Potluck Baby Shower Party

Throwing a baby shower is a way to celebrate the coming of a new baby with the parents-to-be. A friend or a relative takes the responsibility to host the event as it is against etiquette for the parents to organize

5 Hecho En Casa Recuerdos De Baby Shower Usted Puede Hacer Fácilmente

Dando recuerdos de baby shower para que los huéspedes lleven a casa es una manera de agradecerles por celebrar este día especial con usted. Usted no tiene que gastar mucho para llegar a los únicos y adorables. De hecho, usted

5 Ideas Para Decoración Para Baby Shower 2017

El año 2017 acaba de empezar y en busca de nuevas ideas para la decoración para baby shower puede no ser tan fácil como hacerlo a mediados de año. Pero entonces, si usted es el uno dado la responsabilidad de

Baby Shower Juegos: 5 De Los Mejores Juegos De Este 2017

Los divertidos baby shower juegos ponen a huéspedes ya la mamá-a-estar en humor alegre. Como anfitrión, es su responsabilidad de asegurarse de que la fiesta de la fiesta de bienvenida al bebé se llenará de risa y felicidad. Para ayudarle

Last Minute Baby Shower: How to Put It Together

Are you tasked to put together a last minute baby shower? If you have been given the responsibility to organize a baby shower party in a rush, here are 7 things that you can easily get online or from your

5 Classic and Cute Baby Shower Themes for Girls

When choosing cute baby shower themes for girls, the host or the mom-to-be usually prefers girly, fun or pretty ideas. Something that would please not just the guest of honor, but the guests as well. With so many baby shower

6 Ways to Make a New Mom Feel Extra Special at Her Shower

A baby shower is not just a celebration of the coming baby but a chance to spoil the new mom as well. You don’t have to give her foot rubs or treat her to a spa to make her extra

Easy Recipes for a Baby Shower Brunch

A baby shower brunch party will not be successful without the help of delicious food and beverages. Whatever theme you may have or wherever you would want to held the party, your menu should satisfy your guests. Most baby showers

Creative Baby Shower Favors to Give Guests

Are you looking for creative baby shower favors on your baby shower party? There are many great ideas out there and I have collected nine of them in this list. Something to eat, something to use, or something to decorate

Baby Registry Must-Haves for New Moms

It is only normal for a new mom to get overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby. That’s why, the need of a baby registry checklist in order to ensure that everything is prepared: from the baby clothes up