overwhelming! I”ve had to pass up on several invites to parties because I was just way too tired from “partying” lol… If you have a special person in your life who is getting ready to have a baby and you would just LOVE to throw her a baby shower but you can see that the whole season is already booked out with way too many special occasions, why not try something new? There”s no reason to not celebrate, but maybe consider celebrating in a different way. Continue reading “How About An Intimate Baby Shower Instead?”

Babyshower Obligations

These two amazing words “Baby Shower” can stir up so many different feelings. Happiness, delight, excitement or dread, unpleasantness, irritation… and the list can go on. How can someone dread a baby shower or feel irritation or unpleasantness you may ask. And I will answer ; ) One can easily dread a baby shower if they are the ones expected to throw this joyous event and they just flat out do not want to for one reason or another. This leads me into something else. How can someone be expected to throw a shower? Well that’s where family or friendship obligations come into play. A mother or mother in law might feel it is her “duty” to throw a baby shower. And in some cases, it probably is. But what if this expected person has no creativity nor money to throw a shower? This said person might not be at all excited  about the upcoming event. They may fear the mommy to be being disappointed. Or they may fear having to shell out lots and lots of money that they do not have to impress people that they don’t even like. Continue reading “Babyshower Obligations”

A Crafty Baby Shower

Now a days with so many people on Pinterest, everyone seems to be getting more and more crafty. So why not throw a Crafty Baby Shower and put some of these Pinterest ideas to good use? Sometimes, expectant mothers have a few odds and ends projects that they would like to complete before the baby arrives, but they are either just too tired or too busy. How great would it be for her close friends to show up, have a party, and help her accomplish some of the things on her “to do” list! I’m not talking about like “mop the floor” or “wash the blinds” (although, how sweet would that be of you!!??)… I’m talking more fun “to do” items… such as: make some hair bands or clips (if it’s a girl), maybe some pacifier clips or maybe decorate a few bibs or onesies or maybe even make some beautiful letters to adorn the child’s room with creative sayings? No need to waste money or time trying to come up with lame games to play… spend your time and money wisely having fun while doing useful things at the same time. So gather up some friends, some craft supplies and some food obviously and get to being crafty!!!

 Farm Themed Baby Shower

farmshower4  farmshower3



Oh my goodness!!! How adorable would a Farm Themed Baby Shower be!!! With it being fall right now, that seems like such a perfect theme to go with!! If you live somewhere where it’s still warm enough weather to be outside, even better! But if you’re like me and live somewhere where it’s already freezing cold.. just bring the farm inside! You could be very resourceful and actually make a trip to a local farm of some sort and maybe even get somethings for free (like some hay bales, maybe some farm fresh eggs, or just some plain old ideas and inspiration)… who doesn’t like free? Taking a trip with help you get inspired and be able to host a more realistic (yet absolutely adorable!) farm themed baby shower.

farmshower2 farmshower1


Tea Party Baby Shower



How calming and relaxing is it to just sit, relax and sip on some tea with some good company? Imagine how much more special such a moment would be to a tired, swollen pregnant lady.  So why not have a calm, non eventful, yet special Tea Party Baby Shower!? There are so many cute and easy ideas for this kind of shower… not as much fuss since a tea party just naturally comes with a more calmer atmosphere… food wise all you’d need are some tea sandwiches, some sweets and tea. Viola, you’re set!


DSC_0339  teashower4

Potluck Baby Shower

potluckshower1  potluckshower2

Times are currently tough. Financially tough. But people are still having babies. And that’s a good thing, since children are a blessing! You want to throw a shower for your dear friend, but you just don’t have the money? Well, don’t let that stop you!! Ask others to pitch in and help! People throw all sort of pot luck parties: birthdays, football parties, graduation parties, even pot luck weddings!! So why not have a pot luck baby shower?! Maybe get together with some of mama to be’s closest friends, decide on a theme/food and delegate out the duties. The food doesn’t have to be the only pot luck thing… decorations, favors, games… it can all be split up! No need for just one person to have to handle the whole responsibility!! Sharing is Caring! You could also have it themed “Comfort Food” or “Things I craved while Pregnant” and that way everyone can bring something they associate with it… and it would definitely be fun not to just hear about what people craved while they were pregnant, but to actually be able to see and taste it would be quite something!!

Vintage Baby Shower

vintageshower1  vintageshower4  vintageshower6

This seems to be the rage these days. Vintage. I’ve never been too fond of “old” stuff… lol… but somehow this Vintage thing is growing on me. The more and more I look at it, the cuter vintage things seem. Somehow, it’s a sweet theme. Makes me think of how peaceful and calm life used to be in the old days (not always of course, I know they had their hardships). But I think a Vintage theme would be cute and fun and calming for an expectant mommy. Maybe get her grandma’s or even great grandma’s involved to make it more special and realistic. Now that would be sweet!!

vintageshower5  vintageshower3 vintageshower2



Baby Shower Gifts For Mama

When you think “baby shower” you automatically think: baby gifts… right? I know I do. But what if you thought: gifts for mama? I mean technically, all the gifts are for the mama even though they will be used on or for the baby… But what if once in a while we gave gifts at a baby shower specifially meant to be used on or by the mama ON the mama?? I think that would be really cool!

When a lady turns into a mom, her identity changes and in all honestly it is no longer all about her. It is now all about the baby. Pretty much forever. So what if we were to give some gifts that mom would appreciate and could help keep her identity alive just a bit? I’m all for it! So here I’m going to throw a few ideas out there… and you just think about it ; )

Gifts For The Mom, Not The Baby


Coffee Shop Gift Cards

I know. Technically once you have a baby (if you are breastfeeding) you will pretty much have to give up caffeine for sometime for the benefit of your child. But coffee shops aren’t just all about caffeine. They are about getting away, spending sometime by yourself (or with some girlfriends). Relaxing. Maybe read a book. Or people watch. Or heck, even watch Netflix on your phone without being interrupted… all while sipping away on some delicious drink.

hair washing at a hairdressing salon

Gift Certificate To A Hair Salon

Let’s face it. We’ve either been there, done that, or seen it be done lol. You know, the moment a lady turns into a mom.. and just lets herself go… Now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound like ALL moms do this, but I’ve seen plenty. Where they lack sleep. Lack time. Lack pretty much everything and they seem to give up on their beauty routine. I wonder if that’s where the “ombre” hairstyle came from. A mom who didn’t have time to go to the salon to get her hair touched up and it grew out so much that it was just deemed “in style”. lol. Just saying… Anyways. I think pretty much any mom would appreciate an all expense paid trip to the hair salon whether it be for some highlights, a trim, or a just a shampoo and styling session!!


Gift Certificate To The Nail Salon

Not all moms (or ladies) are all about their nails. So be careful with this one. I personally LOVE getting my nails done. My sister on the other hand HATES it and would probably just regift it to me (which I would greatly appreciate lol)… But I think a majority of new moms would appreciate an hour or two to themselves whether it be to get a manicure or pedicure.. So keep your mama to be in mind when considering this kind of gift.


Gift Certificate To The Mall

Now. Clothes. They are loved and they are hated. Especially after having a baby. Some blessed ladies bounce right back into their size 0 jeans and you could never tell they just had a baby a week ago. Others, not so lucky lol… So.. I think pretty much any new mom would appreciate a gift card to the mall to go ahead and refresh her wardrobe whether it be in a new expanded size or the same size 0. Fresh new clothes are always fun!


Restaurant Gift Card

Who doesn’t like to eat? Lol. Especially when you are pregnant or breastfeeding?!? But who actually likes to cook? I know I don’t! I would have absolutely appreciated a restaurant gift card during pregnancy or after so that I didn’t have to slave away in the kitchen and could just go out to eat & relax… even if it is just for a few hours… those few refreshing hours could mean the world of sanity!!

So there you go. The list isn’t too extensive, but I just thought I’d throw some ideas your way. Put yourself in the mama to be’s place. What kind of gift would you want that would be specifically meant for you, and not the baby…. I think they would appreciate the sweet gesture!!


Planes Baby Shower

Have you seen the new Disney Planes cartoon? I”ve seen bits and pieces, and it”s pretty cute! I have 3 boys, and my youngest just had a birthday. The theme he wanted? The Disney Planes!! So we went ahead and tried to execute it… and I think it turned out pretty cute! So I got to thinking, how neat would it be to have a Planes themed baby shower for a little boy?!!?

planes11planes10PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE

You can get really cute custom made baby shower invites on Etsy, or even make your own on-line for pretty cheat! My husband made the invites for our sons party.. and they were super cute and FREE!! For a baby shower, I”d use wording like “Fly on over, Don”t be late! We have a baby boy to celebrate!” or something to that extent.

planes   planes1

The main color scheme could/should be orange, blue, white & red. I didn”t want to spend too much money on all the characterized items, so I played around with the ideas to save money. For the tables, I used orange tablecloths that I got from Walmart for only 97 cents a piece. The plates were a cute teal/blue color. Cups were red. Napkins were white. So I pulled all the colors from the cartoon, and saved a lot of money.


planes2   planes3   planes4

For the center pieces, I used the actual little toy planes that my son had (you can just buy a cute little set at Target & keep it for when the baby boy is old enough to play with them!) and I just tied two Mylar balloons to each. I chose blue & white for the balloons to look like the sky & clouds ; )

planes8  planes7 planes6

You can make your own baby shower sign, or order one from Etsy as well… Thankfully, it was easy for me to find a “Happy Birthday” Planes themed banner… a baby shower might be a tad bit harder to come across, but if you put your mind to it, it”s not so hard! My sister in law has a circuit machine that she”s pretty much a pro at using, so if I couldn”t find a sign that was ready to buy, I would just buy orange/blue colored paper and have her cut some letters out for me as well as some cute little planes!!



There are a lot of really adorable Plane themed food ideas out there, but with my large family and my tiny house… It just wasn”t realistic for me. But if you can go elaborate, more  power to ya!! If you can”t, I feel your pain. lol! So you could have a cute little drink station labeled “fuel up” or “jet fuel” and have some sort of punch or black tea there. You can also make adorable plane shaped cookies! Yum! Or how about a blue jello mixed with some whipped cream as sky & clouds?

planes14    planes13   planes16    planes15

And the cake! I just LOVE fancy, festive cakes! Sadly, I didn”t order one for my sons party because he actually hates cake (I know! Right?!? Which kid hates cake? Well, mine does lol!) So he specifically requested Cranberry Bliss Bars (they”re one of my favorites too!) But I also went ahead and made some regular cakes for the guests to enjoy. It wasn”t all that appealing to the eye, but I think it tasted quite good! If I could go all out for a baby shower though, I”d totally order a beautiful Plane cake from some awesome bakery!!

planes19    planes18    planes17

I don”t know if you”ve noticed yet, but I like to go big, but save money at the same time! Who doesn”t, right? So I suggest you try and throw a baby shower & decorate with things that can be reused/repurposed! Like those actual Planes toys as center pieces? Totally adorable! What about getting those huge letters from a craft store and decorating them with the Planes theme for the baby shower but then also using them in the nursery? Or maybe creating an adorable Planes themed wreathe? You could use that as decor for the shower, as well as for the room! I think the more you can “kill two birds with one stone” the better off you are!!

Another fun idea is saving the decorations from the baby shower and then reusing them again for maybe the 1st or 2nd birthday party. That would be very economical and cute!! So? Are you excited yet? Maybe you should watch the Disney Planes cartoon to get inspired a bit! I am not a cartoon person.. but I do LOVE all the beautiful vibrant colors that they tend to use now a days!

So if you do go with the Planes theme for a shower, I”d love to see pictures of it!!!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am going off of a birthday party… but this can be EASILY transformed into a baby shower.. just use this post as an idea 🙂


Love Is In The Air … Baby Shower Idea

February. What comes to mind? Love. Somehow, this month seems to be all about the romance, the sweetness… the baby making!! lol! The last part was a joke. But seriously. Don”t you think of pinks, reds, flowers, balloons and love during the month of February? I do. I guess ever since I was little that”s what February has represented to me… mainly because it”s Valentine”s Day and people cause a lot of commotion about it. So, how would you feel about having a Romance Themed baby shower? It actually seems SO exciting to me!! I mean, baby”s are conceived during romance, so a romantic baby shower just makes sense to me!!

If it was me though, I would not throw the baby shower on February 14th or anywhere too close to that date. Not only are a LOT of your invited guests NOT going to show up (which would be a total bummer!) but you”re also going to overpay a lot for food, balloons, and flowers. Save the extra money and plan the baby shower for either the beginning or towards the end of the month.. trust me, the Romance Theme would still would be a hit!

valentines4  valentines5  valentines6

If the expected baby is a boy, I would use red & white for decorations… but if the baby is a girl.. well, then you can use pink as well. There should be SO many decoration options this month for all things Romance. Hearts. Flowers. Balloons. Chocolate. Just go with the flow, be creative!!

You could either make this a laid back Romantic Baby Shower or a very elegant one. By laid back I mean throwing the party in the afternoon, having a fun food filled buffet, lots of creative games. That sort of thing. Or you could go all out and get totally romantic!! Make it a very elegant evening. Have your guests dress up as if you were going to some fancy restaurant for dinner. And then create the fancy restaurant atmosphere right at home. Set a beautifully decorated, candlelit table. Don”t have a buffet. Don”t play games. Act like grown ups lol… That would be SOOO much fun!!!


valentines9  valentines8

If you don”t have the means to throw an elegant Romantic Baby Shower at home why not consider renting out a room at a nice restaurant or something to that extent? Don”t go overboard and spend loads of money. Stay in the budget. Maybe have a co-host to share the cost with? Maybe invite a few less ladies?  Maybe ask them each to pay for their own dinners? I bet a few ladies that don”t get to go out much to fancy restaurants would love the elegant dinner shower idea! And I don”t think they”d mind pitching in some mullah ; )



If you are going to throw the shower at home, get imaginative! Think of all the foods that you can incorporate that represent love…. red punch, chocolate covered strawberries, pink heart shaped cookies, red velvet cake, Hershey kisses,  .. I don”t really think there”s too much romantic “food” per se, but there sure seems to be a plethora of romantic desserts! The possibilities are endless!

valentines1         valentines2                valentines3

Maybe you could have some sort of game where the guests share their most romantic (pg rated) love story from their life… or possibly wind the evening down with a super sappy, romantic movie. That would be very relaxing & fun!

If you don”t want to just lounge around, get creative!! Maybe you could have the guests make some love inspired, hand crafted decorations for the nursery? How about decorating each letter of the baby”s name? Or decorating some bibs or onesies? What about making a gorgeous wreath to hang above the crib?

At the end of your amazing Romantic Baby Shower, give the guests favors to remember this event by! How about some pretty pink nail polish or some valentine”s candy bouquets? Who doesn”t love candles? Or maybe some yummy smelling lotions? Think outside the box… what would YOU love to take home with you?

valentines12              valentines11                valentines13

Whether you decide to go big or small, elegant or casual… do it all in the name of LOVE! Put your love into throwing/attending a Romantic Themed baby shower. Plan ahead. Make arrangements. Don”t procrastinate. Stay within budget. And most of all…. have a blast!!! Love is in the air… Love is everywhere! Feel it! Share it! Enjoy it!